Memories chapter 3

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Senna wakes up in this chapter. Now my story can finally move on to the best part, focusing on Ichigo and Senna's relationship.

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013




Julie held her hands up and turned away, doing her best to shield herself from Kon's desperate attempt to kiss her.

"Eww! What the hell is wrong with you?!" She screamed, and then backed into Michi and Hanako, who also showed looks of disbelief and disgust.

"Oh, c'mon," Kon pouted. "It's been so long since I've been able to be by a girl! You don't know what it's like, being locked up in a room all day long, not seeing a single girl! It was torture!"

"Like I give a damn!"Julie shouted. "Stay away from us!"

Julie touched Michi and Hanako's shoulders, a signal that they needed to leave. Hanako stared at Kon, trying to understand what had happened to their recent help and aid in their search. Michi followed Julie, and tugged on Hanako's uniform sleeve.

"I thought you said you knew who Senna was. I can't believe you turned out like this," Hanako glared angrily at him.

"Wait, what?" Kon somewhat titled his head, confused. "We were trying to find someone? I thought we were on a romantic harem date." A second after he heard the words come out of his mind, Kon knew "romantic", "harem", and "date" could never be used when referring to someone as dull and inattentive to girls as Ichigo. He quickly shuddered, wishing he could take the phrase back.

"Huh?! A date?! How could you think that?!" Michi shouted, anger bubbling up in her as well. The person they knew a few seconds ago was a total perverted stranger now.

"I don't know, maybe he has a personality disorder or something," Julie guessed.

"Whatever, let's just get out of here," Michi pressed, and she tugged Hanako again.

Hanako gave Kon a disapproving frown, and the girls quickly turned around and ran away, mixing themselves with the crowd.

"No, wait!" Kon cried. "Aw, man, Ichigo's gonna kill me." He began to think why Ichigo was with the girls in the first place. Kon's first reaction contained no thought of Ichigo, but the fact that three, breathing and pretty girls were next to him and talking to him. He couldn't deny his increased amount of male testosterone to make him overly aware of female attributes, and he lost himself. Once he obtained his powers, Ichigo tested Kon out, reminding himself how it felt to be outside of his body and using a Mod Soul. Unfortunately, Kon wasn't able to see too many women, because he was only out for a short amount of time. He then cursed himself and followed the girls, afraid of Ichigo's wrath when he found out he lost them.


In the sky, Ichigo studied his surroundings, on his way back to Downtown Karakura Town. He was unaware of how long it took him to defeat the hollow or talk to Isshin, but it was obvious that some time had passed. The group could be anywhere, most likely the girls ran from Kon's perverted intentions. Ichigo wished he remembered Kon's faults at the time, but the girls wouldn't leave him alone and he had a monster to take care of.

Soon, Ichigo saw a small patch of bright orange hair moving hurriedly, he cringed, and descended to the ground, appearing in front of Kon. Kon hit the ground hard from the surprise, and he smiled sweetly at his owner.

"Oh, hey, Ichigo! What brings you here?" Kon laughed guiltily.

Ichigo told him to stand up, seeing strange looks from the people near them. Kon did as he was told, and pushed his index fingers together, attempting to conjure up a remarkable story of how he lost the girls, but in the end, probably made things difficult for him.

"Dammit Kon! How do you always mess everything up?!" Ichigo cried, enraged.

"I'm sorry, but you haven't let me out to see girls. A-And I couldn't control myself." Kon tried to make Ichigo sympathize with him.

"Tch, and here I thought all that time alone would've changed you." He sighed.

Kon then went on and protested that it was really Ichigo's fault for forgetting his strong attraction to women. Wanting to avoid the subject, Ichigo ignored him, and he grabbed Kon, forcefully placing himself back inside his body. He coughed up the pill and stared at it intently, giving a new warning if Kon ever messes up again.

Ichigo put the pill in his pocket and had no choice but to go home. Senna's friends were gone and he concluded they'd undoubtedly never talk to him again. But, they weren't the ones Ichigo felt he shared a real, although, odd and unexplained, connection with. The one who fit that description was at his house, sleeping soundly on a medical table.


Inside his family owned clinic, Ichigo held Kon, now in his familiar lion plushie state, to see Senna, sleeping on the bed. He gaped at her and described her unconscious form as a beautiful angel unbeknownst to the hazards of the world, while Ichigo stared at him, wondering if he was serious.

"Her name's Senna and from what her friends said, she ran away from home." Ichigo said, knowing Kon would ask him sooner or later. "Oyaji said she'd probably be up by tonight or early tomorrow."

"You said she ran away from home? That's sad, I wonder what happened," Kon said, seeming truly intrigued to know more about Senna.

"I don't know and neither did her friends. That's why we'll just ask her when she wakes up,"

Suddenly, Kon gasped with a delightful and excited expression. "Does that mean, she's gonna stay here?!"

