Darkness of Nicky the Clown

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Timothy, a 16 year-old boy, wakes up in the middle of nowhere with no recollection how he got there. He remembers being stalked. He remembers people dying. He remembers the face of Nicky the killer clown. And Nicky wants to have some fun

"One-two, I'm coming for you
Three-four, better lock your door
Five-six, I know some tricks
Seven-eight... accept your fate"

Submitted: May 26, 2014

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Submitted: May 26, 2014



Timothy woke up in the middle of woods with no recollection of how he got there. He was sitting leaning against a pine and hugging his backpack. He was cold and started to shiver so he put his arms under his T-shirt to get warm. Timothy turned his head and looked around. It seemed to be an early morning and he could barely see anything. His feet were freezing and he couldn’t feel his toes in his wet tennis shoes. For a moment he felt really scared and got up. The backpack fell to the ground. As soon as he stood up Timothy realized his knee was injured and he almost crumbled down from the pain. It had been bleeding and it definitely had taken a hard blow. Timothy pulled his hands from underneath his T-shirt and picked up the backpack which was almost empty but had something heavy inside. He needed to get warm so he looked for a piece of clothing inside the bag, but he couldn’t see anything. His fingers felt something metallic and cold, and quickly moved on to find what appeared to be a pair of socks. There were also some papers in the way, but he didn’t bother with checking them out. Timothy pulled out the socks and swung the backpack on his shoulder. As he did it, the metallic thing inside slammed against his back. Tim wore the pair of socks on his hands, crossed his arms and started stumbling forwards to get warm. He had no idea where he was and why was he wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

As the 16 year-old walked through the woods he finally started to regain some sensation in his feet. The knee hurt really bad and he was starting to get hungry. The sun was slowly rising giving some colour to the dark labyrinth of trees he was walking through. Tim’s stomach growled and he looked down. Cold waves of fear washed over him as only now he saw that he had blood stains on his jeans and the front of his T-shirt. His arms were covered in scratches and dried patches of blood that clearly wasn’t his. He panicked and started to rub his arms with his sock-covered hands. Some of the blood came off, but most of it kept to his skin. Timothy didn’t understand. What in the heavens had happened to him? Why was he in the woods? And why was he covered in blood?

He rubbed his arms until the scratch marks started to bleed and fell to his knees ignoring the pain. It was still a bit dark but he couldn’t stop looking at his arms and clothes that were covered in blood. His hands were shaking. How could’ve this happen? Whose blood is it? Why can’t I remember? There were many questions on Timothy’s mind but he couldn’t think of any answers. Suddenly he heard a voice from behind. It was a whisper. A loud whisper almost like a laugh: “You killed them.” Timothy turned sharply but didn’t see anyone. He looked for someone who could have been hiding behind trees, but no one seemed to be there. The same jolly voice whispered from away: “You killed them all!” Timothy jumped up and looked around but couldn’t see anyone. He was more afraid than before. “Show yourself!” – He yelled but no one responded.

Timothy had no intension of staying there so he started to run. With each step his knee flared in pain and the backpack painfully bounced against his back. Tim took it off and clutched it in his arms. Soon he felt the shape of the metal object in the backpack and had an unstoppable urge to see what it was. He slowed down and opened the bag to find a blood stained tomahawk. Suddenly he had a flashback. It was like remembering a dream. The memory was surreal and hard to believe.  Before his eyes Timothy saw his hands banging on his neighbour’s door. There was blood on them. He remembered as he was running through woods in the middle of the night towards emergency lights and then an image that shocked him the most – someone throwing a tomahawk directly in an officer’s face. He wanted to drop the axe right there but something stopped him. The grip was good. The axe was well balanced and somehow felt good in his hand like it belonged there. Timothy ran his thumb along the blade and scratched off a little bit of blood. He looked around and lowered the axe. It might come in handy. He wasn’t sure if he was alone in the woods so he looked around and carried on.

