The Best 4th Up North

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This reminded me of my favorite place in the world. You can read more in the acknowledgments.

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011



The Best 4th Up North

Every year, I travel to a special place called Point Nipigon, Michigan. There are two truly amazing people up there who are called the Pattersons. They are amazing because they own a boat, golf cart, and have movie nights at their house. They are also very nice and they come from a very nice family, I’ve known them for as long as I could remember as well. One of them is named Colin, who is 13, and the other is Jack, who is 15. I’m looking back to July 4, 2010, in the mid-afternoon where I am with them.

Last summer, a couple hours after our whole Fourth of July celebration, I saw Colin and Jack by the basketball court in their red, white and blue golf cart all decorated. It looked like they were bored, so I walked over there and asked them if they wanted go swimming at The Point. The Point is a beautiful beach where you can swim, swing, BBQ, go on boat rides, or just lay down on the raft about fifty feet out.

When I finished asking them, they seemed pretty in to it, so we made our way to my cottage so I could change into my beach wear, get sunscreen on, and take along a towel. Colin said he and Jack would be back in about 15 minutes.

When I entered the kitchen, I asked KK, my grandmother, if I could go swimming, and of course, she always says yes considering the fact that when I’m at Nipigon, my curfew’s later than normal, and I could do pretty much anything I wanted to! Then she asked if I wanted to take Katie, my favorite cousin, along too since she’s friends with the Patterson’s as well, so I say of course.

When I walk upstairs, I see Katie reading a book on our beanbag. When I came in, she asked where I was going, and I explained about swimming with the Patterson’s at the point and I invited her to join me. As normal, she says yes. I mean, really? Who wouldn’t say yes to swimming and a golf cart ride? Then I told her to get her suit and cover-up on because we were leaving in about 5 minutes.

When we finished getting ready, Katie and I went downstairs and waited. It only took about two minutes before they arrived, and then we walked out.

The ride to the point was kind of long, but we had fun anyways. The Point is basically at the end of Nipigon, so to pass the time; we sang the golf cart song we made up. It goes like this, G-O-L-F C-A-R-T golf cart gang in the house baby! It’s so funny, although I doubt anybody gets the joke…

When we got to the point, we parked the golf cart, and headed straight for the swings. They are very old, and still very strong, so that’s what makes them fun!

After we swung for a while, it became a little warm, so we ran to the rocky part of the point in our sandals, and made our way to the water to swim over to the raft. The raft is a bunch of wooden planks put together, and, to me, it’s sort of like a landmark. The raft is for jumping off of it, tanning on it or just having plain fun!

We walk out to the frigid water and start paddling out to the wooden raft; it was only a few feet away. Then it became even more complicated, as the water gets deeper, I struggle. However I eventually make it to the miniature ladder and start climbing it. That was also hard, because my muscles were weak after the treacherous swim over to the raft, and one of the steps is broken.

When we were all settled on the cold, watery raft, we sat there in complete silence. The beauty of silence was wonderful while it lasted. Until Jack stood up and announced that we should have a jumping contest. Everyone was in agreement and Katie Lifka, my #1 BFFIN (Best friends forever in Nipigon) said she’d go first.

While we were finishing up, I realized I have not jumped in yet, all I was doing is watching everyone do tricks while getting a sun tan. I didn’t want to go in until the end, or when we left in other words, and then I stood up. Before I knew it, I was in the freezing water, Katie, Katie, Jack and Colin picked me up and threw me in! As I was getting to the ladder once more, everyone jumped into the water and we started heading for shore.

When we were making our way back to the Golf Cart, Jack and Colin said they’d pick all of us up tonight for the bonfire and fireworks. We did some donuts, or spun around in circles, and headed to drop off Katie L. at her cottage, and make our way back to Katie and my cottage.

It was already 7:00 pm and the fireworks were only one hour away. It seemed like forever to wait, But to pass the time, I watched TV after I changed back out of my bathing suit.

Before I could get up and get some food, the doorbell rang, and there they were. Colin and Jack were waiting to come and take Katie and me to the Point For the fireworks.

When we got there, it was crowded. Everyone was there! The fireworks were loud, colorful, and enjoyable. We sat on the old raft that was all torn and broken, but we didn’t care.

That night I went to sleep knowing one specific thing, Nipigon isn’t just for fun, it’s for family.


I’d like to thank everyone who read this and I wanted to share more about my favorite place in the world. I’m also saying, where ever you are, it is home and you should enjoy it while it lasts and friends are family, too you just have to believe so.

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