Phil-Chapter 3

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The baby duck and companies...

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



Phil: 'Humm...Fiff...Shhsss......'

Duckling: 'I know. I know its annoying you. But be patient! I'll fetch the key.'

The baby duck flies to the territory where his friends are. He announced 'Listen, mates! I've got something to do.'

-Too rare. You've never done something in your life....

-No...but now its serious......I must.....I must...liberate a...dragon.

Every birds and ducks gaze at the duckling and laugh madly. One of them says:

-Helping a dragon.....POAH!!! There's even not one here, couinc.

-Yes, there is! The humans has kept him in an old cottage in the zoo itself.

-Why it is hidden there, then?

-B'cause he's too big. I've seen him. The humans did not want the others to see him.

-Oh really! We can't have trust to your so-called 'dragon', you know. He can be dangerous.

-No. He isn't. I've seen it in his eyes. He appears to be different ...I don't know.

-Okay, okay! So, what has you planned?

The duckling replies: 'Ah! I'll need your help, misters!' One of the ducks who splashes the water interrupts: 'Wait! Wait! You will have to prove if there is really a dragon here. We'll go and check that location you said. And keep that in mind. We are in a zoo here, not in a large forest.

-Then go all of you, and don't be afraid. His mouth and his body are tied. And return back quickly! I said I need your help.

Every birds fly calmy at the sky. Some of them are thinking that the duckling is fooling them. But when they enter the deserted place, they were very astonished. Phil also watch them, thinking : 'Oh no! Firstly, a duck and now, a large amount of birds and they are watching me. How come?'

The duckling also comes: 'Don't worry! This dragon ain't no harm. He's been tied.'

-Is this a dream? I'm that really a drag.....?

The duckling replies: 'And indeed! You see? I was telling the truth. So, all of you, listen carefully before someone comes. Every body must chirp madly and chirping and chirping in front of the office until the officer and the guardians open the door. Then me, I'll silently enter in the office and take the key.'

-I bet your idea is perfect. But there are many keys kept inside. How to know the real one which will open the chains?

-No, idiot! All the keys are kept in only one key holder. I know it.

Another duck says: 'You know. It'll be better if the dragon is tied and no release. Else he'll create problems and trroubles.

The duckling replies: 'No! You're wrong! (to the dragon) Will you create problems?

Phil nodded his head.


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