"What AM I writing!?" - An essay on how to choose a writing topi

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I made this short, short essay to help you on how to choose a writing topic. If it's for school essays or short stories, I will teach you on what to write about. :-)

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




Are you stuck on what to write about? Yeah, me too… but that’s why I’m here to teach you about how to choose a writing topic!!!

One way to choose a writing topic is to THINK BIG. It’s probably the best way to go in my opinion. If you can write about anything you want, go nuts; be creative! But if you’re a student like me, you might want to keep it school-appropriate. If it’s not for school, do anything you want! However, if it’s explicit, keep it as a secret to your parents (or better yet, don’t write it at all). You can also write about something that happened to you. If it’s a life-threatening accident that happened to you or a crazy birthday party you had when you were young, go ahead and write about it. But if it’s personal, you might wanna rethink that…

Another way on how to choose a writing topic is to BRAINSTORM. Make up a few ideas that seem legit and choose which topic suits you best. You can also choose randomly, which would work best if you had a completely odd story idea about ponies that had lazer guns that inhabited an abandoned Earth, who are invaded by vegetarian aliens. Now THAT would be cool. If you have a bunch of ideas you love, but can’t decide which to choose, you could always go to friends or family members/ relatives. They MIGHT help you. But again, make sure it’s kid appropriate. I don’t think your Mom would enjoy seeing a-

ALSO, you can use ideas from them. Be sure to ask them first, and if they approve, don’t be afraid to use them!

Last but not least, you can also WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF. I know I mentioned earlier to write about something that happened to you, but here, you can write more about yourself. You can write about YOUR WHOLE LIFE. This is probably the easiest method to go in my belief. You can also make up very little details about your life. But don’t make big changes, such as adding thirteen brothers in your life, or you encountering evil demon chipmunks that annihilate every living Sperm Whale that exists. Sounds cool (it really does), but it really happen? No, it didn’t, sadly…

But there you have it! Now you know how to choose a WRITING TOPIC!!! Congratulations! You may have not won a million dollars, but you DID earn the Power and Knowledge of CHOOSING A WRITING TOPIC!!! :-)

Thanks for reading this short essay! :-P

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