Drops of water in the ocean

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Submitted: March 13, 2009

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Submitted: March 13, 2009



Drops of water in the ocean

Walking together on a sandy beach.
Long past is the days heat.
With your hand in mine.
And white fluffy sand under our feet.

High above in the night time sky.
Shines a full moon.
Lighting our way as we walk past.
A few palm trees on a small sand dune.

A night time stroll.
By the cold oceans waves.
As a cool breeze.
Breaks through the moonlights rays.

We snuggle close together.
To dispel the breezes chill.
And to share our warmth.
As we walk past this sandy hill.

As I hold you close.
My thoughts are about you.
Thoughts of wonder and hope.
Because, I am in love with you.

This wonderful and powerful love.
And it's not just a passing notion.
But deeper and wider.
Than there are drops of water, in the entire ocean.

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