A Study of Species 615

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Today I caught a fish with my papa.
My papa's been dead for 40 years to the day."

So begins the journal of Robert, a man on a search for a way home. But, to do that, he must confront his past and overcome the pain of a broken heart.

(Note: Editing is still in progress. If you have suggestions, please feel free to contact me at frankrtavares@gmail.com. Your time is much appreciated. Thank you.)

A Study of Species 615

Logging Record, Specimen # 3

Human Log Entry # 1:
Today I caught a fish with my papa.
My papa's been dead for 40 years to the day.
It was a trout, one of those really big ones. We used some leftover chicken from the night before as bait.

I remembered and saw at the same time. The lake stretched across to the base of the small mountain range on the other side. Evergreen trees began to shield the sun’s rays as the last dribbles of light fell out onto the water, reflecting off of the ripples of our rods.

“Dad, why are we fishing?” I asked.

“So we can eat fish for dinner,” he responded, but I saw a flaw in his logic.

“But we could have just eaten the chicken we used to get the fish,”

“Well, son, we had chicken last night, I thought we should try for something different.”

There was a moment of contemplative silence between the two men.

“I think life would be easier if things weren’t different. Like, for example, I ate chicken last night, I liked it, so why would I go try to get something different to eat that I might not like?”

“That’s what’s called risk my boy, it’s the stuff of life.”

“Sometimes I wish we could just keep the life part and skip all the extra stuff…”

The night before, the one where we ate that chicken, my dad told me to make sure I never got cooped up like the rest of the chickens outside, lest I end up in the wrong place at the table.
I didn't eat much that night, but now as I sit here back at that old house with my dad I can't help but think about his words as he's coughing himself to death upstairs. Again.
I don't quite get this time travel stuff either much; so if you’re a bit lost, not to worry, I am too. I guess that's why I'm writing this all down, trying to make sense of it all.  And because they told me to. And so I don't go crazy here... wherever here is anyhow...
Well, there goes my dad. I must attend to him on his deathbed... for the second time.

Human Log Entry # 2:
"Son, go forth." Those were his last words. And, again, I said I would... But this time I knew I was lying. I never went forth and did anything.
I've had no messages from my contact. I guess I'm not the only liar here.

Why did he have to leave so soon? My dad, I mean… I wish I didn’t have so many thinks taken away from me in my life… Can I sleep here? I mean, will it actually rest me? Guess I should try... That's the only way to find out right? Wait, what am I doing? Reliving the past? Going to bed? Settling in? No, I can't give up! I need to get out of here! This already happened. I gotta get out of here...

Human Log Entry # 3:
I think I fell asleep after my last entry. Not quite sure what happened. All I know is that today I went skiing with my son who's now 22. The last time I saw him, he was 4. I somehow traveled to the future... But before that, I remembered something...
A voice, no, a message, or idea... in my head... If I recall anything, I'll write it here:
'We should... the contact'
'No, one more.'
'But the… may... catastrophic... leave!'
‘No… observer… ordered!’

'Wait! Quiet! He's here!'
‘Disrupt… experiment!’

'Quick, ...on!'
That's all I remember. Some of it is just guessing. And I have no idea what it means...

Human Log Entry # 4:
My son is tending to the fireplace. We’re in a cabin up in the mountains. It’s a nice place, though I’m not sure where we are… the Rockies? Alps? Not sure… He’s such a… perfect boy. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a son. He’s very much his own man. Today he insisted that we stay inside and play cards, despite the fact it was perfect weather for skiing. He said it was too ‘keep things fresh’. He seems so… happy. I wonder if I could learn something from him about that whole being happy thing.  But he’s just here… he doesn’t get that this is all some kind of illusion, dream, or something, I don’t know! But just because it’s not real, does that mean I can’t enjoy it?
I need to get some more firewood.

