uranus two

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story of life on a differnt planet where social rules are changed to our norm

Submitted: January 10, 2014

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Submitted: January 10, 2014



Uranus Two


Uranus two was a joke, a joke name for a joke planet, way out on the outer rim of the galaxy. A burnt out detested deserted mining planet. The favorite joke was when someone called to complain about a delivery of ore being late, threatening, “it was your ass on the line.” The only reply possible was “it's Uranus too.”


When the mines ran out the ships stopped coming. It had no natural food resources, only what could be grown in the hydroponic plants. With limited resources there was a limit to the population. Population growth was set to zero. You could have a kid but someone had to die first and nobody wanted offspring that bad.


If you were dying and wanted a good send off. You could auction off your option to be replaced, you could sell your birthright. Birth control was strict. Women had the say over abortion, so to make it fair men were responsible for contraception. Mess up with that and if a child was born, well someone had to pay.


So after a careless drunken one night stand with a woman who refused to abort, here I was fighting for my life. I was digging deep to find reasons that would sway the court in my favour and let me live and terminate the baby. I didn’t think, “I was raped.” would swing it for me.

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