Inside The Anomaly's Mind

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A brief attempt at writing the thoughts of Anomaly from Anomaly, Shutter and Bastion. (Just trying to build character for plot)

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




Can they hear me?

“Not again,” I moaned as my vision grew cloudy. The voices had been getting louder these past few days. Almost as if they were waking up again.

They can’t, remember?  You left them. You bound them to sleep to make sure you weren’t left on your own. Remember?

“No choice… The Sisters would have died. It was for the best!” I felt the golden tinge begin to grow around me.

The best? What would you know about that?! You shouldn’t even exist! With that much alteration having been done to you...

The voice changed. A combination of myself and a child and… and… What was I saying?

What’s a Bastion? She seems nice. And Shutter? Bastion seems to care for her, but she scares me. She’s always yelling. What’s a contradiction to th’ laws of nature? Shutter keeps calling me that.

Bastion? Shutter? When had I become this tired? Perhaps when I wake up they’ll be there… Maybe all this will just be a dream. Perhaps the Balance will finally let me go.

Tug…. Tug…. Tug….

UGH! Go ‘way.

“Anomaly? Can you hear me?” I laughed slightly to myself.  Lack of sleep was making me hear one of The Sisters. As I finally allowed my mind to rest a while, I sent them my silent apology.

I had no choice. Your war would have destroyed this world. I couldn’t be alone. You were the only ones that even tried to work me out. Forgive me. I had no choice.


Author's note: Please review and give me advice on this (This is my first proper attempt at writing in firtst person.)



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