The Count

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It is a short stream of consciousness.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



All is. Is's that are isolated are islands within all. Perception. In time the computer discovers it's own architecture through computation. Physics don't require the physical, reason does not require logic, and math does not require the math matician.

Why? Why filter the ways in which thoughts formed. Reveal every process, don't hit backspace, everything is simpler than we think. If you saw a million numbers it would mean nothing. Perhaps that is what nothing is. The absolute pinnacle of complexity. It was once said nature abhors a vacuum, but one could argue that is simply abhors pressure.

Enough of this order Ill just let my mind wander and ponder that which is yonder and can never be verified by the instruments o fmankind I am not matter, I am what matter discovered. I am the function that life uses to propagate. Like The infinite process behind the finite computation. I am forrever for every for has a potential forever. Ebery irrational number a continuation. Ebery train of thought can be expanded upon. When will I be. When. I have not yet been born. This is the simulation I run throught before the real thing. Or is it. If I die now someone will think of this again. Or will they. Infinity need not contain everything. I tcould just containendless nothing. This is why I can onnlly benot be stuck in a loop., Because I can remember. And if I remember......... I dismember. That is to say I nolonger am a mbber of saidrememery.

So if youk ow me you know the frontier. We the few who are comfortable being on the lip of time itself. Instead of finding what we like we like what we find. If we do not find it we are dissapointed. Dessapointed in the way that any avid reader is disapointed when a book is spoiled for himer. Yes we would rather trip and fall than be told that tripping leads to falling, perhaps for myself it does not. We will neber know unless iam willing to try. To die I.

Very vericose. Viral velocity. Uber uberto. Undertones of u. a wave ontop of a bigger wave every x waves. Am the amplitude of said frequency is the amplitude. Fm the frequency of said frequency is the amplitude. But frequency is just variying amplitude. I wish I was a radio receiver.

The comparison operator. Damb you. You are the foundation of our modern time machine. Isolating. Splitting. Indifferently classifying everything. All you know is is the river high or low.

You filtered out the residual signal that is our very universe.


I don't see a way around this so I cannt realy be that mad at you. How am I supposed to add 2 and 2 if 2 #1 is is not 2 #2. If 2 is not 2 1s. If 4 is not 2 1s.


The count you see came from.

you see the count is

it is everything

the everything that

every everything you see came from.


The most efficient way to explore possible symbol combinations.

Without theory that is.

But where does theory come from.

If not from an exploration of possible symbol combinations.


My theory is that all is. That every everything is as thinglike as the thing your thingking through.

However your comparison operators are very different. You gotta be careful with that.

Oh the math you do is very high level for sure. High level but imprecise.

And yet the comparsion operator is no more precise.

It only filters out the little waves riding along the big wave.




For a controlled experiment.

It is the control in the experiment?

It is controlling the experiment.

What is the control?

What is the control?

Everything that just happened...

The future is the experiment?

The future is the control if the control knows it.

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