Tales of Great Fortune XXI - A tale of Gregorian happiness

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The Great Trenlin continues his pursuit of ultimate success in the business of fortune telling while he contemplates past, present and future at a new year's party.

Submitted: May 07, 2016

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Submitted: May 07, 2016




"Happy New Year..."
The unusual feeling of surprise manifested itself within the Great Trenlin as he realized the importance of the re-newed confidence with which he just made his prediction. 
It was the mindset of a figure -of-speakish killer in the world of fortune tellling. 
While the Great Trenlin wondered whether he also displayed the eye of the tiger, his predictions once again came true.
"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!" 
The entire country called unisono for an end to all misery and put their feeble hopes once again in a partlial reset of the Gregorian calendar. A superstition the Great Trenlin deplored, as there was so much more good fortune to be made than just once every year.
The amazing display of the fireworks obfuscated his beloved stars with their colorful yet painfully artificial lights. Standing at the balcony of his home, the Great Trenlin beheld the spectacle, almost as if he was just a common man. With a grave yet joyful expression on his face, he pondered the secrets of the universe, looking for signs of appreciation from heaven and above.
The flight of a spotted owl that just got hit by the fireworks proved to be extremely insightful. There was little doubt in the little tellings. The Great Trenlin felt rejuvenated and tasted the anticipation of success in both his professional and private life.
Suddenly, he spread out his arms and with a great scream, he let go of his inner feelings of frustration to make place for happiness and joy. 
He assured himself of the fact that the family member of his wife who got smacked in the face during the arm-spreading would surely forgive him soon for this slight glimpse of uncharacteristical misconduct in a public place. 
"I am truly sorry, common man," the Great Trenlin apologized with a deep bow, "This...unfortunate  things are all, in the end, for the greater benefit of mankind, which, unless I am very much mistaken, includes most of you as well."
As ever so often, the family and friends of his wife looked at him with a clear expression of amazement on their faces. Luckily, the Great Trenlin was not a man to hold grudges and saw himself as an educator, leader even, of the people. Clearly, by the look of their faces, they were again in deep need of guidance and probably expected a speech from him. The Great Trenlin was keen on providing this without extra charges. 
After all, it was the Christmas period and the free publicity could only help his business. 
With the foreworks still in full display, the Great Trenlin turned his back to the balcony, and drew the full attention of all bystanders by raising both hands. The sighs that escaped from the audience clearly betrayed the fact that they had long awaited this moment. Here and there, he could even hear some people saying prayers of thanks.
"Dear family and friends," the Great Trenlin commenced and decided to start by gaining some goodwill, "my wife is incredibly happy to have you here. I cannot express how happy I am to see my wife this happy. I mean... look at her, I can't remember seeing her drink this much."
The silence in the room was deafening, if not for the bangs of the fireworks, the attendees were duly paying attention. The Great Trenlin was not suprised at all.
"Let me just say that... This whole... Experience... Yes... Experience is quite an experience."
The floor was his. Not a sound could be heard.
"I must say that I never was much of a new year's fan, but today I would like to express a message of peace."
The Great Trenlin gestured at the fireworks behind him.
"If there is anything that this display has taught me, then it is that it is quite a metaphor for life itself. Even though we may seem to reach incredible heights at breakneck speed, and maybe even end with a bang," the Great Trenlin chuckled, "it may even be a grand display of sparkles and colours... But after that, there is nothing. Absolutely nothing."
The audience clearly did not understand why it was a happy story yet. The Great Trenlin continued.
"What I am trying to say is, we go so fast that we do not have time to enjoy the flight. And shortly after we reach a height, it all explodes and nothing is left. Look at that place in the sky. It is empty. There might have been fireworks earlier on, or there might not. Who can tell?"
An uncertain applause escaped from the audience. It was sincere, yet surprised.
"Oh!" The Great Trenlin added, "almost forgot the peace part."
A new sigh of expectation could be heard from the balcony.
"So please enjoy your flight, and enjoy the flight of others. I know, this is not always easy. People can get on your nerves, annoy you, play with you, disturb you... Still, I would say, take the time to just forgive and admit that you appreciate them."
With a dramatic movement of the shoulders, the Great Trenlin turned towards Porric, his underperforming, underdevelopped and underappreciated underling.
"Porric," he said sincerely, "I appreciate you."
The smile on the face of Porric was like no smile ever before. With great excitement, he kicked over his chair, and stormed towards the Great Trenlin only to make a dramatic jump into his arms.
The Great Trenlin got a light feeling in his head and in his stomach while he embraced Porric. 
Searching his memory for similar situations, he could not recall that he ever had felt similar emotions.
Yes, the Great Trenlin thought, this is definetly the first time I have ever been pushed from a balcony.

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