A Typical Thursday Night

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i wrote this poem last night.. and i wrote this to the only person who holds my heart... hope you'll like it.... THANK YOU FOR READING THIS :-)

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



A Typical Thursday Night

The ticking of the wall clock is all that I hear,

Like repeating melodies playing on my ear,

All that I could feel is coldness of the night,

So I grabbed my pillow and hugged it very tight

My lips were dried so I stood up to find water,

And on the table I saw a piece of paper,

So I grabbed my old pen and sat there for awhile,

Then thoughts rushed through my head and I started to smile

We are miles away but I could feel your embrace,

And I can imagine how sweet your lips would taste,

Your eyes are brighter than the full moon up above,

All my dreams came true when you gave your love

When I hear your name I can hear the angels sing,

You’re rare and cannot be compared to anything,

My feelings for you are so indescribable

You’re beyond wonderful, more than admirable

My heart beats so fast whenever I think of you,

And this is the first time that I felt something true,

When you came to my life you took me out of blue,

You’re my everything you’re part of all that I do

There are countless of reasons why I love you so,

And my feelings for you seem to grow and grow,

Forever’s not enough to show and let you know,

How special you are and I’ll never let you go,

Whenever I feel so down I just think of you,

It cheers me up and takes me out of the blue,

You’re every breathe that I take every smile I make,

You’re all I’m thinking in every path I take

Then I heard once again the ticking of the wall clock,

And it’s 12:51 so I have to go back,

To my loving bed and to hug my pillow tight,

And to dream of the one who’s reading this all through the night


?????Alfred S. Santos

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