Human Log Entry # 5:
This has been... to much. Crazy. Incredible. So much has happened in the last 24 hours, I don't know how I could explain it all on paper. But I guess I should try. Well, I'll start from the begining. My contact came last night… she was… memorable. Here’s what happened:
I went to sleep… but it felt more like waking up. I found myself in a completely black space. I wasn’t floating, but I wasn’t standing either. Some kind of limbo. Then, from far away, a blonde woman, most likely in her early 30’s, was coming toward me. She was dressed completely in white.
“Hello, Robert, it’s nice to see you. I’m your contact. Remember, they said I would come some time soon when we first brought you in?”
“Yes, somewhat. I don’t quite remember that all very well.”
“That’s fine, not to worry. We thought you might have some questions. We hope you are enjoying yourself.”
“Where am I? Why do I keep seeing things from my past… and future? Who are you… who are the people who put me here? And when can I go home?”

“You are in a safe place. What you see is simply what is within you. I am… well, you may call me Risa.”
She smiled. She had blue eyes. I had just notice.
“So, is that it, Risa?” I may have sounded a bit too aggressive, but her response fell quite short of ‘answers’.
“That’s it for now. Unless you have anything else to ask?”
“You still didn’t tell me when I can go home.”
“You can go home when you know where your home is.”
“Wait, what? I know where my home is…”
She was moving further and further away from me.
I felt myself falling, but in no particular direction.
And then I woke up.

When I awoke, the first thing I saw was a plain white ceiling. I was on a double bed with white sheets and pillows. I turned to the side and found a girl’s face in the pillow next to me. I remembered this. I remembered it even though it was the one memory I wish I could eradicate.
I heard a nearby door open suddenly. A man rushed in, and stopped, surprised to see me.

I lifted my head from my pillow. The sun was shining through the white curtains from the glass doors.
“What are you doing here?” I yelled. I knew exactly why he was here.
“What are you doing here?” the man retorted.
“I’m in a hotel room with my wife, John, it’s our anniversary.”
The girl woke up and rose from the bed. “Oh no…”
I turned to look at her… get one last look... but no, what? She was different… she was… she was Risa!
“What? Risa! What are you…?”
“Oh, c’mon, let’s get outta here, get it over with! I hate this sneaking around,” said the man.
“What? But… I can’t… I can’t just leave him!” said Risa.
“What’s going on?” I exclaimed.
“I’ll tell you what’s going on, me and my honey-pie are gonna go out and have a nice day. You see, she’s been seeing me for a while. And now I guess is when I can finally get rid of you!”
“What? You tell me every day about how boring this push-over is. C’mon, tell him, here and now. Let’s get this over with…”

“What did you tell him?” I demanded.

“Oh Rob, I love you, you know that! It’s just that—”

At that, I exploded.

“Just what? Am I not good enough for you? Do I not work out enough for you? Do I not where the right cloths? I’m sorry if you don’t like me, but then why did you marry me? Why? Just to give me some kind of hope? No, that’s much to kind for you. I was just a means to an end. You thought: ‘Hey, here’s a sucker to get some food on the table with me. While he’s away I’ll just go and have a love affair with some exotic man to keep things interesting!’ Is that it? Am I not interesting enough? Am I to ordinary? I’m sorry if—”

“Shut up, Robert, if you know what’s good for you!” called John. A moment of silence hung for a second.
John yanked Risa out of bed and pushed her out the door. I ran up to try and grab her.
“Just a sec, honey, I have something to clean up in here. Rob, you’ve had this coming at you for years.”
As I ran up, he pulled back his overly large fist and swung it right into my jaw. I fell to the ground, flashed in and out of focus, and then completely blacked out.

