Halfway Across The World From You

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Camila Ramirez.. Touch-chic, Baddie, And worst of all. A ramirez girl. Shes already contented. with her friends (Francisco, Jhovian, And Iza) shes contented with family. But until after Iza's farewell party. She gets this punch in the gut feeling everyday. And thats when reality starts kicking in.
Will she chase after the same Boy? Probably..
Will she find another Girl-Best friend? Never..
Will she encounter the same problems which seems to inherit The Ramirez family? Wait. What?

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Chapter 1

i mutter something my little sister shiuld never hear. BUt i guess she has ears too big for a 6th grader.
"im not fuckin' around here. I wore this because is the first day of school. So get your ass in the dining table." she walked back out to the door and slam the door shut. 
After mi papa's death at mexico mom wanted (needed) to move here in america. cause mexico's the last place mamá wanna go to.i open one eye to come to see clothes and my make up all over the Goddamn floor.
Cause heres the thing about living with your Bratty little sister. you could only get privacy when shes in the Shower or shes 
Conseguir su culo patadas por la mamá; getting her ass kicked by mom. Maybe because of she did something a ramirez girl would never do. Like read a book or declining skinny dipping in the lake for .. i don't know, homework i guess?  mi Familia has never been the one to be the goody-too-shoes or whatever. 
i hear footsteps in the other side of the door when my little sister Carilla Shouts "WAKE UP" as i just fall of my bed and lands perfectly in my ass
"fine im up. Im up. Why are you so enojado this morning?"
"mamá's blaming me for something Mateo did. Now shes pissed."
"what the fuck did Mateo do again? did she find a panty in his be-"
"He skipped breakfast again" carilla said cutting me.
"Má's making enchallidas again?"
i nodded at her hoping this might get her to leave me alone. luckily she did.
I take a short shower after and wore the clothes i set for first day of school. 
A tank top, skinny-ass jeans, leather jacket, and a pair of heels. i carefully sneek a pair of running shoes for later. mi ama doesnt know this. And she shouldnt. She'll be deeply dissapointed at me. maintaining my picture as a ramirez girl is Hella' important for me and Carilla. when i go down Carilla's eating like her life depends on it. 
mamá's tryin' to contact Mateo. thinking about it.. 
me and mateo has never gotten along. Not in a million years. During long drives we would be bored to death. He made up a game where everytime i cover up for him or he would to me. He had to do something for me or vise versa.
Backing him up would give me an oppurtunity to run in the tracks again.
"DO you know what or where mateo is, AGAIN?"
"By a matter of fact.. I do"
"And where is that iha?"
"He went off to school early for a project worth half of his grade, Ma"
This'll teach him a save from his hard-headed ass. And'll give me an oppurtunity to Run.

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