Love gone astray!!!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This short story is about a guy named Francis
who fell in love with this girl named Tanu!!
But she refused to accept him. you will know
more as you read the content below

Submitted: March 21, 2014

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Submitted: March 21, 2014



Tanu left Francis!! Few years later!!

I was sitting on my couch sipping d hot cup of coffee. It was a rainy day!! Had just been home from heavy load of work at office. Drenched in d rain. Sneezing at d top of my voice. How terrible I sounded.

I wanted to take a quick nap. But no. I wouldn't get sleep. I was tired n weak. I looked at d trees around. D gentle breeze rushed thru my ears. It sounded melodious. I could feel d fresh air. Something was new. I knew it.

But no.. what's happening to me. I lay down on my couch. I fell asleep. In no time I got up.

My phone !!! Beep beep!!!

I got a msg. Click!! Open msg() X : you der? Me: sorry may I know who dis is? X: Tanu:(

I was shocked to see her msg. No I didn't expect her msg. I forgot her. Its been years I thought about her. Her name popped into my mind.

Tanu Jain!!

The girl I admired, d one I dreamt of. D one who put a smile on my face. D one who got on my nerve. D one I loved: ( D one who broke my heart saying miss you n goodbye!! She knew I like her but she refused to accept. It was my mistake. My hopes were too high. I knew I can't get her. I learnt that day. Expectation leads to disappointment. My bad, I couldn't forget her. Days passed. I moved on.

Well yeah m working now. M doing well by God's grace!!

Oops I forgot to reply her!!

Me: Tanu Jain? X: Tanu Jain.

Our msgs clashed. Her msg ended with a period n mine with a question mark. I smiled n whispered slowly. She still remembers me.

*Our conversation started with how are you!! Things went smooth. I found that she sounded low. I was eagerly waiting to know what happened to her. But no I won't ask her. I don't wanna make her feel more sad about anything. We were chatting for a while. She broke d conversation asking m I busy. I said no Tanu!! She said I'll see you in sometime. Mom s calling to help her in d kitchen. Gud nyt!!

I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to stop her from going. I was helpless to do all that. I just said gud nyt. I didn't get sleep that nyt. I was thinking about her. Little did I know about her. I slept very late around 2am.

Msg!! Beep beep. Tanu : Good Morning. Had coffee? 6 am

I woke up late around 8. I had to rush to my office. I saw her msg. I started blushing. I read that msg several times. I felt nice. I felt loved. I felt cared by someone who never cared. I sent- Gud mrng. Going to work. See you later. Instantly I got her reply. A smiley :)

Day passed. Evening came. Tanu : Gud eve. How was yo day at work?

I smiled at her msg. Kept d phone aside. Ha ha I wanted to irritate her by not replying. But no I couldn't do that. I replied saying it was hectic though it wasn't. She consoled me with her soothing words. I felt heaven on earth. I was blushing. I wanted to see her. I wanted to talk to her. Never till today had I spoken to her o saw her. But she refused to meet once when I asked. I won't ask her again.

2nd day ended.

3rd day I was waiting for her msg from 6 am. I didn't receive any msg. I was restless. I couldn't control myself. I sent her a msg. Y no gud mrng today? I get a reply saying- m sorry. Can we meet today at 7pm in milange? I was speechless. I didn't know how to react. Immediately I sent YES to her with a happy smiley!! I was wondering what happened to her. I knew she wanted to say something. My heart was overwhelmed. But on d other side my mind started assuming stuffs. Both gud n bad. I said no to every bad thing that was in my mind.

I took off from my work. I was getting ready from mrng. I put on the best clothes I had. My favourite puma shoes. Woo I loved that moment. It was 30mins to 7 pm. I was eager to see her. Milange is few kms away from my house. I got into my brand new Mercedes Benz S class car. I drove towards milange. My mind was set on Tanu!! I tuned into radio channel 94.3. The latest song was being played. Whoa my fav song. I almost reached the place. Turned off d music. I'm going to cross the road now..... Woooo excited!!! Tanu had already reached the place. She was in her white chudidhar. She smelled fresh. She was adorable. She had something to say. Something was bothering her. She paused n looked outside. A huge crowd gathered opposite to milange. Blood spilled all over the place. People honking. The place was crowded. Ppl gathered from d nearest place. Tanu walked in to see what happened. Ppl could hardly recognise the face. She was too scared to stand there in their midst.

She called him.

His phone rang. ( kabhi na kabhi toh miloge humko yakeen hai) Yes the phone was on the ground. It was him!!! She could hardly take it in. She couldn't beleive what had happened. She was shivering. She took him in her arms. Blood all over her dress. She kept on crying crying crying. She's still crying as she's writing this.

Signed Tanu Jain!!

The one who was loved by him. The one who will never be loved again by him.

He wanted to meet me. I refused!! I wanted to meet him. Fate refused us!!;( Maybe I will never be able to say what I wanted to say. Its over!!

Francis left Tanu forever!!

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