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This is an imaginative story of three sons of Hades- time,disease and death who had to show their importance in bringing more people to the underworld in order to win an award.
It illustrates the importance of time as the determinant of life and death.

The three sons of Hades-Time, Disease, Death
One day, the king of the underworld, hadés,decided to award one of his three sons for the role they played in bringing humans to his kingdom. His sons were Time, Disease, Death.
In order to receive the award, hades gave his three sons an opportunity to justify why they deserve the award in the under
TIME : Father, I am the controller of all events in the world and outside the world. I transform babies into adults and adults into old men, making them easy for my brother disease to weaken them and eventually handed them to death.Even during the weakening process, I help. I gave them time to weaken them and when they are handed over to death, I gave death time to decompose them.With all this , I believe the award should be mine.
DISEASE: Father, time is simply making a-one sided argument. What is the usefulness of time if I can affect babies and weaken them without allowing them to grow into adulthood? I just need to attack them. Pure and Simple.
Ok.let's even say time's claim is valid, if time transformed a baby into adult, without me, the adult will be in good health without tasting death and you won't get any servant so you see I am the essential bridge that link time and death. 
Death : My father .You know I am the most aggressive of all your sons.
I deliver inactive human bodies to you.
Without me, they will be alive and won't  come to You. I don't need time and disease to kill anyone. I just kill .it's simple There are countless people I killed who are not sick. There are many babies I took away who don't need time to grow so I think I deserve this award.
The Lord of the underworld weighted  the arguments carefully.Each of his sons made very valid points. Finally He concluded that disease needed time to capture and weaken a person, death need time to kill and if time were to deny death , no one will die because even if babies died in infancy, the death took time, no matter how small it is.Disease and Death need time to operate. Even after death had brought the person, time is still needed to cause the body to decay.
With this in mind, hades declared Time the winner and the recipient of the award.Even time is needed to receive the award.
The End

Submitted: August 15, 2019

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