Don't Let Go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

When times are hard and seems like there is nothing else in life....don't give up!

Whats happened to us Lord
Things seem to change in the blink of an eye.
Every night I want to cry
I can't stand the evil around
I'm so scared to even make a sound
What do I say?
What do I do?
It's time to stand up for you!
I need your strength
I need your love
How do I get through to the ones I love?
It seems so hard
Not like a hallmark card
Where you have the right words
No matter what in life hurts.
What makes people so angry inside?
To want to fight.
To want to die.
Don't they know lifes a gift?
It can happen so quick.
When I see the hate in someones eyes
They can hurt so deep, but you don't know why
That's what I want to know
Come on, you can tell me bro.
How can you slip so far from God?
When I know he's what you had.
What can make you so sad?
Did someone say something wrong
Or maybe say something right
I can go all night.
So tell me what you feel
Let God know you can hear.
Do you fear?
Cause you know
I do care
I love you Zach
And I do have your back!
You've always been my buddy
That ain't nothin funny.
I don't want to loose you
Cause of something so crummy.
What's up with the words
What's up with the thoughts
That's not who you are
That's not what you walk.
This is like a sad song
That goes on and on.
For what its worth
I'll always be there
I don't care, what they say
No, I don't care what they hear
It's what I know
It's what I fear.
Sometimes life goes flip-flop
One sides good
One sides wrong
But it's our choice, which side we stay on.
Maybe people take you for what you look like,
Not who you really are
Don't be scared
God cares
That's who you should focus on.
I know it's hard
Hard to let go
Of the things you know
To be true in your heart
But lets not get smart
Let's lay down our pride
Cause how do we get through life
Holding everything inside?
Do we tip-toe around, and frown
Like we haven't found
The clown inside
Telling you to hide.
You don't have to lie
Cause I'll keep askin why
Why, God will ask
Do you hide behind that mask
Please don't forget the past.
The past, the way things use to be
You don't have to change
Friends in life can make you that way.
But Hey, its ok
We'll make it through each day.
Girlfriends may come and go
But don't get caught up In all that wishy-washy flow
Cause I know and God knows
That if you wait, and take it slow
He'll bring you to the one
Wherever life goes.
Friends, pick them wisely, kindly, and finally
You'll see, that it is the key
Everyone makes mistakes
That's just what it takes
I have my own problems
Sometimes, don't know how to solve 'em
So, when things get tragic
Who said things have to stay?
Bunch of crap, thats just static.
But the fact is,
Why do we drown our confusion?
Meaningless junk?
So many things I want to say
So much confusion makes me stray.
I close my eyes
Think back in time
It's not a blur
There wasn't any crime.
There are no lost memories
We didn't have enemies.
Don't be ashamed of yourself
Everything thats forgiven, is forgotten
So, don't pop 'em, stop 'em
I don't care how stupid I sound
It's Christ we have found.
This doesn't change us, it only makes us.
You say no one cares, but I'll listen
And when theres nothin to say
I'll just listen to the silence
There is no violence
It's all just so mindless
So please Lord, find us.
Don't want to wait
Lets not be fake
It's such a piece of cake
This aint how it has to be
Devil flee!
Its God who loves me!
B'e strong
Don't have to do wrong
What do we achieve
Letting hate control our lives
It's time to realize
"That a life without Christ is just a life that is never fixed."
No more tricks
You silly rabbit
So take life by the horns, and grab it.
So you wonder
What do I have to loose and what do I have to gain?
I'll tell you,
The peace that passes all understanding
So give me a chance
Please give me a shot
I really do care
Don't let you words rot.
Youre a real awesome brother
You love your father and mother
There will never be another.
I believe in you bro
Yeah, its hard to say no
Lord, make us white as snow
This is all that I know.
Just try hard
Do your best
Open your heart
Don't have to be perfect.
Don't miss this
If life passes
He'll keep His promise
Eternal life with Christ
That is our sentence
So cheap, not expensive.
So Dear God,
I put my faith in you
Don't know what Im suppose to do
No matter how many hours pass
No matter how many days fly by
Don't let go, hold on
Give yourself time to cry.
Didn't know where to start
Don't know how to end
Christ died to take away our sin
Soak it in.
The Devil will loose and God will win!
So lets get up, come on keep your head up
Watch out for that stump
Life will go bumpedy-bump
Just get rid of the junk
Ok, so this is the end
My rhymes about to end
Everythings pretty obvious
One step at a time, will get you through all of this
I ain't gonna shout
I ain't gonna pout
That's not what Im all about.
This is what I write to you now
This is the only way I know how.
Just remember
Life can be hard
Treat you like crap
Make you wanna snap
But you can fill that gap
It's God who holds your map.

To: my bro Zach
Written by: Shianna Lewis

Submitted: January 23, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Freckles. All rights reserved.

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wow--that's a long one----very nice !!!!!

Tue, January 23rd, 2007 9:43pm


Yeah I know its pretty long...sometimes things just flow out of me!

Tue, January 23rd, 2007 2:16pm


this is uber cool.
It's funny, i was just wondering how I could write something like this with the same passion and emotion. Needless to say - I couldn't. But it looks like you have here.
I'm not a big fan of long poems (they sometimes make me go to sleep), or of poems that always rhyme (you don't have to!) but I still loved this poem. 'tis great.

:) matmoo

Fri, February 9th, 2007 9:45pm


Haha...thanks so much! I"m glad you didn't fall asleep! I know its pretty long...but I think its got a good messege! I'm sure you can do this...give it a try! shi

Fri, February 9th, 2007 2:20pm

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