When I opened my eyes I was driving a car down a highway. It was dark out and the clock on the dashboard said it was 7:21pm. I swerved a bit, almost crashing, at first, before I realized what was quite going on. An exit sign was coming up. Instead of a street name, though, the words ‘TURN HERE’ were printed in large letters. I followed, more out of lack of energy to rebel after my tantrum from what seemed moments ago. Through a series of such signals, I came upon a familiar house. I parked on the curb, went up to the door, and rang the doorbell. The sound of someone shuffling keys came from behind the door, and in a few moments it was open. I wasn’t surprised to find that I had been here before. But this time, it wouldn’t be the same.
“Well, hey, Rob, welcome, come on in!” He held out his hand as he ushered me in. I ignored it and walked straight through the entrance hallway to the living room area.
“Well aren’t you going to shake my hand?” He called, but I was already ahead of him. I’d been here before, too.
In the living room, I found Risa sitting. She stood, sending me a stern look, which softened as soon as John came in.
“Well, Rob, this is my girlfriend, the one I was telling you about. Her name’s Nancy.”
“Nancy Gale.” I said.
“Yes, have you two met?”
“No, I don’t believe we have,” said Risa, again, staring at me warningly.
I walked up to her, and asked, pointing upward, “Risa, why are they doing this to me? Ah!”
Suddenly, a sharp pain sliced across the back of my neck.
John said, “No, Rob, I don’t think you have met.”
“You’re not John. And that’s not Nancy over there either. And this isn’t your home! I don’t know where the hell it is, but is not your home!”
Risa came over and put her hands on my shoulders. “Oh, Robert, why don’t we just relax and go outside? Look up at the moon, enjoy the breeze, don’t you remember? Can’t you remember the night we first met?”

I pushed her hands away from me.
“But this isn’t the night we first met, and you’re not Nancy, and he’s not John. Can’t you— Ah!”
A piercing pain scorched my mind. It was like an earsplitting headache, but ten times worse. I fell to my knees.
“Oh, Robert, stop! Just remember, do what you remember! If you do that everything will be all right.”
I was screaming in pain. But I remembered trying to say, “But—it’s not—real—”.
My vision was faltering again. One last scream, and then total blackness.

The next thing I felt was rain pouring on my shoulders.
“Get up, soldier, what’s your face doing in the mud?”
I lifted my face up. I saw a group of young soldiers clad in military uniform completing an obstacle course.
“Get up, I said! Lieutenant Robert Browning, get up to perform your duties!”
I was back in boot camp. Back in hell.
My commanding officer shot a bullet into the heavens.
“Get up this instant or I will report this to the Colonel!”
I got up and walked a few feet.
“So this is what you do, huh? I don’t play your game, you send me somewhere like here? That’s it?”
A fork of lightning hit dangerously close.
“What you doing now, soldier? Talking to yourself? Get a move on!”
I was tired of hearing this guy nag me. I tensed my arm muscles and felt the strength I had of a younger time.
I walked up to him and gave him a punch in the face. Not the best idea. In a moment, I was on the ground being beat to the floor. Suddenly, in the distance, I saw a flash of blonde hair. But… how? She wasn’t here, she wasn’t ever here. Then again, she wasn’t even really Nancy.
I pushed the man off me and sprinted to where I saw her. I couldn’t see her anymore, but I kept running.
Suddenly, from behind, I heard a shot. Two shots.

“Nancy!” I called. Then, I fell to the ground and my eyes shut for the fifth time.

I slowly opened my eyes. Risa was standing over me, a beacon of light in a void of dark. This was the same place I went when I first met her. I was on the ground and felt as if a train had just run through me.
“Why… why are you appearing as my wife?” I asked.
“What are you talking about?” She gave me a look of total confusion, “Come on, we need to go fast.”
She pulled me up to my feet. I was weak all over, but managed to keep myself up.
She turned away from me and snapped her fingers. Instead of being a black void, suddenly there came a blinding light, and Risa’s garments turned black.
She reached out her hand and pulled back. Suddenly, she opened what appeared to be a completely white door leading into a narrow grey hallway.
“Where did that come from?” I asked.
“It was there all along,” she said with a smile.
She pulled me through the threshold. A damp breeze rushed in. The walls around me were all a jagged grey rock.
“We have to move fast, before they realize what we’re doing.”
“And what are we doing?”
“Escaping,” she said, a twinkle in her eyes.

