Connotations of Forgotten Lives

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Part of a group of poems I have written recently to be compiled into a book along with some poems of a friend of mine.

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011




Connotations of Forgotten Lives, by Frank Tavares


A sun rises. An eye opens.

A flower blooms. A seed closes.

A mind awakes. A bird’s wings stop forever.


A pair of legs walk. A tree’s roots fall down.

A bear learns to sneer. A boy learns to cry.

Water begins to fall. A river starts to flow.


A dandelion’s seeds take wing. A peacock spreads his feathers.

An apple starts to fall. A heart begins to leap.

A boat launches from a shore. A satellite shows us a moon.


A wrinkle reaches a brow. A snow covers spring.

A window is closed. A spider-web grows.

A pen falls from hand. A book is shipped.


A key is dropped. A door is closed.

A mind unravels like strings. A string is pulled to hard.

A golden afternoon begins. An ocean tide pulls out.


A petal falls. A wind picks up.

A bird takes flight. A window opens.

An eye closes. A sun sets.

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