Silence in the courtroom

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this poem is different to my other pieces, mainly because it is a more tongue-in-cheek kind of poem. Its meant to be a humourous look at the afterlife, and the time when we are supposedly judged, but it also gives a warning in its own way, allowing a satirical look, but one that gives meaning. (hopefully)

Submitted: December 04, 2009

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Submitted: December 04, 2009



The end is coming,

dont ask how,

look, check the clock,

Judgement time is now.

its time, your trial,

so silence in the court,

there is more to be done,

so lets make this short.

no time to change,

you've lived your life,

let's look at it,

your joys, your strife,

the judge, he sits impartial,

as the devil says his bit,

he makes good points, this fiery fiend,

he's left you in the shit.

The case looks closed,

the outlook bleak,

your life it seems has shown you up,

an evil heartless freak,

but wait, look here,

a witness on your side,

its his turn now, and he begins,

to overturn this tide.

you know you've seen him somewhere,

and heard his name before,

oh well, it looks like you are saved,

this Jesusknows the score.

The judge takes a keen interest,

this is his son you see,

his defence is absolute,

and involves him, and a tree.

and so it comes to this,

the final damning call,

this guy can only do so much,

its whether you cared at all.

if in your life,

you helped the poor,

the hungry or the broken,

your's is salvation evermore.

but if you were cold,

evil, mean and cruel,

then even though you've Jesus,

you will be a guilty fool.

Silence in the courtroom,

the closing statement please,

sinners will, this judgement stop,

as the honest men it frees.

© Copyright 2018 Francis Berryman. All rights reserved.

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