Jimmy Casket

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'

When Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast get a call for a paranormal investigation, they meet a lovely little girl named Abby. Ghost goes a little bit insane during the investigation. Soon, Toast realizes that Ghost is the paranormal entity haunting this house. When Ghost turns into his other half, Jimmy Casket, he kills Abby's mom and now, she is a new member of Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire. They find a way to turn Ghost back to normal. They then have another investigation to take care of. When they arrive, they meet someone they haven't seen for a very long time. He wants Ghost to be Jimmy once again so they can work together terrorizing the lives of innocent people. Will Toast and Abby be able to turn Ghost back to normal once again? Or will Jimmy be free to be known as the world's most renowned murderer?

Table of Contents

The Investigation

Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast are called to investigate a house that appears to be haunted some sort of way.... Read Chapter

The Casket Arrives

Somehow, in that little time of Ghost being inside the house, he becomes Jimmy Casket, and Toast and Abby have to find a way to change him back to his normal self.... Read Chapter


It's very short, but Abby asks Toast some seemingly unnecessary questions. Read Chapter


Ghost, Toast, and Abby arrive at their next investigation, and Abby meets someone she hasn't seen a long while.... Read Chapter