Dear life, i want a divorce.

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okay, some of my poems have been a little, well, dark i suppose. this one is a more humourous look at similar topics to my other poems. It also doesnt have a rhyming scheme, in difference with my other poems. Enjoy, and comment or dislike and comment, sup to you :)

Submitted: December 06, 2009

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Submitted: December 06, 2009



Dear life,

Im sorry it couldn't work out,

i tried my best to carry this through,

but now i think its time to give in,

oh we had our moments, thats for sure,

but we also had our bad times,

i know you're busy, and try so hard,

but i could really use a break,

i think we should be apart, go our seperate ways,

give us time to, collect ourselves,

find our place in life.

To be honest, im tired of your,

i suppose i saw it coming,

you so carefree, so careless,

me, always the butt of your jokes.

So now im leaving, and i leave you this letter,

sure, i'll cherish the good times,

but i cant forget the bad.

Please dont be too upset,

im sure we can still be friends right?

Its just that, well, all in all, i have no choice,

but good luck in the future,

and best wishes for your next relationship,

but with us, well, it had to be,

you see, its not me, its you.

Goodbye life, and sorry once again,

yours regretfully,


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