My Vision

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I would like to write a true story experience about me that took place in 1988. Later in 2009 I was lead to write a poem about it.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



My experience took place in NC in the year 1988.  I walked to the mail box to get my mail.  I was living in an apartment complex where all the mail boxes were placed in one

spot.  I remeber severl people standing all around socializing when I passed out.  I remember a dark tunnel and a very small bright light at the other end.  I don't remember going

thru the tunnel, but do remember now being at the other end looking out into the brightest light you could ever imagine.  I saw outline of family and friends who had already past.

They were in a big beautiful white cloud firey eyes and smiling.  I saw a gate and a garden it was beautiful.  The last thing I remember was two great big hands in front of me.  At

the same time I heard a voice telling me not to be afraid.  I was now coming to and there were a bunch of people looking down at me.  The ambulance had just got there and

started into the crowd of people.At the same time I tipped my head sideways and regergitated.  I slowly  got to my feet when they asked me, "Don't you want to go to the hospital"?

I responded, " what for"?  I went to the hospital that afternoon and had an ekg and a checkup.  The Dr. imformed me there was nothing wrong wih me.

The next morning I went to the maintence man who was close by my side when this was happening to me and asked him what happened.  He imformed me I past out

my eyes were wde open for about 15 minutes and I had no pulse.  They thought I was dead.With all the years that have passed since this incodent I wrote a poem in 2009 about

this experience that I would love to share with everyone.


My Vision

I once saw a vision of heaven;
God took me and showed me you see;
I saw our loved ones gone on before us;
They were happy and smiling and free.

But just when I started to join them;
I was stopped dead in my tracks;
With out stretched arms and a voice was saying;
“ My child don’t be afraid to go back.”

For I have many big plan for you;
To tell all the world I am real;
Tell them how I touched you;
And how I made you feel.

For my love is planted deep within you;
You are as strong as you can be;
I will keep blessing and blessing and blessing you
So keep sharing with the world about me.

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