The legend of Team Room 6A

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Today's daily rant is brought to you by the things I think about when I'm trying to sleep.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



I love my job and the people I work with. Most of us get along with out any problems. I feel like we are more than co-workers we are friends. I'm the kind of person who will be friendly with you but that doesn't mean I'm your friend. Friend is a huge word to jus throw around. I think it's something to be earned and not given away. Cause if I am someone's friend I'd go to the end of the earth for them. They don't need to go to such lengths for me. That's why I think I'm so selective who I am actually a friend too. Cause When It came down to it I would never throw them under a bus, or not help them up when it is most needed. I think the majority of us who became so close was because of the high stress project we were all involved in. I work in the entertainment industry. I would describe my coporate enviorment as casual blue collar.  Towards the end of this high stress time we all banded together to get not only all our work done but any other work or tasks that would pop up along the way.

  We were asked to leave Team Room 6 because they needed to make room for some more important people than Dave, Jesse, and I. But the QA Room was filled because they were working on another project. The only logical place to put us was in this nice sized office. This office was put aside for some NET specialists from Cananda. They were long gone by this time and the only other person in that room was Tristan. Tristan was also on the QA team. So Jesse and I got the Go ahead to move in their. After the three of sat next to eachoteher for months there was no way I could let us get split up. So I told the project manager who was in charge of moving us that Dave had to come with us. It would be just to darn confusing to do some of the tasks needed without him in the room. Sure I wasn't totally lying with these statements. But I also wasn't telling the whole truth aswell. She bought every word I said. The group would not be split up thanks to my quick thinking.

  With the new addition of Dave the walls of the room seem to grow even closer. There was really not alor of room after all four of us set up our equipment. But none of us cared. We all were excited by the thought of having our own office.  It was actually pretty funny that four kids from QA had there own office. You could definitely see some jealous looks being flashed our way once in awhile. Being in such a tight place so close together seemed to bring us only closer together. It wasn't long before Tristan was inducted into the triangle. Morphing us into a solid square of comradery. There wasn't anything the four of us couldn't tackle. We would crush any bugs or emergency tasks that came our way. Before long all of the devs, producers, and anyone else that needed a hand would stop by to get their problem solved.One day a dev was looking for us. He looked in our old spot and did not find us there, He then looked on the employee finder on the website. He noticed that all four of us was under the catergory of not having a seat. He scratcehd his head I'm sure and then went to out lead to get the answers he sought.  After telling us his story and how hard it was to try to find us on his own he asked " Do you not get a number for this room?". I said in a booming important voice " From this day forward this room shall be known as TEAM ROOM 6A."

  Since we just left team room 6 a few weeks ago it seemed only natural to dub the name. Our work habits and ethics began to get us recognition. Soon after the room was named the project coordinator named us  "Team Room 6A All-Stars"  We all felt like we arrived. We would dominated any and all issues that arised. We Were unstoppable. I think that is why we were able to get away with so much of our hijinx. We would come in and play Castle Crashers and Trials. We would watch Brisco, Buffy, and Kung Fu movies. We were the envy of not only all of QA but alot of the other departments. Sure it might a little unprofessional to watch family guy in your office. But if our work is proving that it's really only background noise. Than in my opinion there shouldn't be a problem. If there was no one said a word to us.

We all knew we were on borrowed time as the official end of the project drew enven closer. We also knew that before long we would not be in our own slice of heaven for much longer. Than that day came. The project coordinator came in and told us our new seating arrangements. Sure we would end up in the same team room but nowhere near eachother. It was a sad day indeed as we began unpacking all of our equipment. We all knew that things would never be the same. We rocked that coporate world to it's foundation. And the good times will last forever. Things would not be the same and we all knew that. But what we didn't know is that our friendship would last. We still talk about those times to this day. Though we will never recapture them we always think of them in a fond light.

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