Timothy had been walking all day taking short breaks to rest his legs. He was getting lightheaded from hunger and thirst. The day was quite warm and he was sweating. Tim saw a clearing in front of him and hurried there. He saw a small town downhill just about an hour’s walk away and happily started his way down. The clearing soon ended and once more he was in woods, but at least now he knew where to go. As he stumbled down the hill Tim came by a small stream. He was so thirsty he didn’t care whether or not the water was good to drink. He plunged his hands in the stream and splashed the water on his face. It was refreshing and smelled of stone like it really came from the depths of the earth. He took a few sips and laughed delightfully. Once he’d calmed his thirst he washed the blood of his arms and neck. Timothy took off his shirt and wore it inside out to hide the blood stains. Luckily his jeans were dark and once he had smudged the stains with water and rubbed some sand over them they just looked dirty. He washed the tomahawk and put it in his backpack. He felt ready to go into the nearby town.

It was a small town and the only store he saw was already closed. Timothy looked for a gas station but couldn’t find one. There were just a few people in the streets and no one seemed to notice him. He stumbled down the streets looking for a place to eat and saw a pub. There was no one at the door so he got in.

There was a long wooden bar with red stools on the side, a few round tables in the middle and a stage in the far end. Most of the seats were taken and people were facing the musicians enjoying their performance and cheering for them. Timothy made his way to the bartender and asked if they served food. The bartender was an older man who carelessly pointed at a menu behind him and nodded. Tim ordered chicken with fries and gave away the last of his money. He sat at the bar as far from the stage as possible. Not because he didn’t like the music, he just didn’t want to sit between strangers. When the bartender served him the chicken and fries Timothy felt happier than ever. He forgot all about the wandering through woods or anyone around him. At that moment his whole world was on that plate and he enjoyed it to the last bite.

When he was finished Tim turned to face the stage and leaned against the bar. He looked around the room and noticed a blonde girl who was sitting at a table with another girl and three men. She was sort of dancing to the music and laughing with her friends and Tim found her very beautiful. He couldn’t stop staring at her until she looked over and Timothy awkwardly turned away. Once more he turned his head to see her still looking at him. He felt so ashamed he nailed his eyes to the floor. As the band started another song he got more comfortable at the bar staring at the bottles stacked in a shelf in front of him. The girl was on his mind so he occasionally peered over imagining himself going over and talking to her, but every time he returned to the stacked bottles. Timothy really wanted to tell her that she was beautiful, but he got more and more anxious about it. Once more he looked over and saw another guy walk to the table and introduce himself. He looked confident and fun and he was already sitting down next to the girl Timothy liked. From the very start they seemed to hit it off laughing and goofing around and Tim just grinded his teeth knowing that he had missed his chance. Tim had no place to go so he just wanted to stay in the pub for as long as possible. He really appreciated the warm cosy bar with good music and some food in his stomach so he had no intension of going out to spend another cold night in the woods. Unfortunately the guy chatting up his dream girl really brought him down.

They were laughing, touching each other’s shoulders and whispering to one another all the time. The couple got more and more friendly and it hurt Timothy to see them together. The girl opened her purse, took out her lip gloss and with a flirty look slowly applied it. She bit her bottom lip and smiled seductively at the stranger who seemed to enjoy it. He then pointed at her lip gloss and said something. The girl laughed and looked for something in her purse. She got out a red lip liner, put her one hand behind the guy’s neck and drew a wide smile over his mouth and cheeks. She coloured it with red lipstick and they both laughed. Although Timothy couldn’t see the man’s face very well they seemed to be having lots of fun and Tim could only wish he could make such a fool out of himself and do what this guy was doing. She took out a small container and gently powdered her friend’s face. He gave some advice and the girl agreed. She took eyeliner and drew two vertical lines across each eye from the middle of his forehead to his cheeks. Tim stared at them and felt really confused. What the hell were they doing? The girl then commanded the guy to close his eyes, wiped off her lip gloss and applied some red lipstick. She put her hands on his knee and leaned closer to his face. She gave him an intense and long kiss on the nose and then they both smiled. He gently pulled her closer and they kissed. He whispered something in her ear afterwards and she nodded. They stood up. The girl said goodbye to her friends at the table and put on her jacket. The man put his arm around her and grabbed her by the hip pulling her closer. She giggled and met his gesture with an embrace. As they turned and started walking to the exit the man made a direct eye contact with Timothy and grinned. They had met before. Timothy knew exactly who the man was and froze with fear in sight of him. He had seen the same painted face in the woods by his house and in his back yard. His memory was cloudy before, but now he remembered what had happened. This creepy looking face had been in his house. It had chased him into the woods. It had killed his neighbours. And now it slowly walked by sending chills down Timothy’s spine almost making him throw up once the couple had gone outside.

