A Fresh Coat of Paint

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A short story about what we desire, what we dream, what we make come true, and possibilities of what is to come. Family is not always blood, dreams are not just for fame, and love comes in unexpected places.

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013



Another closing shift; Sara loves working at the market, it gives her a chance to think and she needed the time to do just that.  Two jobs, full time school, and an internship can make anyone wish they could have a moment alone.  But with the bills Sara could not afford to not be working so most nights you will find here her at Giovani’s Italian Market for the closing shift.  It was owned by a sweet Italian man Giovani Bonmarito.  Bonmarito means good husband in Italian and he likes to joke how his wife liked to tell him how to live up to his name.  Mr. Bonmarito’s wife passed away five years ago from cancer after 27 years of marriage.  She was his everything.  He always has a sparkle in his eye when he thinks of her and if you catch him in the right moment you will see the kind of the love that she left behind.  It is what we all hope for.  Sadly it does not last long and quickly it clouds over when reality brings him back.  Mr. Bonmarito is pushing sixty and had owned this market for twenty years.  He lives upstairs with his memories and comes downstairs to remember to live.  He took it over from his father who owned it for thirty years before that.  The story went: “My father came to this country with not a dime to his name!  He worked hard to make his American Dream come true!  People think that if you get here things will be easy!  But they’re not!  Nothing is free in this world!  It takes work, passion, family, and love to make your dreams come true and without any one of those even if you do succeed it’s not worth it.  Like you Sara!  Going to school, working two jobs, you are making your dream come true.  That is why you work here.  That is why you are family.”  Sara could repeat this story as she has heard it often enough.  It was comforting to Sara and she could use family.  She had not had one since she left home at 16.  Mr. Bonmarito knew, and it just so happened he was in need of family just as much as she was.

Tonight was slow.  Sara was taking her time cleaning and loosing herself in her thoughts about her papers due in a few days that have not been started, a final coming up, and her phone bill that she forgot to pay again, “Damn!”

“Sara!” Sara jumped.  It was Mr. Bonmarito coming down from his office upstairs.  “Sara where are you?”

“Right here Mr. Bonmarito!”  Sara walked over to the back stars that lead up to Giovanni’s apartment.  He was looking haggard and tired.  He must have been paying bills and balancing the books.  That is one thing that Mr. Bonmarito didn’t do well.  His office is a mess.  Papers everywhere and receipts all over.  Mrs. Bonmarito was the one who balanced the books.  She was the one that was good with money.  The only sign that it was her office is the sweater on the hook in the corner.  Mrs. Bonmarito was always cold and kept a sweater in the office and a picture of the two of them outside of the store when they first took it over.

“I am having a painter come in and freshen up the place!  It’s starting to look its age!  Maria already picked out the paint and got an estimate.  I told them that they only need to send one fella over as you could help.  We will close the store early and paint in sections and get the painting done by the end of the week.”  Sara knew there was no arguing with Mr. Bonmarito after he does the books.  Especially when he brings up his wife.  What he says goes and there is no room for jokes.  He will do what Maria wanted exactly how she wanted it.  Even if it was five years later than planned.

“Yes sir.”  Mr. Bonmarito didn’t answer.  He was grumbling and brushed his hand through his white hair and went back upstairs to rest with his memories.  Sara retreated back into her thoughts and finished sweeping the floor.


The next day Sara came to work and was ready to paint.  She got one of her papers done and the other was running through her mind.  She walked in and half of the store was covered in a paint spattered white drop cloth.  Sara saw a red head behind one of the shelves.

“Hello!  It’s me Sara!  I am supposed to help you with the painting!”

“Good! Come over here then and help me move this shelf.  It does not seem to want to budge!”  Came a distinctly female voice from the other side of the room.  When Sara walked over she saw a tall broad shouldered woman in white coveralls.  Her face was round with sharp blue eyes.  Her cheeks were red from her effort to move the shelf.  She moved some of her wild hair out of her all business no nonsense eyes.

“Max.  Nice to meet you.  We have lots to do here so just go and push the shelf from that side and lets see if we can’t get this sucker to move.”  This woke Sara up from her gazing and she jumped to help.

“Ok, now push!”  Max and Sara pushed and the shelf finally moved.  Barely.  “That’s good.  We will paint this wall tonight.  I didn’t get your name.”

Sara blushed, “Its Sara.”