“But from wh—”
I felt faint all of a sudden. I grabbed the wall for support. The material was that unlike any I had ever felt before. It felt almost… living…

The stench of split coffee filled my nose. My face was flat on an old grey carpet. I lifted my head and saw a rubbery red couch. In front of it was a cane. I attempted to get up, but found I was too frail to do so. I tried again. Three times. I saw the cane, but knew I didn’t need it. Yet, I gave in. I picked up the cane. And got up, shaking.
A glass coffee table showed me my reflection. I was much older then I last remembered. Balding white hairs and large, droopy wrinkles tattered my worn face. I had had one of my shifts in time again.
A knock came at the door.
“Hello, Robert, it’s me.”
“What do you want?”
“It’s time to pay up, Robert, I’ve been more than generous in giving you time…”
“What? No, it’s you, John, isn’t it? Why do you keep coming up? Get away!”
He opened the door and entered anyway.
“Get out of my house!”
“What makes you think it’s really your house? You just appeared a few seconds ago.”
A tense silence covered the room.
“Well, as it turns out, it was your house. And your mortgage hasn’t been paid. You want to know why?”
“Why, John? Why?” I asked sarcastically.
“Because you’re an old man, a very old man whose dreams have all escaped him. No job, no family. This little house is all you have left, and it’s about to go away. You’re a failure.”
“No, no, you’re wrong! I had… I had a life! A son, a wife—“
“A wife who’s now dead.”
“She… she took her own life, after you left her.”
“I left her? You blame me?”
“Yes, I blame you!” His face was red with blinding anger. “If she had never met you, we could have stayed happy together, none of this could have happened.”
“What are you talking about? You took everything I had away from me! She was my wife, remember?”
“Your wife… hm… or that’s what you thought. You’re right. I am taking away everything you have. It’s a simple concept called revenge, Rob. And so far, I seem to be doing pretty well. I have a job at a prestigious bank, and what do you have? You are a failure.”
At this, I lunged at him, as fast as my old body could. I’m not sure what happened, but I ended up on the floor with a fist in my face.

“Robbie… Robbie? Is that you?” A voice said in my head. “Robbie, come with me, please!”
It was Nancy, I tried to cry out to her, but my voice couldn’t move.
“Robbie, please come with me, please… Rob… Rob…” she said as her voice trailed out.

“Robert? Robert, are you there? Robert?”
I opened my eyelids and found two blue eyes staring up at me.
“Yes, it’s me. You’ve been out for hours, I’ve been carrying you.”
“What? But it was just a few moments.”
“Time is paced differently in the Nexus.”
“The what?”
“No time to explain, we have to keep moving.”
I was back in the grey corridor. But further along it. I could no longer see where we came from we came.
“What is this place?” I asked.
The sound of heavy footsteps came from the distance.
“Shh!!” she whispered. She focused in on the sound, and after a moment seemed to reach a conclusion.
“We have to run. Now.”
She grabbed my hand and started to run. I followed close behind, going as fast as I could, while still in shock. The footsteps behind us were coming faster. The hallway was curving to the right, but then suddenly took a sharp left. We continued moving through the maze of corridors and hallways, taking several turns, meeting many forks in the road. It seemed Risa knew where she was going, and so I held onto her hand as if it was my lifeline, which it probably was.
Suddenly, Risa stopped and faced one of the walls. She put her hands on it and suddenly part of the wall disappeared, revealing a small room. She pushed me in and followed. As she entered, the wall went back to where it was before. Outside, we could hear the metal boots stop. Risa was breathing lightly, holding up a finger to signal silence to me. There was something about her… I couldn’t quite place it. Something I hadn’t felt since…
The footsteps continued, but then stopped suddenly. They must have been in front of us.

“Wait, I’m getting something,” a gruff voice called, followed by the crackle of what sounded like some kind of walkie-talkie or radio.

