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these are 16 observations, or quotes if you wish, that i came up with one night, they are not necessarily correct, nor are they intended to be agreed with by all, in fact they are my particular observations, that hopefully invoke thought and discussion amongst its readers.

Submitted: December 04, 2009

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Submitted: December 04, 2009



  • Wisdom is what we use when our heart is indecisive.
  • Life is a game, where the referee is the only one who knows the rules.
  • Freedom is never freedom until it is taken away.
  • If you cannot know, then believe.
  • There is never justice, only different forms of retribution.
  • War is never justified, only justifiable .
  • There is no right course of action, only less wrong ones.
  • Madness is the manifestation of different interpretations of the world.
  • To judge someone is to blame them for making a mistake you could have made yourself.
  • Honesty is not determined by truth, but by its application to create the least amount of harm.
  • To be humane is to denounce humanity.
  • To be at the top of the food chain is to be the lowest form of life.
  • You are human when with company, but a being when alone.
  • No matter how much you fear what is to come, it will still happen nonetheless.
  • Our soul is the measure of the imprints we leave on others.
  • If death is just the end, then life is not worth living.

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