A Debate With a Zionist

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This debate was held through facebook.com with a Zionist.

Submitted: April 22, 2010

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Submitted: April 22, 2010



A Debate With a Zionist.

Rebekah Haddad, a terrorist Zionist who founded tens and tens of Facebook, groups that disparage Palestine and Palestinians, applying discourteous expressions that only reflect how barbaric those Zionists are. She's indeed a brief example that shows the thoughts and beliefs of all Zionists. Let me now show you a debate with her through Facebook inbox messages. Rebekah's link to her profile : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1846842889

The debate started when A Palestinian sent her the following photo, with a subject says : Palestinian Till I Die.

The photo sent to Rebekah

She then replied with this link : http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:js8S6jUxyhRiAM:http://somebodyhelpme.info/palikids/palestinian_nazi_flag-75.jpg and posted these words : ISRAEL FOR LIFE. SINCE THE TIME OF MOSES TIL FOREVER.

Here's the Palestinian reply: You're totally wrong ! You Zionists have always been schanorrers begging every state to vouchsafe you with somewhere to spend your nights at ! At that time you were going to accept garbage to prevent the snow from burying you beneath! Don't you know that terrorist Rebekah Haddad ?.

Rebekah's : You Hamas Terrorists support Hamas after the thousands of Palestinians and Arab Christians they have killed. Go get a history book, Quran,Bible, Torah and read it and you will see who was there first. You Arab Terrorists invaded our land in 600 AD and since our people had no power back then, we couldn't fight to get our land back but now we do have power to get the land you people stole from us. Terrorism: The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. You accept the shit your people have done to Jews and people of other religions and race for ages.

The Palestinian's: Shut up a million times Rebekah! Do NOT say a word about thousands ! Did you forget about 1,300 innocents your forces murdered during the last Zionistic Nazi Holocaust against Gaza ? I'm not stupid Rebekah Haddad and I know every detail about my land that you've always been claiming that it's yours! Who established Zionism? Herbert Samuel in 1915 ! And after that you started invading this holy land and started confiscating the Palestinian land, and expelling it's people to nowhere ! Jews you claim! Real Jews are against Zionism Rebekah ! Are against killing innocents ! Rebekah Rebekah I'm so sorry for you ! Your schools teach you nothing but lies ! Your education is actually based on fabricating lies that serves your purpose which is stealing the land! I want you to see both things : A photo and a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dSHl3C9kg The photo was this : The second photo sent by the Palestinian.

Rebekah's : Shut up infinity times fucker. Did u forget the 2,000 Jews you bitches killed before 1948 or the 1 million Jews you threw out of Arab countries and killed. Did you forget the Synagogues u murderers destroyed. The 750,000 Assyrian Christians u killed as well as stealing their country and calling it Iraq. You are the real murderers and occupyers.Go back to Saudi Arabia u pig fucking bitch. You came from Arabia in 600 A.D, 2 thousand years after us we were there first and your own Q'uran says it.

We also have Arabs against Palestinian Terrorism:

Nonie Darwish (Egyptian Muslim) Wafa Sultan (Syrian Muslim) Walid Shoebat (Palestinian Muslim) He used to be in the PLO Benny Hinn (Palestinian Christian)

They are educated Arabs who know the truth of how evil and murderous your people are.


Rebekah's again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w14kWLhX-1I G-d Bless these righteous Arabs

The Palestinian's : First, using bad words and terms is a sign of weakness. Physiological doctors say that when a human is not able to prove his/her ideas with facts, they resort to use discourteous words to force the other side on accepting their thoughts. The way you debate indicates how uncivilized Zionists are, and reflects how barbaric you all are. Second, your numbers are fictional and have nothing to do with reality. Your problem is that you believe only in what goes with your desires which are turning criminals into innocents.

I don't want to watch your videos; I know what you want to say. But on the other hand you should know that their are larger numbers of Jews supporting Palestine. More more numbers of Jews supporting Palestine than Arabs supporting terrorists.

I want to show you some of your crimes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCcxrrdS-Lo

Rebekah's : Hahahaha look who's talking. If Zionists were uncivilized we wouldn't be living like dirty pigs like you do in Gaza. Even when you occupied our land before 1948 you had it like a pig sty it just shows how uncivilized Arab Terrorists are. If we are uncivilized we wouldn't all be rich and have University degrees unlike you welfare cases. You are the barbarians who killed people of all race and religion and invaded and occupied a land in 600 A.D that wasn't yours. I don't want your Hamas propaganda ficitional biased videos fill of lies either.

Shame on your barbaric people for killing Jews before 1949 but now that we have power we can get all the land you stole from us before.

