Wild Heart - Scene 2

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A script of Wild Heart, scene 2.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012



Scene 2


A forest


Amy: *walks into the woods* So, this is a forest.


Ellie: I think it is, actually. *being sarcastic*


Zayn: You said you saw the fox come running down here?


Ellie: Yes, right next to my habitat. He came down with a funny looking item in his jaw.


Gary: Where abouts did you see him?


Ellie: Just through this little archway of branches here.


Zayn: Let me take a closer look at that. *peeks through the archway* It looks interesting. I think we should investigate.


*a female tiger comes through the trees behind them*


???: Hey! What are you doing?


Ellie: *perks her ears* Did you hear that?


Amy: *turns round* Oh...My...Gosh.


???: You shouldn't be here, your too young!


Zayn: Us? Well, you are too!


???: Well, I guess I am. My name's Tulisa.


Gary: Tulisa! You certainly do look like a friendly tiger indeed.


Tulisa: I can't say no to that. Although I'm pretty fierce when it comes to hunters. Hey, have you guys seen that white fox thing? It's pretty cute.


Ellie: Actually, yes. We're looking for it!


Tulisa: Wow, dudes. I've got on just in this blackberry bush!


Zayn: Oh, golly! Could this be it?


All: *huddle around the bush* I can't wait!


*no fox in there*


All: What?


Tulisa: It's gone!








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