The Golden Ground Beetle

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Words are a map. Follow them and you'll find whatever is to be found!

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



Where is the bug and what the bug’s like? It likes hiding under the dead leaves. Although it likes leaving dotted lines on the green ones up there. Leave my leaf alone! the tree says. But the bug leads a bug’s life; its genes always move it the right way, seemingly operated by remote control: instinct talks and the bug does!

What on earth is this bug’s doing?someone’s complaining here. I guess it’s making a hell out of your holy kitchen garden and judging by your cries, it really sounds as unfortunate as the disgusting discovery of a slug inside a salad bowl!

When the bug is a greenfly, it cares for your roses. Don’t get all hot and bothered about the tedious gardening. Greenflies have a long experience in looking after flowers.

Bugs are more or less visible guests. Take the stink bug, you can’t avoid the smell, right? Headaches are associated with its thoracic gland. Its fame is also the reason why we dislike it. The stink bug numbers among the most repulsive outcasts of the animal kingdom. While we do make subtle perfumes from the polecat’s anal glands, nobody dared yet to fancy a new musk fragrance from this bug’s dreamlike armour. A juicy and ingenious niche remains flagrantly untapped here. A pity, isn’t it?

With the ladybug or ladybird, everyone is unanimous, even the Anonymous Confederation which I rank top one of all hope’s bringers. This pleasant bug enchants the beckoning hand of the child and the only ones to belittle it are the short-sighted Sunday hunters handling a butterfly net.

If you want to catch slugs, the best is to lay a beered trap on the ground. The hops smell like endive to them. If you want to catch a fly, don’t use butter but honey. Sometimes a bear gets trapped, but it’s none of my business, sorry if I’m rude for once!

The best arm against the spiders is to hold them in your arms but don’t befriend the web if you’re a fainting heart…

Where is the bug and what the bug’s like? Grandpa is puzzled and stares at the «Bug’s Bunny» signature left on the screen with «fresh hare for you folks!»

«What’s up doc?» A Daffy Duck in duffel-coat is dancing in Grandpa’s mailbox, aping the bad bunny. What the hell is that? he cries out, sliding a dumbfounded look over his glasses. Welcome to the brave new world of hackers, I said, slipping the pride of the troyan horse’s rider on.

The latter had sent a great deal of spam links to all his contacts and many undelivered messages had first called Grandpa’s attention to the odd thing going on. I browsed the links to figure out the reason for the hoax or the swindling. I launched the websites it led to and the mystery became thicker. No advertising, no commercials, nothing to sell, promote or highlight.

What’s happening to my box? Grandpa’s eyes were bugging out. A clothes moth seemed to fuzz in his brain, smashing him down to the out of order state.

I opened the enigma by shutting the door to the villainous deceit. On the contrary, the mad joker wanted us to open our eyes to the wings of covered deeds in politics. Our governements are rulled from the inside by secret agents. These insiders are called bugs and beetles, depending on what they are expert at. Bugs deal with short-circuiting the Charity Funds and Banking System. Beetles did their utmost to paralyze the non-political organizations. The third species, known through an everchanging code-name which may be dangerous to spread about, heads the operations in the remaining fields.

Please find it to free the countries. End of the secret message, as displayed on a frozen url, to avoid any risk of counter-information.

The enquiry should leave no stones unturned and we need warriors behind the scenes to reveal the TUG, or most probably the GUT through which we are swallowed!

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