“Ok Sara you are going to tape the edges.  It looks like there are some holes over here so I will spackle those and then we will prime.”  Max nodded as if agreeing with what she had decided.

Sara had no idea what she was doing.  She figured the taping would be easy though.  Put the tape down in a straight line and that was what she did.  It didn’t take long to put tape on the wood frame around the door and the baseboards.  As Sara Taped Max was putting spackle to fill the holes and wiping them clean with a damp cloth.  Sara kept looking at Max as she moved.  She was so sure of herself.  Not like Sara who tripped with no provocation.  Max made quick easy strokes and was quickly completing her task.  Sara was looking at Max’s fingers, they had a few calluses on them and looked powerful and knowledgeable.  Sara’s mind began to wander.

“You done over there?”  Sara’s thoughts were interrupted.  She blushed because of where they were going.  She was sure that Max could tell what was on her mind.

“Um, yes.  All set!”  Sara’s heart was beating fast.  What is her problem?!  Snap out of it!

“Yes, it looks good.  Nice work.  Now how about you start priming and we will be painting in no time!  I will finish filling these last few holes and join you when I’m done.  The primer and the brushes are over there.  Grab the two inch brush and prime the edges first then get the roller to finish.  Use my screwdriver over in my tools to open the can.”

Sara looked around for all the supplies and managed to do what she was told.  She dipped her paint brush into the primer and began to paint along the edges.  It was a slow process.  It didn’t take long before she was back inside her mind.  Thinking about papers, and callused fingers.

“You need to make longer strokes.”  Sara jumped and dropped her brush.  She caught it by hugging it to her chest.  Max laughed.  Her laugh was so genuine and rich.  It made Sara’s hair on the back of her neck stand on end. 

“Sorry, are you always so jumpy?  Here give me that brush before you waste all the primer on your shirt.”  Max took the brush and began to paint the wall with long strokes, “See like this.  When you paint with longer strokes it minimizes the texture from the bristles.  We want it to dry smooth so that the paint can do the same.  Go ahead and keep going.  You are doing great!”

Sara took the brush back and began to paint again.

“Yes perfect.  You could have a job in painting before long.”

“Just what I need another job.”  Sara mumbled.  Sara blushed immediately regretting what she said.

“You sure blush a lot.  Where else do you work?”  Max took a step closer and smiled with a brush in her hand and began putting the primer above the baseboards.Sara turned her face to concentrate on her brush strokes.

“I work as a desk clerk at the Redwood Inn and go to school full time.”  Sara glanced at Max through the corner of her eyes.

“You keep yourself busy.  What do you do for fun?”

Sara laughed.  “I don’t have time for fun.  I work, do homework, go to class, sleep, if I’m lucky, and do it all over again.”

“Don’t you go out with your girlfriend?”

Sara stopped painting and looked down at Max.  “How did you guess I was a lesbian?  No one has ever guessed.”  Sara was a short woman, with long brown hair that did what it wanted and was very curvy, in fact she has been trying to lose some weight.  Sara has a sweet tooth that gets her in trouble!  She is a femme that lesbians tended to look over.  The migrant workers in the neighborhood seem to enjoy her walking down the street though.  It was frustrating when she would go out to a lesbian bar and everyone would hit on her friend Becky, her short black hair, tattoos, and thin frame…Sara didn’t stand a chance.  It was assumed she was the straight friend going out with her hot lesbian friend or that her hot lesbian friend was taking out her homely friend.

“No straight woman would look at another woman’s hands that long.”  Max smirked.

Sara blushed dark red and looked down.  She finished with the primer around the door and reached to get the roller to start priming the rest of the wall.  It was a fast job priming and it was done in mostly silence.  Sara finally felt like she had pulled herself together.

“Ok so now we turn on the fans and take a break.  We need to let the primer dry.  I have strict orders to only do one wall a night.  Mr. B said he wants to make sure I concentrate on making it perfect.”  Max chuckled and shook her head.

Sara’s head shot up, “Don’t laugh at Mr. Bonmarito!  He is a good man and just wants his wife’s wishes to be honored.”  Sara’s eyes burned partly from anger and partly from being embarrassed.

“Woah!  Sara, I didn’t mean anything by it.  I just don’t like sitting still when I know I can get more work done.  We have about 45 more minutes to wait until we can start painting.  This is our official dinner break.”  Max’s eyes looked questioning at Sara. 

