The Battles That Will Be.

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This is meant to be a poem written by an eighteenth century general of his thoughts after a major bloody battle

Submitted: August 01, 2013

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Submitted: August 01, 2013



In a field of fertile nature, on the ground that bore it's grass   while lord god's sun is shining down, prides of men with muskets clash. No man has wronged the other yet by words or wielding axe, and the colors of their souls be not the colors on their backs. Most men went not beyond a hunt while treading the forest floor, let a lone for see a body humbled by the discharge of it's gore. These men go fourth for no gift be back, their blood to boiled to tire. Their futures brightened by judgement day on the breath of musket fire. The weaker flank will crumble in the unrivaled opposition. The guards of it will break retreat not caring their position. Then fury sparks among the brass then wielding with the sword. "Look here, y' yellow dogs!" They'll shout. "Your giving up the lord!" While other leaders give satan's fear roaring fire from their lungs,   the more pure at heart will ralley mere like the children on the drums. When the smoke hath cleared and the sweetest silence hath now soothed the loud, the sweltering of the summer sun will waft a putrid cloud. The salvage ones within their shape, be it mangled or unscathed the ravages there in their souls forever have been saved. And then, of course, the other ones,who'll fight until the end , Ther feeding on a battles boom to live and fire again. And I, the author of this prose, am the general that over sees. I wish to retire to my makeshift home to beseach him on my knees!























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