Another love sick poem about me and my boyfriend,Tyler.

You're cousins catch us, In a hard core pillow fight. And I don't let on, But I think about you every night.

You put a smile on my face as you ramble on. About past girls and family secrets. That I can't resist, To try and gain your complete trust.

I always thought my heart was bulletproof. The walls I built up and around the pain. And you broke them in the best way.

You forget to text, and try to make me mad. And I wonder why but understand. That you like to mix it up. And the past is the past.

The girls in your's you won't speak. The boys in mine, I won't say how sweet. Not even that you're the sweetest one.

Thank you for the most incredible time last night.

Submitted: January 02, 2011

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