Tim couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. Shivers ran through his body biting every nerve. His eyes were wide open and his face was pale. Why is this happening? Suddenly he realized that the girl who just left is in grave danger and she doesn’t even know it! Tim wanted to run outside and chase them down, warn the girl of the monster she was with and fight off the creep. But how would he possibly do that? That bastard killed so many of his neighbours proving he was psychotic and dangerous. Tim dug for an answer in his desperate mind but couldn’t think of anything. Eventually he got up and went outside. He could hear them laughing in the distance but he couldn’t see them. He tried to run quietly towards the laughter but his steps echoed in the empty streets. He stopped before a corner and took a deep breath. His heart was pounding. As he peered around the corner Tim saw the couple making out next to an ally further down the street. The guy with clown-like makeup was pressing the girl against a brick wall and she was eagerly running her hands over his body. Tim was painfully jealous and glad that she was fine at the same time.Timothy tried to think of something while hiding behind a corner and stalking them from a distance. Then he noticed that the playful giggles he had heard before turned into a sinister laughter that grew louder and louder. The girl was quiet. She obviously tried to get free and push the man away. Her legs shuffled in the air as the man choked her with his elbow pinning her to the wall. His laugh was unbearably menacing and made Timothy tremble with fear. Something had to be done. He dismissed all of his survival instincts that told him to stay away and ran directly towards the clown. Adrenaline boosted his step. His fists were clenched and ready to attack. He was getting close. Just a few more steps... Timothy pulled back his fist and swung at the creep. Just before impact the clown dodged and Timothy nearly hit the wall. The clown pushed him back and followed with a swift punch to the jaw. Tim fell to the sidewalk and hit his head. A blurry figure stood over him and melded with the darkness. The last thing he heard before passing out was the gasping sound of a girl being choked.

Timothy woke up in a dusty room. He was lying on a dirty mattress on the ground. The room was a mess. There were old furniture and broken glass everywhere. One window was smashed and covered with a ripped curtain that dangled in the wind. The place was trashed, walls were covered with graffiti and it seemed to be abandoned for a long time. Timothy sat up and felt sharp pain in the back of his head. He rubbed it gently and felt a nasty cut that was still a bit fresh. He remembered the last night and couldn’t believe he was still alive. The doors were open and Tim wanted to get out. He stood up and walked into the other room.

He fell to his knees as soon as he walked through the door. Before him was the girl from last night. But she wasn’t as happy as before. She wasn’t as alive as before. She was hanging by the neck in the middle of the room with a huge dark puddle of blood beneath her feet. On the wall behind her there was just one word written in blood: “NICKY”. Tim couldn’t believe his eyes. Her dress was ripped in the front and completely covered in blood that was still slowly dripping. She had a wide gash across her abdomen and most of her organs were either on the floor or still hanging from her body. Once Timothy realized she had been hanged by her own intestines he vomited and passed out next to a puddle of yesterday’s chicken and fries.