“Oh, ok, sorry.”  Sara walked to her bag and got out her bean burrito and water and sat in front of the counter.  She sighed.

Max sat down next to her, “I really didn’t mean anything by what I said about Mr. B he is a great guy.  I like how he is no nonsense and to the point.”

Sara smiled, “That he is.”

“So Sara what are you going to school for?”

“I am studying to be a social worker.  I specifically want to work with homeless LGBTQ youth.  Do you know that 20% of homeless youth is part of the LGBTQ community?  That may not seem like much but if you consider that only about 10% of youth identify as LGBTQ then you can see that there is pattern.  I want to work with youth to help them and support them.  I want them to know that they can be successful and that they have value.”  Sara paused and took a bite of her burrito.

“That is an honorable profession.”  Max opened her pasta dinner and began to eat.  “What made you decide that was what you wanted to do?”

“Well, I left home when I was 16 and have not seen my family since.  It was hard but I got some help from good people like Mr. Bonmarito who helped me to achieve my goals.  I just want to return the favor.  I graduate with my Bachelors in Social Work by January.  I hope to be able to start working as a social worker in the Fall and get my Masters in Social Work.  I just need to figure out how to pay for it.”  Sara was sitting quietly looking at her burrito and took a sip of her water.  Suddenly she was tired.  All the weight of what she was doing started to be too much.  “I never thought I would make it this far.  There were some moments when I was on the street that I just wanted to give up.”  Sara sat in silence.  She never told anyone about those feelings.  Suddenly Sara felt small.

Max took hold of Sara’s chin.  Her eyes were blue fire and her red hair floated down between them.  “Tell me what you are thinking.”  Her voice was a growl and it pulled Sara in, her muscles tensed, and her voice caught.

“I was, I am, I’m just tired.”  Sara sounded small.  Her voice held no conviction and she felt powerless.

“There is more to it than that.  I can tell.  I can wait.”  Max sat back and her body relaxed, “So you never told me what you were thinking when you were looking at my hands.”

Sara looked over to see the twinkle in Max’s eyes.  It reminded her of Mr. Bonmarito on those rare moments.  Sara blushed and shook her head.

“Oh so you are not going to tell me what you were thinking?  Maybe I will have to be patient for that too.”

For the rest of the meal the two woman sat quietly.  It was not tense.  In fact every time that Sara looked at Max, Max would smile at her and nod.  They just sat quietly in their own thoughts for a while with the fans providing some background noise.

“Alright!  I think that we are ready to paint.  Now the technique for painting is just like the primer.  Long strokes with the brush and the roller.”  Sara got up and followed Max to the paint cans.  Max quickly opened the can and handed Sara a brush.

For the rest of the night the painted quietly and it was just before ten that they finished the job.

“It looks good!  I think I will let it dry overnight and come back in the morning to set everything right.”  Max crossed her arms and looked over at Sara, “So what do you think?”

“I like it!  I think that Mr. Bonmarito will like it too.”  Sara smiled.

“Well then let’s get to work cleaning up and we can be on our way.”

Once everything was cleaned up and in the truck.  Sara was locking the door when Max came up behind her.  Max put both hands on either side of Sara’s head on the glass door and was so close that Sara could feel the heat of her body.

“Now if I could just get you to tell me what you were thinking.”  Max thought a moment and smiled. “Maybe,  hmmm.”  Max’s eyes sparkles with mischief.  “You will soon find out I don’t give up very easily when it comes to the things I want.”

One of Max’s hands went around the small of Sara’s back and turned her around, she then leaned in and brushed the hair out of Sara’s face.  Her lips were so close to Sara she could feel her breath.  Sara’s knees were getting weak and Max held on to her tightly.

Sara shivered and with all the strength she could muster.  “I can see that.”

Max laughed, that laugh that made Sara feel lighter, stronger, and nervous all at the same time.  “So would you like a ride home?”

“No, I just live down the block.  Thanks.  I will see you tomorrow.”  Sara waived and staggered a bit but managed to walk feeling Max’s eyes on her the whole way.  Once she got to her door she finally looked back and Max was leaning on her truck with her arms crossed.  Sara waived again.  Max nodded and got into her truck and drove off.

