Forget the Tunnell, Build a Bridge

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The United States And Russia Should Never Build a Tunnell

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



Forget the Tunnell, Build a Bridge

Franklin F. Dennison

The Bering Strait tunnel, while seemingly a practical idea, is not only dangerous but also vulnerable.Let me begin with the issue of practicality.  The tunnel between Alaska and Russia will be twice as long as the chunnel upon completion.  Over twenty people died while building the bridge between Great Britain and the European mainland.The landscape of the sea floor as well as the hostile weather conditions and freezing water would most definitely lead to potentially hundreds of deaths, even without an accident during construction.  When taking into the account the nature of the chemicals used as well as the underwater environment, with people inside and outside the tunnel during construction and connection with Russia, it is a near certainty that thousands of American and Russian lives would be lost in the event of an accident.

When the accident takes place, or when there are any maintenance issues with the sections of the tunnel that will lie in international waters, it is an absolute certainty that America and Russia will play the blame game when it comes to the cause of any breakdowns in structure or who is responsible for repairs.  This blame will lead to a breakdown of Russian-American relations to a point not seen since the Cold War. 

Another very likely scenario has to do with international terrorists.  The security of the tunnel is already a question.  Those groups who oppose the ideological beliefs of the US and Russia would view the tunnel as a symbol of capitalism that must be destroyed.I can say without a doubt that Al-Queda would take a stab, with whatever technology they can get their hands on, at blowing a hole in the tunnel so big that it would flood with water and be impossible to repair. It will either be that, or Iran will take their brand new submarine out of the dock and use it to mine the tunnel and the area around it so that neither the US or Russia would be able to make any repairs when the time comes.

Finally, the approval of the tunnel will be political suicide for whatever person holds the office of the President come January.  If approved before the election, the massive spending required for the project will not only lead the US off the fiscal cliff, but President Obama will be shouldered with the blame, leading Mitt Romney from the election trail all the way to the White House. 

A less expensive and safer option would be the building of a bridge between Russia and the United States.  Not only is a bridge a visible metaphor for the lasting relationship that will develop between the two countries, but it will lead to a future between the former that will go as far as the imagination will take us.  In addition, a bridge will be easier to protect from hostile enemies as nearly all parts will be visible.  The US and Russia should bring their relationship out of the cloudy, freezing and murky water to a warmer place above the surface, bringing the proverb of bridge building to a new reality.

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