Once he regained consciousness the first thing he noticed was a gruesome stench. He didn’t want to look up, but he couldn’t help it. His stomach turned and he gagged at the sight of a lifeless body stripped from her dignity and internal organs. The windows in this room were boarded shut but Tim knew he was on the second or third floor. Timothy looked for a way out and saw another door. He opened it and saw a gruesome blood splattered clown staring back at him. He jumped back and slammed the door shut. Panic kicked in. His heart was pounding like crazy and he couldn’t draw a decent breath. He wanted to scream, but then realized something weird and slowly reopened the door. It was the bathroom and the thing that scared him was his own reflection in a broken mirror. There was no one else in there and Timothy walked inside. He looked into the mirror with disgust to see his face painted just like the carnival creep from yesterday. “Why would he do this? Am I supposed to be a scapegoat? Is police going to barge in any second to arrest me?” Tim had no idea. He checked the water taps, but they didn’t work. Once more there was blood on his hands and his face was covered in smeared makeup. He took off his shirt and wiped his face with it. Then he cleaned his hands as good as he could and walked back into the room where the girl was still hanging. He found a box with two matches in it and grabbed some paper from the floor. Tim made a small fire and burned his shirt. He kept the fire going with some broken furniture and looked for his bag. It was in the hallway by the door leading to a staircase and the tomahawk was still inside. He put on his backpack and pulled the straps tighter. He knew he looked weird but he rather walked around dirty and with no shirt on than with a shirt that was covered in other people’s blood. The blaze from the fire in the main room was getting bigger and Timothy assumed something else must have caught on fire which was probably a good thing. He ran his hands across his face still feeling traces of makeup and went outside. He ran downstairs and got out. He could see the city. He wasn’t very far and all the buildings nearby were abandoned and vandalized. Tim looked for the closest road and followed it away from the city. He had no idea how he would deal with hunger because he had no money and the night would be a nightmare because he was now shirtless and had no light source, but he felt it was too risky to return to the city so he kept going. He looked back and saw dark smoke rising from the abandoned house.

Timothy walked for hours. His feet were sour, his head was turning and his stomach was empty. He tried to hitch a ride whenever a car would drive by, but no one stopped. There was a gas station ahead and some people were selling fruit and vegetables across the street. There were three pickup trucks parked behind the stands and four farmers watching over them were discussing something very enthusiastically. There were no customers around and Timothy tried to think of something that would get him some food. “Just go over there and beg for something? No, best case scenario, it would bring me only an apple or two and that’s not going to cut it”. The only thing Timothy had ever stolen was a lollipop when he was eight years old and just thinking of committing a felony made him nervous. He didn’t want to do anything wrong, but he was starving.

Timothy got off road and crept through a forest to sneak up on the salesmen from behind. He wasn’t ready to get into a fight but if he could get away with idle threats then a tomahawk would come in handy, so he grasped it tightly in his hand. He tried to be as quiet as possible when he got out of the forest and slowly walked up to the pickups. The salesmen were arguing about some TV show. He crept closer and closer and looked into a trunk of one of the pickups. It was full of goods and Tim couldn’t believe his luck. The farmers were just a few steps away with their back tuned on him so Tim took things slow and quiet. His backpack was already open and he started to fill it with apples, peaches, carrots and cucumbers. There were also some tomatoes, strawberries and other goods, but they were out of reach. Tim filled his bag to the top. His heart was racing. “They could turn around at any minute and god knows what would happen.” His fingers grasped the axe handle a little bit tighter. “Surely it couldn’t be too difficult to swing an axe, especially at such close range.” He looked at the salesmen and imagined which one he would strike first. “Would it be the fat man? Yes, and then the short bald guy sitting in a chair. The axe would take his scalp right off”– Timothy thought. There were two older men who were both skinny and looked confused so they wouldn’t cause any problems. A sudden realization of his morbid thoughts disturbed him greatly so he took his loot and tried to back up as quietly as possible. The car’s windows were open and on the passenger seat he saw a gray trench coat that he couldn’t resist. He snuck back into the woods and eventually came across a small dirt path that led back to the road. When Timothy padded the coat he found a lighter and a pack of smokes. There was also a small amount of cash and a packet of instant coffee. He felt his luck changing as he took a huge bite from a juicy apple.