Sara got into her apartment and it felt stuffy and hot.  She opened the windows but she knew that this heat had nothing to do with the temperature and that sleep will be hard to find.

Sara got no sleep that night.  Good news, she finished her final paper for the semester.


Sara woke up with a headache.  She thought about all the things that she had to get done.  She sighed.  She had a long day today as usual.  She needed to turn in her final paper and take her last three finals today.  Although she should be worried about her finals all Sara could think of was Max and how she was going to see her when she got to Giovani’s tonight.  After last night she was so happy that Mr. Bonmarito insisted on spreading the job out for a week.  Giving Sara that much more time with Max.  The day was a blur, her presentation went well until she had to answer questions and she had lost her focus.That brought her grade down she knew it.She turned her paper into her professor who was not in her office, thank goodness as she was not in the mood for one of her long winded philosophical discussions today.Her two tests were straight forward enough but after she could not tell you a single question that was on it. When her classmate Joe asked her about a certain question she could not even hold a conversation about the assessment they just finished.Joe politely excused himself and wished Sara a good winter break.

Winter break, well yeah its winter.There is no break about it though.Sara will be increasing her hours at Giovani’s and working part time with a homeless youth crisis center, finalizing her applications to graduate school and scholarships.  This was the time that Sara should really focus on her goals but tonight was all that Sara could think about.

Mr. Giovani was in one of his moods when Sara came in.He didn’t feel well and promptly went up to his apartment and closed the door once Sara walked in.  Sara tried to fill the time before she closed the doors at 7pm for the painting.  The time was dragging.  Usually she loved the nights like this when the store was quiet and she could think and be in her own world, but her world has been invaded by wild red hair and strong hands.  Sara shivered.

“Hey!  Ready for the next wall?”  Sara jumped and gasped. “Still as jumpy as ever!”  Max laughed.  Sara was beginning to really love the sound of her that laughter.  Sara smiled, turned red, and laughed with her.  She rushed to the door to turn the sign and help Max bring in the supplies.

Once everything was all set up the got back to work.

“So how were your finals?”  Max looked over with an encouraging smile.

Sara smiled, “They were a blur; I think I did alright though.”

“So you are done now.  Are you going to celebrate?”

“I still have to get into graduate school.  I have an internship this winter at a youth shelter and crisis center.”  Sara sighed as reality set in.  Her mind went to all the things that she has yet to do.

“None of that!  You need to celebrate you accomplishments!  You just finished your BA in Social Work.  That is a big deal.  So what are we going to do?”  Max looked over with her eyebrow arched and a crooked smile on her face.

Sara looked up at Max her smile shy, “I don’t know.  I didn’t have any plans to celebrate.”

“Well tonight if you are interested my friend works in the kitchen at the Space Case downtown.  They are open late and usually there is some music, and the food is good and a good price.  If you are interested we can get a midnight snack, have some drinks, and celebrate your accomplishments.” 

Sara just looked at Max.  Max stopped painting to look over at Sara inquisitively.  “Sure.”

“Great!  Now get back to work or we won’t get to start celebrating until tomorrow!”

The rest of the wall was painted very quickly.  Max moved like a mad woman.  She talked a mile a minute and Sara tried moving as quickly as she could but could not keep up with Max.  Before Sara knew it they were cleaning up and locking up the door.  Sara’s hands shook as she put the key in the door; remembering what happened last night when she did that.

“What are you thinking?”  Max was right behind her again.  Sara let out a haggard breath.

“You.”  Sara smiled at how bold she felt speaking the truth.

Max turned Sara around and looked into her eyes.  Sharp blue into warm golden brown. “I think about you too.”  Max squeezed tighter to Sara. 

Just like that Max was kissing Sara.  Breath, lips, tongues, and teeth mingling and devouring each other.  Sara’s hands were pulling at the hair at the nape of Max’s neck.  Their breathing was rough.  Max’s eyes glistened in the streetlights and Sara feared opening her eyes in case it was another dream.  Max began kissing Sara’s neck.  She got to Sara’s ear, “What do you want to do?”

Sara looked right into Max’s eyes, “You.”  Max groaned and lifted Sara up and carried her to the truck.  Without a pause Max had the door open and put Sara inside.  Max was now between Sara’s legs.  Sara reached down and touched a wild red curl of Max’s hair and smiled.  Max was looking up at Sara with piercing eyes that only asked one question.  Sara wanted what she offered, she was a bit surprised at how strong her connection with Max was.  She knew very little except Max was exactly who she needed at this moment and this is what she wanted.  Sara could not help but sigh.

