Sleepwalking in a Winter Wonderland

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I thought this would be cute for kids...I know I would love for this to happen to me! :)

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



The ground was white
A fluffy crystal sight
The cold wind blowing
In the dead of the night.

But what was that sound?
Laughing and shouting...
Make my way past the trees
What I found was astounding.

There were people all around
Every different kind
And animals too
Every shape and size.

The snow falling down
So beautiful in the lights
Kids sledding all over
Is this real life?

An elephant and a Giraffe
With kids on their backs
Tumbling down the hill
And going so fast!

The smell of candy
Filled the air
Cookies and cider
For everyone to share.

A girl grabbed my hand
We jumped on the tube
"Are you ready?", she shouts
With a mouth full of food.

At the top of the hill
I look down in fear
Kids pushing behind us
I begin to stear.

The wind hits me hard
As we soar down the hill
This is so much fun
Shivering off a cold chill.

As we near the bottom
What is this I see
But a lake of ice cream
How can this be?

We splash uncontrollably
And slide right on top
I bend down to take a bite
It taste like gum drops!

I climb to the top
To sled a few more times
More cider and cookies
And all the candy I could find.

My stomach was full
So I sat for awhile
Next to a big candycane tree
Fell asleep like a child.

I woke up so cold
Froze to the bone
Hair wet and stiff
Lying in the snow.

Need to make sense
Of what has happend
Last thing I remember
I was asleep in my cabin.

How did I get here
As I stand up and wonder
This is so odd
When did I wake from my slumber?

On my way back
With my hands in my pockets
What do I find?
But a hand full of chocolates!

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