That night Timothy made a fire deep in the woods and wrapped himself in the gray coat. He sat against a pine and gazed into the fire. He knew the night would be cold and uncomfortable. As it got darker Tim began to flinch at every noise. He tried to look around, but everything was black. A constant fear of something behind him made Timothy look over his shoulders ready to jump up and run at any moment. He was afraid to fall asleep, but exhaustion had its effect. The light of the flames hypnotise him as he drifted off to sleep.

Terrible nightmares tortured him through the night and he finally woke up. The fire was out but some coals were still red under the ashes. Sun was slowly rising and trough-out the forest its light drowned in a thick mist. Timothy shivered as a cold breeze licked his neck. He moved his feet and looked down. His neck was stiff and his back was sore. Something was sticking in his left thigh and he felt thirsty. He stood up and saw something in the dirt beneath his feet. It was a message. Tim stepped back and read: “Good Night Boy” followed by a smiley-face with two vertical lines for eyes. Tim stumbled backwards tripping over a root and fell on his ass. He was now looking at the back of the pine he was resting against through the night. He raised his eyes and saw the bald farmer nailed to the tree with two wooden spikes. They went through his ribcage deforming the body in a sinister way. The man’s scalp was removed and sown to his fingertips. His throat was ripped open and his tongue hung out through the gash on his neck. Once Timothy realised what he was looking at he felt the urge to vomit but fought it off. He crawled to his bag, one-strapped it and clumsily ran away. His knees were weak, his stomach persistently tried to empty itself and his mind was in chaos. Tim tripped over his own feet and landed on a big stump hurting his chest. He screamed in pain and whaled about for a moment before getting up and continuing to run. His feet were heavy and made a lot of noise but he could hear the psychotic sinister laughter not far behind him. Timothy felt helpless. The ground was uneven and covered with fallen trees and small bushes. The mist was so thick he couldn’t see where he was running. The trees appeared unexpectedly and Tim could hardly avoid them. The bone chilling laughter didn’t stop. It was so gruesome Tim couldn’t dare to look back.

He saw an arrow on the ground pointing left. It was made of human fingers encircled with small twigs. Timothy gagged and turned the other direction. He ran a little bit further before stumbling upon another sick exposition. The two older farmers were beaten and strapped to trees with seatbelts. Their arms were raised to make an arch and fixed with rope and sharp sticks that went through their arms and sides. A rope noose hung from the apex of the arch and in front of it there was another message in dirt: “Welcome to Nicky’s playground!” Timothy turned and stumbled away. The creeper wasn’t getting any closer, but the hysterical laughter got worse and worse. Tim looked around as he walked and prayed for any help he could get. A road, a car, an old bike – anything!

He finally stumbled out of the woods and onto the road he was following before. The solid asphalt felt wonderful under his ripped tennis shoes. The laughter had stopped. Timothy couldn’t run anymore, he walked and carefully looked around while gasping for air. Is this some kind of a sick game? Tim tried to understand. He was desperate for a drink so he took a juicy apple and ate it whilst following the road. The mist was getting thinner and Tim could see a lot further now. When he finished his apple he looked back and froze. The pale faced creeper was standing in the middle of the road about a hundred meters away with Tim’s tomahawk in his hand. Tim didn’t even realise it was missing. The clown raised his hand and waved while the axe dangled by his leg. Mist around the stalker made his silhouette dark and unearthly. He started walking towards Timothy taunting him with his horrid laughter once more. He walked slowly like he had all the time in the world. He had a weird barely noticeable limp that made his gait seem a bit broken. Tim couldn’t run anymore. Pain in his legs almost pinned him to the ground. His ribs ached from the fall and he had no energy what so ever. His hands were shaking as he turned and walked away from the clown. It was the best he could do.

