The Dimension

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man finds not is all as it seems when.he goes to rob a shop

Submitted: April 27, 2014

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Submitted: April 27, 2014



Tick.. Tick. I hear in my ears as the second hand on my watch moves under the glass of my watch strapped to my clamy skin on my wrist. The ticking apears to go faster as my heart beat starts to increase pumping blood to every cell in my shakeing body.

Finger taping the steering wheel as i try to control the surges of shakes. Rain beats down upon the car windscreen and bonet befrore bounceing off the cold wet tarmac below. I focus my eyes on the betting shop across the road seeing through the rain drops that the wind blows away turning into a whirl of wet mist.

The car door slams with a clunk as i step out onto the wet streets and feel the wetness on my hands and face. I make my way to the yellow illuminated doorway of the betting shop.

A man behind the till looks up as wind surges around the doorway and sees me driping wetens onto the warm dry blue carpet below.

It feels nice to feel the warm dry air slowly drys off the wet and cold.

The nice feeling soon disapears a second latter as my heart sinks into a hole within my chest.

Thinking back to being sacked from work for a petty little mistake of not checking the tills at.night.

Makeing me feel like a criminal in the disceplinary. i may as well have stolen the money.

And now... And now i am behind on rent i cant offord to eat.. fed up of looking out and seeing the rest of the world happy smiling faces throwing away on.expensive coffie and cake while i have to suffer and.strugle just to eat a tin of nasty baked beans that eventually grow furry mould as i try and rashing them in a fridge that i cant even afford to run..

I grasp the plastic handle of the sharp still knife in my pocket.


I shout at behind the till throwing a bag and waveing the sharp object in his terrified looking pale face.

\"DO it!!\" i shout again.

The man just nods and takes the bag both hands shakeing.

A whisp of wind whirls around the room as the door slams

I turn.around to see a very shocked standing at the door . Drops of water driping from his cap.

I dont say a word niether does he as i turn to face him knife in my hand glistening under the lights head.

My.pupils dilate sweat droplets emege above my eyes on my fore head .

Heart pounds deep in my chest. and.the knife starts to shake as.adrenline is pumped around my vains.

I will not let this little hickup get in the way of my desire to live a normal life. without strugle without.hunger.

I proplel myself towards the policeman knife in hand


I feel my chest and ribs shatter as i fly back in a pool of blood by the till.

What happed?

Looking up in my blurey vision i see the policemans arm extended and smoke raiseing into the air.

He must have had a wepon.

My.body feels cold and also wet with blood.

As a swirling white light reveals itself lf in front of me the white light then consumes my whole body my whole being.

I find myself shooting past geometric shapes and patterns cloured lights whooshing past me..

The world shatters into a millon pices but pices of couluer shapes and light. i feel myself vibrate as the dimension around me vibrates too.

Then as the pices shatter i find myself not moving as fast.

Feels like quick sand no this is.more like Lava a lava made from picture puzzle paterns slow roatating speed.

Above i see purple hazy.mist and beyond a loving radiant light i wanna be in the light.

But i am stuck in this porridge of.sticky clour

my mind and soul slowly.melting away as i hear a nice like.moving ground grinding my soul down even.more.

Then in one imense flash of all coulours i find.myself in a space of darkness of nothingness.

Another crack of blue and white light.

I just see white light then my ears i feel my ears i feel human again as my ears pick up the sound of ticking on a watch.

I feel my wrist and look down to see my watch . I hear the rain pounding on my car. and see the betting shop across the street.

I feel the knife in my pocket and put it on the passenger seat.

Had it all been a dream?

I hit the the car roared into life.

I wasnt going in dream or not not this time.

I sped of along the road.

Ok i thought if it was a dream it was.just a dream.

If not i am invinceable.

I get shot and bounce back.

The knife fell to the floor of the car as i turned a corner.

U know what i am gonna do it i have to go back.

I bent down to pick up the knife.


My car crumpled and.pices of debris flew into the air both of my car and the truck i hit head on.

Shards of glass sliced my face both sides as the windscreen smashed.

and the windows caved in.

The glass light as i heard a whisper saying..

your ours now!

© Copyright 2020 francis Robinson. All rights reserved.

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