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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Psycho Terror

I, am Ayano Aishi. My Senpai is the most attractive boy I've seen, and he will be mine. This "Osana" nonsense is not going to happen. I will make sure Senpai will have me, and only me. No one shall talk to him; especially another girl. I don't care if that means committing murder. I will do what must be done to get Senpai. No girl nor boy shall get between our relationship. I don't care if it means risking my own life to be with Senpai. Just to make it clear, SeNpAi WiLl Be MiNe....

Table of Contents

Last F**king Day of Summer

The fucking day of summer. I hate it. I just hate everything. Don't get on my nerves. Or I swear, you won't see the sun rise the next day. Read Chapter