Gods Away on Business # 2

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one side of conversation, attemting to speak to God, part 2

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014



Gods away on business# 2


“Yes, this is the shift supervisor. How can I help you sir?”


“Well yes he is correct, God is away on business and he can't be disturbed.”


“ Oh I see, you wanted to speak to God but the angel who was speaking to you has said something disturbing. Well what exactley did he say that troubled you,”


“ Well he was correct, there is more than one God. Didn't you not know that?”


“Oh you didnt, yes I see the problem, it can come as a bit of a shock, exactly which religion are you representing sir?”


“Ah yes catholicism, well I do see, you weren't supposed to find out so soon,”


“Well I have to look it up as to when you were to be told, but you could have guessed before you were told, it has happened before.”


“I know there were many religions on Earth with multiple Gods, why your's switched to monotheism, when you were already on the right path is beyond me.”


“Could you tell me exactly what year you are at?”


“ Ah yes 2014, yes that does pose a problem. As I said you were not supposed to find out so soon, its not in the plan.”


“ The Devine Plan , as we like to call it.”


“Yes I apriciate your difficulty”


“ As you say, what you have been teachng for two thousand years is wrong, It does sound like a long time but I asure you in the celestial scale of things its a drop in the ocean, a mere bump in the road, nothing too major.”


“We have several solutions we could offer you. There is the simple memory wipe.”


“ You've got it, we just wipe you memory, that is assuming you have told no one yet, You haven't discussed this with anyone have you sir?“


“ Well then, nothing could be easier, we just wipe your memory, erase and rewind and no one would be any the wiser. The easiest solution I find is usually the best.”


“There are other options, there is one we call the 'visitation'.”


“ We have an angel or what ever spirit is best suited, appear somewhere on your planet and make a pronouncement, a revelation of the truth. It is popular, though it is not without its problems.”


“It may not reach everyone, and those who dont witness the apparation can remain stubbornly sceptical. It has been know to lead to schisms. But with the mass media systems you have everyone should have access to the truth, and as for those who refuse to believe well as they say up here 'You snooze you lose'.”


“ Yes I am aware it is a difficult choice, and I do see your dilema, and I do understand that you would like some devine guidance, but as you were told already and I dont like to repeat myself, Gods away on business.”


“Its really no big deal, things like this happens all the time, we are after all a volunteer organisation, not professional, no one up here is getting paid , so you can't always get the best help and with all the best will in the world, cock ups do happen.”


“Well it has not happened on my shift but I could tell you tales that would curl your hair.”


“ Well the one that springs to mind was the time of the flood, we had to erase on a grand scale, due to a major screw up. I think Noah was the name, he chose the option of mass destruction, though there was some debate up here that it was a bit extreme, thats when we came up with the memory wipe option, more humaine.”


“Well let me see, we could do the memory wipe here and now, the visitation takes a bit longer. There is a lot more to organise. We have a different department, Divine Interventions. For D.I.s we need approval and there is a whole lot of forms to be filled out. We up here prefer the memory wipe, no troublesome reports going on you know whos record.”


“ Of course we keep records, how do you think Gods work can be assesed. Thats how he was nominated for his award.”


“ We are all very proud of his award, we feel its recognition of our service.”


“We can give you a little time but we advise not waiting too long before making a decision.These things have a way of getting out of control and before you know it everything is crazy and some mad beliefs take hold.”


“Yes we can let you sleep on it, say we call you back in twenty four hours.”


“It occcurs to me there is one more option you might consider, Its wild but it has it's merits.”


“Well you could just run with it, let the people know, I mean it's 2014 and all that, you are mature enough I should think.”


“You don't think it's a good idea, well as I said it was just a notion, you know your people best. So we'll er leave it at that and I look forward to hearing back from you in twenty four hours.”


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