“The observer’s calling the chase off.”

“What? We’ve been running around here for nothing?” a second voice called.

“Don’t question the observer, keep moving!”

The marching continued, but fading out, not in. After a few more moments, Risa let out a huge sigh and tensed her body for the first time since we had started our escape.
“Okay, before we go on, I want some answers. I want to know what’s going on!”
“Fine, fine, we’re safe here. But the answers I give you will only bring up more questions.”
“It’s okay, I can’t be any more lost than I am right now.”
“Well… where to start… What do you remember from before you came… here?”
“Some agents from the government asked if I wanted to be a part of some sort of… test… said something about sending a contact… and then, that’s it, the next thing, I was sitting on a river bank and my dead father was next to me.”
“Well, that wasn’t the government, I’ll tell you that. It was the people that live here.”
“And where exactly is… here?”
“I wish I knew. All I know is that it’s sure not Earth… But I do know something about seeing your dead father. That room you were in, the one that’s all black?”
“That’s the center of the Nexus.”
“Why can’t you just use words I can understand? What’s a Nexus?”
“The Nexus is a kind of multi-dimensional field which one’s thoughts, dreams, fears, past, and future shape the reality all around you. It takes the things you want to see the most, and the things you want to see the least, and puts you in the middle of those situations.”
“You mean… everything I saw, I lived, it was all just in my head? Like, from my head?”
“Yeah, that’s right… though it’s possible some of the people you experienced it with could have been one of them.”
“You were there. Appearing as my… wife… Did you go in too?”
“No, Rob, no I didn’t…” Even in the dark, I could see her blush slightly.
“So where do we go from here? Wherever here is…”
“I’ve figured out a way to get out of the complex, there’s a series of chambers that lead to a kind of back exit. But, I need someone else to open the door. That’s where you come in.”
“To open the door?” I laughed a little. Now she was blushing for sure, but I think for a different reason now.
“It’s a complicated door, you’ll see when we get there.”
“Okay, so how do we get to this back door?”
“Well, it’s actually pretty close. Behind here, a door opens up to the Nexus chamber, which wraps around this whole thing, and on the other end there’s the exit.”
“Wait, I thought we just came from the Nexus-thing’s chamber?”
“Oh no, the actual Nexus is a ribbon of pure energy. It’s kept here underground in a perfect circle that surrounds the entire facility. The room you were in is in the exact center of that circle. The actual Nexus is much too unpredictable and dangerous to use directly, though no one knows exactly what would happen if one did. In the room, they can have better control over factors such as time and space. Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard.”
“Who are them?”
“Not sure about that either. I was brought here a bit before you, so I don’t know much more than you. But I think they were here before us. They live here. They were the ones who asked me to come and talk to you.”
“What do they want with us?”
“I think only god knows that…”
“Well, all the more reason to get out of here.”
“Yeah, the Nexus room is just here.”
Risa walked to the opposite wall we came in from, placed her hands on it, and, as before, the wall disappeared. But instead of revealing another corridor or small room, it revealed one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.
The room structure looked like the inside of one of those particle accelerator tubes, circular, and very wide and very tall, almost like a pipeline. But in the middle of the structure, instead of microscopic elements or sewage, was a red ribbon of dancing light, suspended in mid-air. I’m not quite sure why, but just looking at it made me feel… joyful. More joyful than anything else in the world. Pure joy.
I took a step toward it. I wanted to touch it…
Risa put her arm out in front of me and gave me a hard stare. I understood.
We moved forward into the chamber. We hugged close to the left wall in an attempt to stay away from the mesmerizing ribbon of energy in front of us. The next hours dibbled by like molasses. Between shuffling sideways trying to make the best of the room given and not accidentally falling into who knows what, there wasn’t time for much talking. My nerves were insanely high, sweat coming down my neck. And I was cold, very cold. The only warmth was that which radiated from the Nexus, whose red glare eerily bounced off the surrounding walls. None of this eased my comfort, and from what I could tell, Risa was feeling the same way. That scared me. She was the only person who I met down here at all. She was my lifeline… but even then, I could feel that she was something more.
“Do you hear that humming?” Risa called.
“No, I don’t… wait, yes, yes, I hear it a bit now. It seems to be getting closer, doesn’t it?”
A red glow was coming from around the corner.
“Run, Rob, run!” Risa said, as she started screaming and turning the other way. I instantly started running back the way we came. The hum now sounded like an electric cackle. I saw Risa run ahead of me. She was quite a fast runner. I wondered if she had ever had any experience with it. She turned around to signal to me to hurry up. In her beautiful blue eyes, I could see a terror unlike any other I’ve ever seen in another human face.
I’m not sure what happened, but the next thing I knew my face was on the floor. I sat up and turned around just in time to see a massive web of energy pushing toward me. It was the Nexus, somehow it had fluctuated, becoming much larger than normal.
It enveloped me. And it was pure joy. Like I had just slid into a warm bathtub. I closed my eyes and found peace. Serenity. Nothing else really mattered, just this feeling of perfection. I could almost feel the snow that covered my heart melting, freeing me of all the disappointment my years had brought me. I was safe, I was here. And this is where I would stay.