“What are you thinking?”  Max’s face could not decide if she was aroused or nervous.  Sara wondered if those two emotions were that different.  They both start at the pit of your stomach, and forget any control over words or actions; both filled with fear of what will happen, then there is the excitement of what is unknown, and finally all that’s left is the pleasure when its all over.

“I was just thinking that we may not make it out tonight,” Sara smiled and played with another curl of Max’s hair.  “and I was looking forward to it.”  Sara pouted a little and smiled.

Max laughed and pulled Sara’s hips closer.  “I think you may be right, but I have been looking forward to this much more.”

Their lips touched again.  Max began climbing into the truck.  With quick hands the door was closed and the seat was down and Max was straddling Sara.  Hands were everywhere, Sara heard a button or two rip and for an instant wondered if they were from her shirt.  She quickly pushed that thought aside and reached for the waist of Max’s jeans, unbuttoned them, and quickly put her hand inside.  Max was busy with Sara’s shirt and had just put her mouth on Sara’s nipple when Sara’s hand found Max wet and ready.  Max pushed against Sara’s hand and sucked in her breath.

Sara began thrusting and with a come hither motion was making quick work of Max. Max could not believe that this was happening.  That after meeting Sara yesterday afternoon she would have her hands down her pants.  That she would be sucking on Sara’s beautiful breasts.  She looked down at Sara and saw her eyes looking back up at her.  Sara kept moving quickly and with her other hand unbuttoned Max’s shirt gaining access to her chest.  Max was feeling the buildup.  She was starting to loose herself.  Max groaned, “Sara, oh my god, Sara I’m coming.”

Sara smiled and put her mouth on Max’s breast and began to suck.  Moving her mouth up to Max’s neck and finally her mouth.  When their mouths connected again Max shook and groaned into Sara’s mouth and with one final flick of her clit Max exploded.

“Fuck.” Max shaky and reluctantly climbed up off of Sara and put the key into the ignition and started the truck.  She took two calming breaths.“This was not how I imagined it would go.  I wanted to take you out and woo you properly.”  She chuckled, “You are one surprising woman Sara.”  Max began to drive.

Sara blushed and looked down at her hands playing with her fingers.  Maybe she should have moved a bit slower to extend the experience.  Now Sara knows for sure how much Max wanted her.  Just about as much as she wanted Max.  She began to button up her shirt and straighten up a bit.

“So where are we going?”  Sara looked out the window.

“My place.”  Max was focused on the road.

Soon they were in front of a cute cottage.  It looked like a dollhouse that Sara had as a little girl.  Max got out of the car and came around and opened the door for Sara.  Without a word Max escorted Sara into the house.  It was very neat inside, not much furniture.  Sara looked around as Max closed the door and locked it.  With that sound Sara got stiff.  The anticipation was intense, radiating out of her body in waives with every beat of her heart.  She felt the heat of Max behind her before she even touched her.  Max pushed aside her hair and began kissing her neck.  Moving down her collar to her shoulder.  Sara didn’t dare move.  Sara reached back to touch Max but she took hold of her hand “Oh no.  Those hands need to stay put.  It’s my turn Sara.” 

Without letting go of Sara’s hand Max turned her around and held her hand behind her back.  “It looks like I’ve ripped a few buttons on your shirt.”  With a quick movement Max tore the front of Sara’s shirt.  Sara’s eyes got big “You are not the only one who can surprise.”

Sara’s heart began to beat faster and her chest moved up and down quickly.  She heard a growl from deep in Max’s throat.  “You will have to trust me.  If you say red I will stop.  Only say red if you want me to stop.”

Sara began to shake with anticipation.  “Ok” Sara let her hands drop to her side.

