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Submitted: October 14, 2010

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Submitted: October 14, 2010



So I have been thinking. Something I seem to do alot of. But what is the deal with people that always need to play devil's advocate? Why must they shoot down people as soon as they hear what it is they may be doing. I have no clue why people need to remind someone of the possible negative actions of whatever it is they may be doing.I would like to think that most people in general know of what may lie ahead. I know that might begiving the average Joe too much credit. Also sometimes we put on the blinders when it's something we really want to do. But overall, even if the blinders are on. I would like to hope that the thought of those negative concequences are there. Sure they may not want to pay attention but that is there own perogative. Why can't the type of people that need to play devil's advocate actually do something more contructive. Perhaps playing the part of support in the other person's life would suffice.

Sometimes when we tell people something it's because we might be looking for thier opinion or approval or support. So why would you give them anything else other than what they are seeking. It's like telling your overweight friend who just told you they joined gym that there's no point for them to go there. Because most overweight people will give up within the first few months of starting a work out program. that they are better off just working out at home or outside. Why would you say that to someone.  Why not say something like it is going to be the hardest thing you have done in along time. But if you stick with it you can do it. I try not to play the devil's advocate. But sometime's I have too. Why might you ask. It's because I am way too honest for my own good. I'm sorry for that. You might ask why would you be sorry for that. It is a noble trait to have after all. It's because people in general never want to hear the truth.

I know overall that is what everyone says that is what they want. But if that is the case then why would you be upset that I think those jeans don't make you look fat. That it is actually your ass that is doing it. The jeans are not playing any part in it besides being the item of clothing that you are squeezing your gigantic ass into. Why would you get upset when  I tell you my honest opinion of the douchebag that you are dating. I'm sorry if he treats you like shit but don't come crying to me because I told you so. If you wanted the truth so damn bad then you should respect my opinion and not loathe it.  You should say that you 100% disagree if you do and not try to push it into an argument of me being a jerk. Sure if me telling you what is really on my mind and that makes me jerk. Than so be it. I can live with that. Sure sometimes I might not tell you my opinion with the greatest of tact. But isn't better to know the brutally raw truth instead of a candy coated half truth? In my opinion it is.

But that is just me. I would like to think that the millions of other people in the world have more tact than I do. That they are able to tell someone in a constructive way that their thought process is flawed in some major ways. But I guess that would just be in a perfect world. To hope of the majority of people to have that skill. Sometimes  this world makes me just want to pull my hair out. I think in many situations and for many people that life is just not fair. I only have one thing to say about that. Grow the Fuck up. You can sit around and focus your energy into complaining about how unfair your life is. That seems like a waste of time. Or you could get up off your underprivleaged ass and do something about. Spend all that energy you waste on complaing and stream it into making your life more of what you want. I understand that people's situations and life choices may prevent them seeing that is possible. But it is! If me of all people in the world can change their life into the type of life that they want. Then anyone can it just requires a refocus of your energy and efforts to something worth your time.

  I am one of the most procrastinating, late arriving, slow, stubbourn, and best smelling person I know. So if i was able to do it, then what the fuck are you waiting for. It's funny because half of the time people that want to change their life know exactly what needs to be done. So if you know what needs to be done and what it is that is causing you to complain in the first place. Then why not fucking change it. Why not you ask. I'll tell you. Because people in general become complacent and lethargic when it comes to change. They feel that perhaps if they keep sitting there they will get what it is they want. I am sad to say but that will never be the case. I have a friend who is very near and dear to me. Over the years she has made some wrong choices when it comes to selecting the person to entrust her to. She has gotten alot of those relationships in the in the form of little ones. But she has also been through hell because of them. She is in what I would call an abusive relationship. It has gotten pysical before and most likely it will get physical again. In my opinion she has wasted some of the best years of her life on this person. Which in my opinion is totally not fair.

Yet after all the shit that he has done to her there's still this huge partv of her that can't let go of him. She is afriad of two major things. One what if she leaves him and she ends up alone. Two she is also afraid of him treating the next girl in his life the way that he should of treated her. Sure no one wants be alone for the rest of their lives. Also for single parents raising kids I expect the dating scene isn't too kind. So in my opinion that is a semi valid reason to be afraid. But that shouldn't let it rule her life. The second reason in my opinon is totally ridiculous. Because she deserves more than what he has ever or could ever give her. She shouldn't be afriad of that cause even if he did treat the next one better it still wouldn't be what she truely deserves. It boggles my mind how we as people let disappointment become the norm for us because of reasons mentioned above. Why is that we would rather be disappointed on a daily basis rather than try to start over with something new. Are we that afraid of change that we even refuse too becuase it is the unknown.

All I know is that I could not live my life like that. After all that I've been through in my life I refuse to let disappointment to become the norm for my life. In the case of my x I would rather settle for what I would refuse to settle for now. I was scared that I would never find someone else. I mean in my modest opinion as highly as I do think of myself. I also feel like I really am not that special at all. So would anyone ever want to be with me let alone love me?  That's just me being honest. Sure I may think of myself as a catch and someone that is amazing on many levels. But I also feel like I am undeserving of that kind of attention from people that I might be after. I am not really sure why I feel that way but I do. I think it is because I am a Gemini. I 'm just all around crazy and full of contradictions. All I can is say is don't be afraid of the unknown. That's the whole point to taking a chance. It may or may not work out in your favor. But you tried which is what matters the most. 

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