Thinking of You At My Desk

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I just wrote this at my desk while thinking about someone who is very special to me.

 Like the junkie

 I can't get enough of you

Stay all night holding you in my arms

Praying the morning light fails to shine

For I know all to well what happens when the sun arrives

Chasing our dreams away

Forcing us back into our stale routines

Parting ways for what seems an eternity

I can hear your voice calling my name when you are not near

Pleading me to return to the woman that I desire

I fall asleep without you by my side

Only to dream of you holding my hand

If I gave you what I've been holding in my chest will you graciously accept

Pulling in closer to never let go

Or will you let it fall by the wayside to be devoured by others

Is it wrong to want you to hold on to the beating toy

For you look as if you have much use for such toys

Why would I trust you with the greatest of honors

When I am unsure if you would do the same

With but a few words you shake off all my anxieties

With but one look you put my heart at ease

With but a smile you elevate my spirits

With but your laugh you appease my soul

With but a taste of your lips you nourishe my hunger

One can only hope these feelings will last

If they continue to grow will you say those words I have been craving to hear

Maybe I will be the one to restore your lost faith

Proving to you what you thought not to be possible once more

All that is left is to truely let me in

I will stay until your shattered heart has been renovated

I will stay as long as you will have me

I will stay building you back up

I will stay never asking for anymore

I will stay because my heart culled me in

It was because of you all along

Submitted: October 04, 2010

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