Queen of Hearts

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A new relationship on the rise.. But he's a dork.. And I don't know if I can rise to the occasion. This is cute ~ And I wrote it right after homecoming soooo.. Yeah.

Submitted: October 10, 2010

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Submitted: October 10, 2010



You're not my normal type.

Though I'm not really normal.

And your sweet surprisingly,

While you call me super adorable.

You're family is upbeat and different.

Which is usually the time I head for the hills.

But head over heels did I fall

For the safety I did feel.

You're dorky, and lacking social skills.

While I'm the social butterfly.

Together we make a unique pair

As I set my heart to the sky.

Call me lucky, while you're

Calling yourself a curse.

And my head is spinning wildly.

As I wait for our next date.

I fiddle with your fingers

So closely entertwined with mine.

The frown displaced on your face

Is the only thing I mind.

Despertley with no advail,

I wanna ingnite the spark.

To set alive a bloody,worn,

Barely beating broken heart.

And it may start in time.

As long as I'm by your side.

If you can keep me there in one piece.

Then I may not leave..

For a while at least.

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