Broken Grenade (Chapter 2: Questions Without Answers)

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Justin wants to learn about Kylie but insted makes a new friend.

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009



Chapter 2: Questions Without Answers

“So did you just move to Thneta High School like this past week?” I asked Danny. We were on our way home from school and he started to sit with me on the bus. “No I have been here for almost 3 months now back when school started. I like it here better then Minnesota. Oh and I just realized that you are in my gym class” Danny responded. “Oh yeah Todd and Dru are in there too making it the best class of the day.” I said “Yeah and Kylie is in there too” He noted. There was that name again. Kylie was stuck in my head but I didn’t even know what she looked like or what kind of girl she was. “Yeah Todd was talking about her yesterday. Why did you bring her up, do you like her or something?” I asked “Well I asked her out but every time I asked she would change the subject or have to suddenly leave” He said with a slight irritated tone. He must not be her type but he seemed good friends with her. I asked what she looked like and looked at me like I was crazy. “Dude you stand right next to her every day in gym” He yelled obnoxiously. I still don’t remember her. How come nobody brought her up until just now? Why is a girl I have never even met stuck in my head? Just questions without answers.

The next day:

Today is a short day and we get out at 11:30 and all of my friends and I go to the coffee and tea shop to drink smoothies and socialize. Triku-Kea Tea I believe was the name of the establishment and our hangout. I wish I could say that it was a hangout exclusive to us but today it was jam packed with high school students. Dru, Todd, Danny and I walked there right after school be it was tradition to get a warm cup of coffee. Its right next to the school and its always cheep. I knew going to Triku-Kea Tea would be the highlight of my day because we had to run laps all hour in gym so there was no time to share jokes and make fun of the teachers. “Well this blows, they are out of cherry smoothies” Dru said angrily. “They are the most popular and the seniors get first dibs because they’re seniors” I said. “Hey Danny, I dare you to snatch a cherry smoothie for another table” Dru whispered. I could barely hear him because of all the background noise around us be apparently Danny got the message because he smiled and said “ Ok be right back” Danny left the table and walked around for a wile. “He won’t do it, Dru muttered, He doesn’t have the balls to pull it off. Hey Todd, what are you staring at now? Checking out a hot girl or something?” Todd was looking at the line. “I thought she was absent today, I didn’t see her in Gym” Todd said . “That girl Kylie?” I asked “ Yeah she’s the third one from the front” Todd answered. I couldn’t see her. It was too crowded and it seemed like everyone was in the way. “Come around the table and look, Todd said, you will be able to see her from between these two seniors. Oh wait never mind more people just got in the way” That really pissed me off. It would be nice just to see her just once. “Screw it, I’m just going to go up there and see if I can spot her” I said to Todd. Just as I started to get up from my seat when Danny came back over and said “A cherry smoothie as requested now lets get out of here before anyone notices anything is missing.” “Holy shit he really did it” Dru said. Everyone smiled and got up out of our seat. I looked back at the line and it was still too crowded. “Lets go bitches.” Danny said sounding a little paranoid. We left Triku-Kea laughing wile Dru sucked down his smoothie. Danny had a big grin on his face. “Dru’s smoothie wasn’t the only thing I picked up, Danny said to me, I also got myself a nice cup of coffee and I got you a candy bar. Try it, trust me if I have learned anything in life its that anything tastes better free” I smiled and started to eat the candy bar. That day for the first time Danny was my new friend and he was right, things do taste better free. “You said she sits right next to me in PE right?” I asked him “Yeah say Hi to her for me tomorrow, no wait say it on Monday because we have no school tomorrow” he responded. I totally forgot we didn’t have school on Friday because of PTC’s. “Oh wait next week in Gym is our biking unit” Danny said. “We are having a biking unit?” Todd asked. “Yeah we have been talking about it for like a month now. Its new this year.” Dru said. We all must have been thinking the same thing because amazingly all four of us simultaneously said “I’m not doing it” and the rest of the walk home was filled with laughter over what just happened.

(To be Continued)

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