A Speck of Light

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A short insight into the thought process of someone who thinks what is insignificant such as a spot is significant but what is significant such as a person is insignificant.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



It was eleven o’clock in New Year’s Day. Yawning she announced she is going to bed and meandered her way upstairs. With a tug on the string the lights switched on in the bathroom. Damn, a spot. Her image in the mirror reflected several late nights and many open pores; this was the end of the world. With her fingernails she pinched the end of her chin and forced out the congesting puss imperfecting her face. A little blood began to surface on her skin from the intensity of her pimple popping skills. Even worse; now it will scab.

Surrendering to the endless war against acne for the evening she waddled into her room and went to close the blinds. She could see that it is a halve moon though she was short sighted; despite this however, she still felt it was majestic somehow even when she couldn’t see the detail.

Bedtime preparations were continued but her mind lingered on the moon despite it now being hidden behind a thick cotton curtain. She gave in to desire and ducked under the curtain without bothering to draw them open whilst slipping on her glasses. There again the moon shone. It seemed brighter than usual as light bounced off the sea below. Even for her, someone who had gazedupon the moon many times it seemed different that night somehow. Her eyes wandered to a spot of bright light just left and up a bit from the moon. She couldn’t tell if it is moving or not. Maybe it was a plane. Finally she concluded it was in fact a star as it hadn’t moved in five minutes.

Suddenly she remembered the app her sister downloaded onto her phone last week. She ran and grabbed the phone and held it up to the heavens. On the screen the sky was mapped out just like if and ancient astronomer had drawn a little sketch. She moved the phone around and the picture followed. Holding it up to the star (or possible plane but probably not), she saw that it wasn’t actually a star at all. It was Jupiter.

Her imaginationskampered into overdrive and she could see before her the largest planet in our solar system suspended impressively in the darkness of nothing orbited by many miniature moons, tiny in comparison to the one she was familiar with. Or maybe they were the same only dwarfed by this ball of matter in everlasting turmoil from the bands of storms at its surface.

But Jupiter was not completely alone for more twinkling stars surroundedit, even more massive and treacherous a place than the planet, but just as beautiful. She gazed at the specks of light and whilst her eyes saw what was insignificant her mind saw a vast expanse of unknown, undiscovered splendour.

Tears welled up and a small lump rose in her throat. How many people have looked up and wondered what was up there in the sky? Most of them had no idea of how stars are balls of plasma, burning in an endless lifecycle fusing atoms. But then again what does she really know? So many people have been proven wrong of what they were really sure of,why shouldshe be right? Only time will tell and sadly there isn’t enough for her. She is so small and insignificant her life only lasts about 70 years if she is lucky, when these giants will live for millions ofher lifetimes.

Bewildering philosophical questions burn inside her but she chose to ignore them and just appreciated the view whilst she could see it for shewas but a mere speck of light in the world of the dark night sky. And just how insignificant is a speck of light?

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