Tales of Great Fortune XXVI - A tale of driving lessons

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The Great Trenlin feels obliged to provide driving lessons to his underling, Porric, in order to nourish his chances of making it big in the business of fortune telling.

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



"Great goodness, Porric! Are you trying to get us killed?"

Porric had just cutted in front of a truck, the distance between them so small not even a fortune teller could foresee the outcome. It had turned out to be a near miss. As the Great Trenlin clinched himself to his chair, he just knew that his late-night yoga session would be extremely welcome today.
"Slow down, Porric. That turn is not going to become a straight."
"I intend to take it off-guard, sir."
The new idea to pitch their fortune telling products via door-to-door readings and their fortune-on-the-move portfolio had been a huge success in the early days. Needless to say, It had been a great setback to the Great Trenlin when it turned out that Porric did not have a valid driving license. The fine and suspension he had gotten when he got pulled over now forced the Great Trenlin to act as an instructor himself in an attempt to minimize costs.
It was a disappointment to the Great Trenlin to realize that Porric again did not understand what a great advantage it was to have a fortune teller as a tutor.
"Is it clear, sir?"
Porric crossed a busy crossroad without slowing down the slightest bit. A blue Subaru nearly hit the front of the car. The screaching sound of a red volvo scratching the cars side mirror sounded clearly through the air.
"Thank you, sir, I would not have dared to do that if I had been by myself."
The Great Trenlin quickly checked his pulse to ensure himself of all information the universe provided him. He received clear images of immanent demise. 
He knew he had to gently bring his co-worker into reason before he would destroy the greatest asset of his fortune telling company.
"Your instructor at your exam may not be tempted to allow this driving style, Porric."
"If you say so, sir."
"For goodness sake, Porric! How many times do I need to tell you? Please use the clutch when you shift."
"I am trying to convert it into an automatic, sir."
The Great Trenlin had the vague impression that he was absolutely flabbergasted.
"Trying to convert it.."
"It still needs a little bit of extra training, sir. Maybe some mental coaching as well, I do not know yet."
"Have you fallen off a ladder again, Porric?"
"Not without wearing my helmet, sir."
"Not without... The clutch, Porric! The clutch! You will convert it into a car that will only drive downhill if you continue like this."
The Great Trenlin suddenly saw a new crossroad and disaster approaching. Against his better judgement, he tried to send telepathic advice to the much underdevelopped senses of his co-worker. 
If it hadn't been for his extreme skills, he would have been surprised when he noticed Porric gently slowing down and stopping in front of the crossroad.
"Well done, Porric. Really well done. I am proud of you."
"Really?" Porric again looked surprised, "To be honest, I would have thought you would be quite angry at me for running out of gas."

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