"She has to until she gets better. And don't be so excited, she won't be here for a long time." Ichigo sighed and crossed his arms, getting a little tired of the constant questions. He had already talked to Isshin, the other members of the family that needed to be informed were his sisters. He assumed they'd have even more questions.

"This is great! A new lovely guest in here will make those 17 months trapped in that room worth it!" Kon cheered. "*sigh* And I was getting so lonely without Nee-san, but then again, Senna-chan could never replace Nee-san."

Ichigo picked Kon up by the top of his lion mane. "Too bad for you, you'll be staying in my room for now on, as punishment for earlier."

"WHAT?! That's not fair! I want to stay with the angel, Senna~!" Kon wiggled around, struggling to make Ichigo release his grip.

Ichigo left the medical room, still holding Kon, and went upstairs. Kon squirmed and yelled, while Ichigo again ignored him. He reached his room and opened the door slightly to throw Kon inside. "Now be a good little stuffed animal and stay in there," Ichigo seethed. Kon ran to the door to squeeze himself out, but the door shut as quickly as it had opened.

When Ichigo came downstairs, he turned to the clock. He had nothing else to do until Senna awoke, his only option leaving him to return to school. It was almost lunch time, and he was at least glad he missed the morning classes. He thought about Keigo and Mizuiro and remembered he wanted to ask them something that pertained to Senna.


"Do we know about other high schools? What's that about?" Keigo asked. It was strange for Ichigo to be interested in anything concerning school, especially other schools.

On the rooftop of Karakura High School, the three met at their usual spot, near the railings. Prior to Ichigo's question, like good friends would, they wondered why he was late, and he replied that it was long story. They believed it had involved his duty to destroy hollows, and he agreed, but left out searching for a high school girl named Senna Natsura and then retrieving her and letting her reside in his home. He figured they'd interrogate him and Keigo would want to see her for himself to confirm he wasn't lying, and Ichigo decided the whole event was unnecessary.

"Well, there's our rival school, Rokina High School." Mizuiro pointed out. "Oh, and there's also Musohina High School. I don't know the rest."

"Do you know what the school uniforms are like?" Ichigo asked, finding nothing wrong with the question.

"Geez, why are you so interested?" Keigo said, and then he grinned. "Ohhh I get it~! There's some girl on your mind, isn't there!"

"It's not like that," Ichigo replied quickly, hoping Keigo wouldn't go on.

"Is there even a special girl on your mind, Ichigo?" Mizuiro inquired. "I mean, we're third years now and university is just around the corner."

"I know a girl that's on your mind," Keigo puffed up proudly as if finally solving the mystery. "Orihime Inoue!" He shouted and pointed at Ichigo, but he didn't respond. "C'mon, she's pretty, really cute, and her boobs are even bigger now!" He held his arms out to imply his point.

"Eh, she's okay, but I like my girlfriend a lot more than her."

"Well, we all can't have university girlfriends, Mizuiro!" Keigo cried enviously, making Mizuiro smirk.

"Okay, so if Inoue's not your type, then what about Rukia?" Mizuiro asked.

"*sigh* I wish I could see her again," Keigo smiled, reminiscing of Rukia's days pretending to be an ordinary high school student.

Ichigo still didn't respond.

"Then what type of girl do you want?" Keigo asked. "I'm sure I could find one for you." He said confidently.


"Hah, you really think you should be playing matchmaker, when you don't even have a girlfriend?" Mizuiro said nonchalantly.

"I may not, but at least I know what type of girl I want!" Keigo retorted back. "She has to be really cute and sweet. She's the complete opposite of onee-chan, and she'll have long brown hair."

"I bet there are thousands of girls like that," Mizuiro said.

"Yeah, well, I know when I find that one girl," Keigo leaned back against the railing and looked up at the sky. "She'll almost make my heart jump out of my chest. And that's when I'll know I'm in love."

Love, Ichigo thought to himself. But he realized he became tired of the conversation and wanted to move on to a different topic.


Back at home, Kon continued to irritate Ichigo through the evening with his obsessive thoughts on Senna. He told him how much he desired to talk to her and also recalled her friends, wishing he could see them again. Ichigo became increasingly frustrated and shouted at Kon. Eventually, he shut Kon inside his closet, but his loud voice could still be heard from the closed doors. Thus, Ichigo went downstairs and found the duck tape. After a few minutes, he rested on his bed and read a magazine, thankful he could have some peace and quiet.

Soon, Isshin's voice came from behind the door. Senna was awake.

Hearing the news, Ichigo rushed to the clinic, and Senna sat up on the bed. Her eyes seemed obscure and unfocused, but she closed her eyes and held her forehead, an attempt to regain her thoughts.

In that moment, finally gazing at her amber-colored eyes, a vague memory appeared in Ichigo's mind.

