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Submitted: October 27, 2010

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



So it is almost Halloween. Are you people out there excited at all. I am in ways. Though I feel like I'm kind of being pressured into doing more than I would like to. I mean don't get me wrong, I love my work friends. Though I feel like most people. You have your work friends and your regular friends. Those two groups usually do not mix.  More often then not you do not have those two mix. Maybe that is just me but it's the way I always felt. So as much as I do want to go to this work friends Halloween  party I'd much rather keep the tradition of Supernatural Fridays with my sister. So that is what I will most likely be doing. Though I know the day of the party I might have to stand fast against the peer pressure to go. But I know will be able to resist. Sorry going to some small apartment and playing beer pong until I can't drive home does not sounds fun to me. Maybe if I had a ride or a something I would be more apt to go. Since I do not I doubt I will be going to that Party. Besides there's going to be a Halloween party at my own house the very next night.  So I would like to be semi able to function the next day.

I am also not looking forward to that party either. It's going to be pretty much all of my roomates friends. Which really dosen't  sounds all that awesome to me. I'm already a shy guy to begin with. To hang out with drunk strangers just doesn't sound like a great time to me. Though Like the other party I feel like I have to be there. Like my presence will make or break the party. Well I know if I'm not there there will be alot less noise and crazy antics. But that will not be missed in my opinion.  I just hate how friends can use their power of friendship to get people to do things they might not want to.  I dunno I guess if that is all I have to complain about then I should just shut the fuck up. This is why I don't like to complain because I  know that most people have it way worse off than I do. So I usually never complain. Besides who wants to listen to me complain. It's so funny how I like hold myself to different standards then others. Like when it comes to complaining . 

I would much rather listen and here someone elses problems then to voice my own. I tell people that it's not good to bottle things up and you should always express your opinion. As open and honest as I am I also am the King of bottling things up. I'm not sure why I am like that I just am. I have almost always but others before myself through out my whole life. That says alot coming from someone as selfish as I am. Sure I am selfish who isn't. But like everything I believe there is a time and a place to be selfish. Like Birthdays. They are your day afterall and you should pretty much get your way no matter what. Well as long as your not some creeper wanting to do creepy things then yeah you should get your way. But I am selfish with my time. I like to spend it with the people who I feel deserve it the most. Why should I squander it on someone I wouldn't spit on if their face was on fire? I am just one crazy individual in every sense of the word.

Chris Adriatico is a walking contradiction. I am very proud of that fact. I like to think who I am keeps the people around me guessing. You never know what to expect from me. Perhaps that is not a good thing. You can never really peg  me unless you know me really well. There are only a few people in the world who know what I am going to do before I do it. Thank god the majority of those people are out of my life so they can't use that infortmation against me. Though I do miss some of those people. Some times I wonder what would life be like if certain things turned out a differently. If maybe mayself and others took a different road. Who knows. Though as much as I might miss some of those people. I also am glad that they are gone. The majority of them were destructive even if I couldn't see it at the time. So my life would prolly be in ruins if they were. Though the rest of them would of made life just that much better. It's funny how in life there are friends that you never lose contact with. That after all these years you still rely on them in some fashion to brighten your life. Which they do ten fold with out question. I think those are the types of friendships  that should be cherished in every way.  Those types of friends are few and far between and even with knowing everything I would do before I would do it. They wouldn't use it against me.

All I can say is know who your friends are. Kepp them close to you. If they are willing to go as far for you as you would for them. They are only work friend material. Also try hanging out with those work friends outside of work. You might actually make some great friends. Peer Pressure is not always a bad thing. And fucking dress up for Halloween.

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