This video was made by a Muslim who loves Israel and knows the truth Look at your barbaric people kill each other:


Rebekah again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0XHIz3pLH0

The Palestinian : Rebekah Haddad, I'm sorry to tell you that you've already proved how truant you are. Your expressions are not suitable for a respectful lady, who is definitely not you. Why do you want to force me on listening to you using such a disgusting way ? try another way that suits a human not an animal.

If Hamas is really killing innocent people as you claim, then I'm sure that in a way or another you're against killing innocent. Congratulations! this is a good progress in the thinking of someone really barbaric. According to your \"peaceful\" thoughts let us suppose that someone against killing innocents, would never put excuses for another murdering innocents, and this is what you do! You're condemning Hamas while feeling proud and satisfied when your so called \"IDF\" shades an innocent Palestinian blood. And here we come to a new point, you're denying documented facts ! I ask you, haven't you witnessed your crimes since 1948 up till now ? Or at least your last crime against Gazans?! I mean you know what you've done, and every single person in the world knows. So why do insist on denying facts?

About Muslims against Palestine, I'm ready to bring you hundreds of videos of Jews against Zionism. So don't push me on embarrassing you.

We've never lived like \" pigs \", actually you did. And do not let me start speaking to you about your disgrace. How you were begging each state to shelter you. The power you have isn't yours indeed; Everyone knows that the U.S.A is providing you with all that power. Besides if you were really \"civilized\" as you claim, then I'm sure that you realize that a civilized country wouldn't use Internationally Banned Weapons like phosphorus shells against unarmed people.

About universities and degrees, according to statistics, we represent the most people insist on learning in the whole world, and you can check that.

You know what ? Talking to you is just like talking with a stone.

The Palestinian again : P.S. Remember that you bombarded schools and universities, and it's the university that I attend.

Rebekah Haddad February 3 at 4:33am: Again look whose talking Mrs.Rana who is a one sided ignorant. Listen honey I have a 4 year B.A degree in University and all I can do is laugh at your ignorance. Don't act like you don't know what Palestinians do to each other as I showed you in the video. You have bombed your own schools. Don't act like you have never said ignorant stuff against my people because I have.

What went on in Gaza was a war and if Palestinians did not want to leave Gaza when they had the chance that is too bad for them. They were warned to leave but they didn't actually a ignorant person like you seems to support this Terrorist Hamas. Just look at how the Palestinians are suffering of Hamas. Are you sure it was the IDF who bombed your University or your own unstable Terrorist government Hamas? Indeed FREE PALESTINE... FROM HAMAS.

I'm surprised you are talking about being \"civilized\" when not so long ago you were talking like someone worst from the streets against my people, this is why I answered you rudely back. Go get an education and then come back and talk to me. Judge at what your people have done and STILL are doing to Jews and Christians in the Middle East yet, obviously people like you ignore the history of that land as well as the murderous, barbaric stuff Arabs have done to Assyrians and Jews. Read some history of the land buddy before you claim who it belongs to.


The Palestinian, February 3 at 7:37pm. I was totally shocked that you're really educated! I've never expected someone educated using such expressions as yours, but I would excuse you because it could be your university's fault of not teaching you how to behave. I weren't rude to you from the beginning, it's you who started that. I actually respect people I debate with no matter how disrespectful they were with me. I'm not here to offend, but to remind - not to teach - you with facts. Don't call me honey or buddy or something, because this can never be accepted. Shame on me if I do.

Why are you so involved in what Palestinians are doing to each other ? Do you want me to believe that the inner division hurts your feelings or something ? Sorry, but you love what's going on, and it's your government that pushed spies to accomplish such a mean mission, and now don't deny that this inner division serves your purposes and objectives. In order to get down to your level, let me assume that Palestinians are murdering each other, here I want to tell you mind your own business as long as this isn't affecting you negatively, but positively indeed. And even if you consider Hamas terrorists, why is the genocide? Why is murdering civilians that have nothing to do with Hamas.

I laughed when I read about leaving Gaza thing, who would ever leave his own land under any possible circumstance that might occur? Of course not Palestinians. If you are intending to bombard my home right now, I won't leave, I prefer dying in there rather than to run away like you do cowards.

Well, yeah, I'm dead sure that it's your IDF that bombarded my university and the UN schools to murder those poor people who sheltered to these schools after turning their homes into ashes. Rely on yourself and prove that.

About \"civilized\" thing, it's enough to say \"Phosphorous Shells\" and you know the rest of the story.

Education? Well you need to get to the truth, I'd love to help you if you want, but I'm sure that you don't, you love closing your eyes.

I told you, talking to someone like you is just like talking with a stone, and I tell you again.

Let us stop here, you said enough and I did.

Good luck.

Rana Baker.

<3 <3 ... P A L E S T I N E ... <3 <3

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