I opened my eyes. I found myself sitting in a dimly lit cabin, by a fire place. I could hear the wind whistling outside a tune of sorrow that I could no longer understand. The leather cushion was a shade of light brown, complimenting the wallpaper of the room. Warmth from the fire calmed me. Everything was okay.

A small voice behind me said, “Papa, dinner is ready and mama wants me to tell you to come to the table! There’s a special surprise for you!”

I just turned and smiled, with a nod. “I’ll be there in a moment.” I got up slowly, calmly. The wood frame structure of the cabin was adorned with intricate designs, the most complex of which covered an archway into the dining room.

I followed my son to the dinner table. Nancy was there. And my son, my older one. We were a family of four. A checkered tablecloth was draped over a simple wooden table, with four chairs surrounding it. On the table was a juicy turkey, with gravy and mashed potatoes, everything I could have wanted. I sat down at my place. Next to my wife. My Nancy.

“Dad, it’s so great to see you!” My older son said. “I’ve been working very hard at University, I’m well on my way to becoming an astronomist.”

“That’s my boy!” Nancy smiled when I said that.

“It’s so great to see you again.” She took my hands in hers. I looked into her blue eyes… Risa… wait, what?

“Papa! Papa! Look at what I can do!” Yelled my younger son, as he made a smiley face in his mashed potatoes. I loved him. I loved them all. They were so perfect, all too perfect.

Dinner ended and the boys went into the kitchen to get dessert ready.

“I know what you’re feeling,” said Nancy, “but it’s okay, you’re here now, with us. You can stay with us.”

“I always will.” I said. But somewhere inside, I knew I was lying.

Suddenly, a gust of wind entered and a door slammed. Someone had entered the cabin. I walked out through the archway into the living room and found Risa standing in front of me.

“I’m here to take you back. Out of here.”

“No, no. I’ve found my home. This is it. I don’t want to leave. I can’t leave.”

“Who’s she?” called Nancy, who just came into the room from the dinner table.

“No one, dear. Everything’s okay.” I gave her a kiss on the forehead. She smiled. Tears were welling up inside of me because I knew what I had to do.

“Risa, why? Why can’t we just stay here? And live?”

“Because… this isn’t real. How could you live a life like that?”

“But it’s so perfect here. It’s lovely.”

“Too perfect,”

The boys came in, obviously hearing the commotion.

The youngest one said, “Daddy’s going away again, isn’t he?”

“Yes, dear, I believe he is,” said Nancy, a tear dripping down her cheek.

