We who should die.

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We who should die was one of the first poems i wrote, it deals witht the common quandry of what is beyond this life, and whether there is life, nothing or memory only.

It is hopefully a thought invoking piece, and is not attempting to challenge individual views on the subject of life, or lack, after death, merely to mirror the feelings that many have.

Submitted: November 13, 2009

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Submitted: November 13, 2009



Do not forget us,
we who should die,
we must not be lost,
we must not pass by.

for should we die in some far corner,
or in a closer place,
we live in fear of dying unknown,
a lonely forgotten face.

but should we strive
for lasting fame,
and try to stay,
despite death's game?

or should we accept,
as others have done,
that death is a chapter,
one that must be begun?

but still the fear of dying alone,
with nothing left behind,
except a part remaining,
if only in your mind,

and so should we die,
is this all that there is?
have we had our one chance
is life so hit and miss?

but if we are forgotten,
do we cease to exist,
do we recall our passing,
or do we fade into mist?

one thing is certain,
we all must go,
we all have a legacy,
that someone must know.

but were we forgotten,
what would we be,
something that's past,
or will we be free?

if life is the only,
then are we just dead,
from the start to the finish,
is it just in our head?

we can all choose our paths
but not where they lead,
unless you remember,
we cannot be freed.

we try to leave something,
a lasting tribute,
something through ages,
that none can repute.

what can the dead do?
devoid of all life,
except what we leave you,
our joys and our strife.

and so we leave a memory;
though if remembered no more,
then we fade into nothing,
we dead don't endure.

so remember my plea,
that on our passing by,
you shall not forget us,
we who should die.

© Copyright 2017 Francis Berryman. All rights reserved.

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