Poor Emma

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It might be fairly cheesy, I admit, but it is a piece I'm very proud of, and the first poem to which I can say "This is where my career began".
Hope you like it.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



A fish out of water,
The ugly duckling of the pack,
Familiar these vulgar words were,
To Emma, unjustly for her,
For she dreamed of a knight,
To deal with this fright,
That lurked on her path,

Though loving were they,
Her parents they were,
But their efforts weren’t enough,
To save poor Emma,

Her family was no haven of riches,
But a kind-hearted bunch they were,
Her father a barber and a mother a gardener,
Her gloomy frown had creased her face,
“One day he will come, clean shaven and good looking he’ll be”
Father’s passionate words could never pass,
For Emma’s mind was full of stressful mass,
“Just add water”
For the good looks to be unmarked with cuts,
So to day to a night,
He had tried to find that knight,
To bring Emma the clean shaven fellow,

“Don’t be so upset, for surely he’ll come, with roses in hand and smile in-band”
Mother’s rose was slowly wilting,
So frail she was,
“Just add water she’d say”
All to heal the dying soul,
So to day to a night,
She had tried to find that knight
To a plant a million roses for Emma’s dream to bear,

‘Till that fortunate day,
When stepped out the golden heart,
Who saw through the body,
And admired the soul,
Right at her doorstep and roses in hand,

On the doorstep they were left,
For there was no Emma to whom the roses were brought,
To a fate of frailty she came,
For a kind soul,
“Too late I came”
As the roses wilted by the doorstep,
With river of tears,
“Just add water”
But the roses only wilted,
Like poor Emma’ s gentle heart,
Which sadly broke apart.

© Copyright 2017 Fredrik Krihlov. All rights reserved.

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