Max slowly took off her clothes leaving Sara standing with only her panties on in the hallway.  Max stared at her with those intense blue eyes.  Sara shifted and blushed.  “You are a goddess.”  Max whispered and began kissing where she left off.  Down to Sara’s breasts again one hand cupping her ass while the other pulled her leg around her waist.  Sara could feel the course jean against her tender wetness.  Sara grabbed onto Max and pulled closer to keep from falling.  Max let her go and slid down to her knees in front of Sara.  Her fingers curled over the fabric of her underwear and pulled them down, achingly slowly.  Max ran her tongue up Sara’s inner thigh to where he leg met her hip.  Sara let her head fall back.  Max brought her mouth just above Sara’s pubis her breath teasing her labia.  “Oh my god”

Max gently pushed Sara’s thigh widening her stance.  Moments later Sara felt Max tease her with her tongue.  She pressed her mouth against Sara’s opening.  Slow large circles made by Max’s tongue was matched with the movement of Sara’s hips.  Sara’s knees were getting weak the closer to climax she got.  With a grunt and a gasp Sara collapsed into Max’s arms.  Max picked Sara up and carried her to the bedroom.  It was a large room with only large bed in the center.

“You taste sweet.”  Max said with a smile as she shed her clothes and walked to the closet.  “Now you are going to have to trust me.  Remember you say red when you want me to stop.”

“uh mmm” was all Sara could say in the aftershocks of her orgasm.  She felt every thread in the blankets on the bed.  Every nerve ending was pulsing.  Sara closed her eyes and enjoyed.  Then she felt the bed sink where she guessed Max was getting on the bed.  Then she felt the straps on her wrists.  Her eyes flew open.

“You have to trust me.”  Max brushed hair out of Sara’s eyes.

“I do.  I’ve never been restrained before.”  Sara heard the shake in her voice.

“I am just making sure that your hands don’t get me in trouble again.  They know too much and already know how to get the best of me.”  Max smiled.

Sara blushed and giggled.  She has not heard that sound out of her mouth in a long time.  It made her giggle more.  Then Sara felt satin on her skin.  She sighed and turned her face to get a good look at Max.  Her eyes were shining in the golden light of the lamp in the corner and she was gloriously naked.  The curve of her breasts were divine, her hips curved, and she had a strap on.  Again Sara’s eyes got big.  Now she had an idea of what was in store for her.  In Max’s hand was a satin flower.  She placed it on Sara’s collar bone and traced the curve down the side of her breast, down her stomach, then the flower grazed her pubis and down the inside of her thigh to her toes.  Sara arched her back.

“Are you ready for me already?”  Max chuckled.

Sara felt Max put her hands down between her legs.  She pushed into Max’s hand.  “Please Max, I need you inside me.”

Max untied one of Sara’s hands and guided her onto her knees.  Sara’s ass was up in the air and she could feel the tip of Max’s dildo against her, teasing her.  “Please Max.”  Max took her hand and put lube on herself then on Sara.

“You are so wet.”  Max said in awe.  She slowly entered Sara and Sara pushed up into her.  They began to move together.  As they moved Sara closed her eyes and enjoyed the pure pleasure being presented to her.

“Harder, faster.”  Sara was getting frantic.

That was all Max needed to hear.  She began to thrust into Sara the pressure against her own clit pushing her over the edge again.  Sara reached down with her free hand and touched herself.  They were climbing together.  With each thrust Sara got closer.  She came again.  She saw flashes of light and color.  Max reached over and pulled her restraints off completely and without pulling out pulled Sara on top.

“Ride me.  I want to see you as I come.”  Sara started to grind into Max.  She saw Max starting to begin to flush all the way down to her breasts.  The sweat glistening on her skin.  Sara was blown away with how beautiful Max was.  How her ivory skin reflected the light.  How her body responded to her movement.  Sara was beginning to come again.

Max looked up at Sara.  She was a goddess, a sex goddess.  Max felt herself begin to build from the pressure of Sara and her movements.  Max reached up to touch Sara’s breasts and Sara leaned down to give Max more access.  Max grabbed Sara’s hips and guided and pulled her close.  Matching her movements with thrusts of her own.  Some lifting Sara up off the bed.

“Yes, I’m almost there.  Don’t stop.”

Max felt her muscles tighten and then explode free.  Her moan and yell sounded far away.  Soon after Sara collapsed on top of her.  Both of them with glistening skin, heavy breathing, spent and basking in pure ecstasy.

“You are beautiful.”  Max said in awe.

“Red.”  Max froze

“Are you ok?  What’s wrong?”

“No more words.  Just enjoy the moment.  We can talk at breakfast.”

Max laughed and pulled Sara close.  Kissed her on the forehead and slept.  Both Sara and Max slept better than they ever slept before.  The good thing was they still had two more walls to paint.

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