Standing Ovation

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To the drama teacher that encouraged me so much, in both writing and confidence.
To the man who's laughter echoes, even now.

Few people will know it, but when we had to hand in journals for drama class, I wrote poems as my entries. So writing this poem kind of has a double meaning.

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



You’re one of those teachers
Who probably know more about me,
As well as each and every other student,
Than we know about you, Mr. E


You know who we’re related to
Our parents, our sisters and brothers;
Perhaps because you listen, with idle ears,
About what people say of others


Yet despite what you may hear
Despite what people say
You take a chance to know someone
In your own, personal way


And in this way of yours
I’ve never seen you judge
Boys will be boys, girls will be girls;
You never saw reason to hold a grudge


But if you were ever angry,
Which was fairly seldom, Mr. E,
All it took to calm you,
Was a simple apology


And such a simple man you were!
And I mean that in the best way
So easy to please, to make you laugh
And your laughter brightened our days


It was so contagious, you know
--And no matter what you were chuckling at
It could be silly, lame, or over the top,
But we all smiled when you laughed


You weren’t angry if we messed plays up
Once, twice, thrice, or a million times
Patience is what you showed everybody
Usually keeping a peaceful mind


And it didn’t matter how late
The boys showed up to class
You laughed and changed the attendance
(and maybe grumbled behind their backs)


Setting aside the fun and games
Oh! The things you taught us all
With each semester, confidence gained
You helped us through each fail and fall


We learned about levels, and yes, body clocks
About directions and motivation, etcetera and such
It was all in good fun, but at the end of the day
To most students, you know, it doesn’t mean much


But to some, it did, and how they improved
Ready to walk down the path that you lead them to
One may become an actor, another –a director
Who knows, one may become a teacher, like you


And oh! The encouragement!
How enthusiastic you were to our talents!
“Use them!” you said. “Build them!”
You keep us moving with positive persistence


You gave me backbone, confidence
A voice that could speak out
And I’m sure you’ve affected others just so
About that, I have no doubts


And this wasn’t just in drama class,
No, you didn’t only teach about the stage
You shared your life experiences
And wisdom that comes with age


And maybe kids just chose your class
To fill a block in their semester
But surely they all walked out your door
With memories you helped them muster


You know, if everyone were like you,
I really think the world’d be better
Who else knows how to laugh
No matter figurative or literal weather?


Oh, I could go on and on forever
About all the things that I can think of
Some good, some bad, lots funny
Such wonderful memories that I love


But no matter how good
Times were in the past
The thing about good things
Is that, somehow, they never last


And it’s ridiculously sad
To think that you of all people had to go
Such a strong, brilliant man,
Who had so much life in him to show


And all I can wonder is why?
Though I guess the answers’ are never clear
But you fought, long and so hard
Just to stay another day with us all here


And while I didn’t see you,
I know you lived each day like you lived your life
Smiling and, of course, laughing
And believing in everything with all your might


So maybe there were a few things,
That I didn’t know about you, Mr. E
Your birthday, family, or age, and all the things that make you rage
But there are more important things, you see


And I honestly, truly believe
That’s just having the chance to know you
And having you play a part in my life, my stage.
I wish I could have properly say “thank you.”


While I didn’t know about you
I still knew you, and I think fairly well
And there’s a decent amount of pride in that
When I bid you a teary farewell


All the memories will be cherished
Always shining brightly in hindsight
But without you here to laugh with us
The future does appear a little less bright



Thank you, Mr E.

For encouraging my writing.
For giving me the motivation to write plays.
For centering.
For bringing your laughter to class on all occasions.
For pushing me past my limits of being comfortable.
For making me more confident in front of others.
For being such a positive person.
For letting me co-direct our version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”
For being such an easy person to talk to.
For never getting my name wrong (well… after grade eleven) –unless you were calling me by the name of the character I was portraying.
For turning a serious mood into a happy one with a simple, lame joke –I always enjoyed your sense of humor. For being punny.
For such a wonderful, three years within the confines of the drama lab.

You are a man who definitely deserves a standing ovation, long after the curtain call.

My deepest, most heartfelt condolences to all family, friends, teachers and students who knew and love Mr. E.





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