Disoriented and frightened the young boy dragged himself along the road as fast as he could. The mist had almost cleared and the sky was getting brighter above the trees. The clown followed enthusiastically cheering and clapping hands. The sinister giggles and sharp whistles dug deep under Timothy’s skin. He was getting closer. Tim looked back and saw the evil grin on creepers white face. His makeup was smeared, and his nose was coloured with red blood. The grim stare incapacitated Tim and he felt so helpless he just wanted it to end.

As the dark clown approached whistling some children’s song Timothy saw a car behind the creeper coming his way. An unexpected dose of hope and will to survive made him flail his hands in the air and shout for help. He stepped in the car’s way with extended hands and then dropped to his knees. The driver saw him at the very last moment and hit the break. The rear wheels locked and swirled around leaving smoking black marks on the road. Tim saw the driver desperately turning the wheel and barely avoiding collision at high speed. The car went by and stopped a little way down the road. A woman clearly in shock stepped out of the passenger seat and covered her mouth. She just trembled by the car looking inside. Timothy got up and ran towards her. When he reached the car and looked inside he saw the driver grabbing his chest. He was in pain. For a moment he looked at Timothy and then fell forward completely limb hitting his head on the steering wheel. At that moment a little girl in the back seat started crying and Timothy jumped back from the car. “What have I done?” he thought. He looked at the woman next to him and wanted to express his greave, but reality grabbed hold of him when he looked over her shoulder to see the clown releasing the tomahawk. It felt like time had slowed down as he watched the axe fly towards them. There was nothing he could have done, nothing at all. He just stood there helplessly as the tomahawk buried its blade into her spine. The woman instantly fell to her knees and on her side right before Timothy’s feet. There was almost no blood but she was certainly dead. The carnival creep smiled at Tim and gave a graceful bow.

Timothy felt the effects of adrenaline and ran. Although his legs were weak and he had trouble staying on his feet he managed to get away. When he looked back he couldn’t see the car and the clown had clearly lost interest in him. Timothy regretfully assumed that the creep must have stayed with the little girl and silently started weeping.

He heard emergency sirens nearby. As an ambulance emerged from the turn ahead Tim raised his hand and they stopped in front of him. The driver jumped out and asked him: “Are you alright? Did you call about the crash?” A woman opened the passenger door and came forward with a first aid kit. Timothy stopped and let the doctors come to him. He looked at his feet with his hands tucked under the coat. As soon the driver put his hand on Timothy’s shoulder he opened his coat and swiftly slashed the doctor’s stomach with a tomahawk. Blood spewed on asphalt and the driver screamed in pain. He turned and tried to stumble back to the car holding his intestines in place with his hands. The other doctor dropped the first aid kit and ran screaming to the car. The drivers grotesque screams echoed in the nearby woods as he fell down and started crawling. Timmy followed him and delivered a powerful blow to the back with the blunt end of the axe. The doctor fell on his slashed stomach letting out an agonizing scream. Timothy knelt down and repeatedly hacked in his ribs and spine leaving him for a slow and painful death. The woman was inside the car and trying to start it up.  Tim opened the driver side door and buried the axe in her thigh. She cried and tried to pull it out hysterically but it was firmly jammed in her femur. Still holding the axe Tim grabbed her other leg by the ankle and pulled her out of the car. She tried to hold on to the steering wheel but the pain in her leg was too much. As he dragged her out of the car her head smashed against the road and she passed out. Tim stepped on her bleeding thigh and jerked the axe free breaking her leg. She woke up, grabbed her leg and started screaming. When timothy knelt down she cried and begged for her life. He patted her bloody wound and smiled with an empty look on his face.

When he stood up and turned around he saw the little girl shyly watching him from a distance. Timothy walked towards her, crouched and gave her a friendly smile. He whipped his bloody fingers over her little nose and made it red. “There, now you’re a clown - just like me!” He smiled and gently took her hand. They walked pass the female doctor as she begged the child to run, but the girl just looked at her as if she wasn’t real. “Don’t worry, Nicky the clown will take care of you.” He smiled and started whistling a creepy tune to which the little girl started skipping along as they followed down the road.

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