“Nancy, I’m so so sorry… But… I wish I could, but I can’t… I can’t keep pretending to live my life. Like I have all these years. No more… playing house. I don’t know where I am, where I’m going, or if you even remember anything from… before, but that wasn’t living. That was dying, just counting the days until I finally fell asleep forever, wasting my days lamenting over my losses, like a child. A broken heart is no reason to have a broken life. Or an imaginary one. I have to make up for all the time I’ve lost, and live before it’s too late. It’s the only way to have anything worth remembering.”

“But you’ll be back soon,” she said with a tearful smile.

“Yes, I’ll be back soon, sweetheart.” One last kiss. One last hug. One last look. And that was all.
Risa took me outside, out into the cold snowy winter, and we walked. We walked until the ground and sky were all one mass of white. We walked until the end of the universe and back. We walked for an eternity and a second. We walked until we closed our eyes and found ourselves where we belonged.


I opened my eyes to the beam of the Nexus. We were both lying directly under the ribbon, now simply at normal fluctuations. Slowly, finding the rhythm of our muscles again, we carefully stood up, moving to one side of the Nexus beam.

“We’re almost there,” said Risa.

We walked for a few more minutes, just about half an hour, in total silence, until Risa stopped. She turned to the curved wall and placed both her hands on it. As before, the wall simply disappeared. I wondered where it went. Perhaps there’s a gigantic wall that all walls become a part of when they disappear, all coming together to stand there. And think that they can be seen when they really aren’t anywhere at all. Another thing that puzzled me was what Nancy said, back at the Nexus. That I’d be coming back soon… That scared me. I’m not sure why, but it does.
Risa walked into the proceeding room. I followed.

“This is it. This is the exit room,” said Risa.
It was very small, almost a perfect square. The wall that we just passed through came back, shutting out almost all light. But on the wall opposite, a faint glow of sunlight crept in from what appeared to be a dark-tainted window.

“We’re here,” I said. I put my hands in my pockets. It’s an old habit for when I’m extremely satisfied over something. And that’s when I felt this journal I was given to record all of this. I hadn’t written in it since I had seen Risa for the first time.

“Hey, look at what I found! Do you mind if I just finish it up, write in everything since my last entry? Maybe if we leave it here it’ll help someone else stuck down here escape.”

“Sure, just be quick about it. I’m ready to get the hell out of here.”

And so that’s when I wrote all this down. The plan from here-on-out is that me and Risa get this door open, there’s some kind of complicated two-person lock, and… well, just make it up from there really. I guess at first I thought I was looking for home, but, I think I just realized something. Right now, I’m looking up at her, Risa, and, I am home, I guess. I’ve found it. I’m not quite sure why… but it’s something about Nancy. I feel like if there’s anything left of her that’s reachable, it’s buried in there. Or maybe I’m just crazy. But, it’s like what she said back when she was my ‘contact’ or whatever, “You can go home where you know where your home is.” And somehow, I have found it. Right here. With her.

Observer’s Ending Notes:


Specimen has been enlightening of human behaviors.

The choice of memories in the controlled Nexus simulation highlighted relative relations, such as father and wife, specifically, the demise of both.

Additionally, the specimen’s choice to leave the raw Nexus state, a paradise created for him with his own thoughts, proved extremely illogical. Why would a life form wish to return to an improbable, unknown situation that has so far proved of little comfort when in comparison to the closest thing to a living heaven? Hopefully an explanation will be found in the specimen’s log.
Regarding the specimen and his companion, despite the strong relationship they have attached to each other, they are impractical to keep in continued use and are currently being exterminated by toxic gases that are being injected into the ‘exit room’, as the specimen so calls it. A collector will be sent to retrieve specimen’s log entries, which can now be seen above.

This record finalizes our study of species 615, also reffered to as humans, with the last of three subjects now disposed of in the conclusion that humans are a highly irrational, overemotional race with no bright future ahead of them.
It is no wonder they still have not managed to reach into the Interplanetary Space Community by this time.

To conclude in Earth terms,

The End.

Submitted: July 11, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Frank Tavares. All rights reserved.

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