The creepers den

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A short survival story based on two friends and survival. inspired by minecraft WICH I DONT OWN.

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



Brogan paced back and forth across my room trying to find out what to do with me. He was outraged. Apparently I was outside at night trying to hunt for some pigs when suddenly Brogan came running outside telling me to get the hell back inside. Brogan was my guardian after my parents died, due to a fire caused by some greifer in the village. It quickly spread and got to our little den. My brother and I were able to escape because our rooms were closest to the door. But unfortunately my parents were trapped inside their little room and died from the smoke. After the fire Brogan found us while scavenging for food. We were looking through the remains of our house trying to find what we can. My bow and arrows somehow survived the fire everything else was burned to ashes. Brogan found us sitting in the ruins and felt sorry for us so he took us home with him his village wasn’t very big at all and we got used to it pretty fast. Ever since then Brogan fed us took care of us and put a roof over our heads. We weren't allowed to hunt outside becauseThere were legends of creatures, monsters roaming the outside at night the only reason I believed was because one time I was outside hunting and saw a figure….It looked at me and I looked at it. It was unnaturally tall with arms almost touching the ground I kept looking at this thing thinking that I must be going crazy but it all seemed too real. I rubbed my eyes looked at the hill were it was standing but it was gone. I started to head back to the village but I saw it again…this time right in front of me just five feet away it was shaking, trembling its whole body was just shaking. I got uneasy and started to run. I ran right into the forest and when I thought I was safe, I turned to the side threw up all over a tree and passed out.When I Woke up the sun was shining right in my face. ‘’Must be morning.’’ I said to myself quietly and stood up. I turned and started to head toward the village when two thing happened.

One I remembered what happened last night……that thing in the hill. Tall….some sort of silky texture, pitch black, green eyes no mouth. And very long limbs. I trembled just thinking about it. The second thing that happened was, I just realized I was lost. I looked around but all I could see was trees…. I was lost in the forest with my only bow and about a dozen arrows. I cursed at myself I could be so foolish last night what the hell was I thinking?! Well there was nothing I could due about it so I might as well just get a move on. The first thing to do: find a river. With a river I could get some water and maybe find my way out of the forest. I started walking south. I walked a couple of miles when suddenly out of nowhere came a person running out in my direction. My first instinct point an arrow to him. he came within a few towards me and stopped. ‘’you….Don’t….wan to……. Do that.’’ he said between breaths. ‘’why not?’’ ‘’because I can help you’’ now I became surprised why would a stranger want to help me if I’m pointing a bow to them? ‘’How do you know I need help!?’’ I blurted out. ‘’Well you do look rather ghastly, your cloths are tattered and you smell like a pig man. I lowered my bow ‘’follow me.’’ he said and sprinted off. I had no choice but to follow so I did the same.We sprinted through the forest dodging trees and boulders, until we finally came to a clearing. Within the clearing there was a medium sized village with people and kids running about. The villager led me into an empty house and sat me down. ‘’so umm…what your name?’’ ‘’Francisco……how about yours?’’ ‘’ Isreal but you can call me izzy.’’ ‘’Well then I guess you can call me frank.’’ We both chuckled ‘’so were are you from?’’ I told him were I was from and how I got here I told him I had a brother and my parents died. I told him everything that’s happened for the past few years. Just like that, A friendship started.Izzy let me sleep in for the night. He didn’t have any parents either. No one knows how they died, or if they ARE dead for that matter. We had a lot in common we both had brothers our parents were both dead but he lived alone with his brother Joshua. I woke up at about midnight because I had heard a *Bang Bang Bang Bang* at the door I wondered what was making the sound so I went to the front door to check the door *BANG BANG BANG BANG* it got louder. When I reached the door Izzy was holding it back with all his force and, the windows were shuttered with iron bars the glass was broken and the were pale fingers clutching the bars ‘’What the hell going on!?’’ I exclaimed. ‘’Happens…..every……night’’ he said grunting. I moved him away from the door and covered it quickly with some shelves. I made him sit down and tell me what was going on. ‘’happens every night. They start to come out at about this time.’’ ‘’BUT WHAT IS IT!?’’ I shouted out angrily . He sighed ‘’ They are hordes of monsters, creepers, undead, pretty much just monsters……….and the most feared….’’. ‘’which are….??’’ I continued. ‘’There called Endermen…….scariest bastards you’ll ever see….’’. ‘’yes but what exactly are they?’’. ‘’We don’t know there just….there……there tall….black……skinny….just don’t ever look at them..’’ the appearance of the endermen reminded me of that thing in the hill. ‘’yeah endermen……..’’ I said mysteriously, and went to bed. I lay down on my bed trying to go to sleep when there was a really loud noise. *BANG BANG SNAP* I jumped out of bed and raced to the door. It was snapped in half and shelves were battered and out of place. Hordes of monsters came swarming in. Most of them were pale with, tattered clothes and greasy hair. I stood there shocked until one of them lunged at me. It felt cold ,wrinkly and it was trying to bight any exposed part of my body. I pushed it off me and made a run for the room Izzy followed me. Joshua was already there with his hands over his ears and his head down on the bed I grabbed my bow and arrows and started to shoot them by the dozens.

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