A fog engulfed Karakura Town. Senna stood in front of him. From what he could tell, she wore a beige jacket and a brown skirt and stockings. Her eyes were unclear and it was apparent that she'd fall into unconscious at any second. Her voice was nothing but a whisper, but she still kept an innocent smile. Her mouth opened slightly, and Ichigo knew words were coming out, sadly, he couldn't hear them.

Isshin took his stethoscope and checked Senna's heart beat. He answered her heart beat was normal, and then she spoke.

"W-Who are you? What...happened?" Senna asked. She looked at the area and the older doctor examining her.

"I'm Isshin Kurosaki, and this is the Kurosaki Clinic," Isshin introduced himself. "This is my son, Ichigo" Isshin gestured to him. "He's the one who found you and brought you here."

"Hmm," Senna looked up at him and then she covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. "Hehe. What a cute name for a boy."

"Wha—! Hey!" Ichigo almost growled.

"Anyway," Isshin redirected the conversation. "Are you feeling alright?"

Senna touched her chest, feeling her heartbeat. "I'm a little dizzy, and some parts of my body sting. I'm also tired, but I know I can stand."

"You have a concussion, and it's important that you get your rest."

"Ugh, but I don't want to rest. I-I had to do something," Senna said, titling her head a bit to remember.

"Signs of amnesia, huh?" Isshin diagnosed. "You need to stay still for now. I'll call your parents. What's their phone—"

"No!" She screamed, surprising Ichigo and his father. Senna hung her head down and clutched her head, instant memories resurfacing in her mind.

She remembered being in her house and father furiously yelling and shouting at her that it was all her fault. She did something to anger her parents. Her mother placed herself behind him, terrified. She covered her mouth and tears ran down her cheeks of what happened to her once happy family. Senna declared she needed to leave, she ran to the door, but her father grabbed her arm, the pain of his anger searing through her muscles. Tears filled her own eyes and they widened in horror. "LET GO!" The only scream she remembered hearing.

"I never want to go back. Please, I never want to see them again."

Isshin tried to console her, insuring her that he will not call her parents, while Ichigo watched, wanting to know what her parents did to her. Her eyes, suddenly clear and watery, his internal instinct kicked in, and he knew he wanted to protect her.

"It's alright, Senna." Isshin comforted her. "You can stay here for the time being."

Senna nodded slowly, and Isshin turned to Ichigo. He decided she would stay in Rukia's old room.

"Is she really going to live here?" Ichigo asked.

Isshin patted him on the shoulder and laughed. "Oh, c'mon, son! You should be thrilled to have such a beautiful house guest!"

"No, I-I'm okay. I can stay at my friends' house." Senna muttered, trying to get off the bed, but she stumbled and almost collapsed. Isshin told her to lie on the bed for the night to at least get a better baring. She nodded, frowned slightly, and did as she was told. Ichigo could only stare with what seemed to be a worried expression.


In the morning, Ichigo followed his usual routine: brushing his teeth, getting dressed, and going downstairs for breakfast. Except this morning, an unexpected guest sat and ate with the family.

"I thought you had to rest!" Ichigo gawked, seeing Senna right there, eating.

She had a bowl of rice in her hand and chopsticks in the other. "Yeah, but I feel a lot better now."

Yuzu greeted Ichigo and set more broiled fish on the table. Karin, sitting next to Senna, pointed at the pickled radish with her chopsticks. "Hey Senna-chan, are you going to finish the rest of that?"

"Nope. Go ahead," Senna said, making Karin cheer. She then turned to Ichigo, who still stood in disbelief at how calm and collected his family acted. "Hm, you're not really a morning person are you, Ichigo?" She joked.

"Shut up..." He seethed.

Out of nowhere, Isshin appeared as happy as can be. "Isn't this great?! We had lost Rukia for such a long time, and now we have been blessed with a brand new daughter!"

Ichigo's eye twitched, knowing exactly what his father would do next. Isshin ran to the large poster of Misaki Kurosaki and latched himself on to it, explaining how grateful he was to his wife. "Oh, Misaki, you'd be overjoyed to see this! Yet another beautiful daughter has appeared right on our doorstep!"

"I still don't understand how Ichi-nii keeps finding girls who end up living with us, especially when they're pretty too." Karin said coolly, chopstick at her mouth. "Maybe he just has some aura around him."

"Oh, Senna-chan, would you like some more rice?" Yuzu offered, and Senna gladly took the bait.

"Am I the only one who finds something wrong with this?" Ichigo asked, and the silence gave him his answer. "She's a runaway and her parents are probably worried about her."

"Ah, please, my parents could care less about me. I bet they're throwing a party right now." Senna replied and smiled. "Besides, I'm already loving my stay here."

Ichigo then hung his head down and sighed. " Am the only sane one here?"

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