Deeming Crackins hold thier Peace

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This was a good night. We were up at 2:00 am talking in the commons of where i live.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013




Talking to a neighbor. 

Laughs, insights, and liquor.

 In the commons with a hole in the roof,  leaking water. 

Conversations of America, women, stains on our souls, and aspergers. 

Beer from the sleeping tenant in the next room. 

Cheap cigars, and revealing hearts. 

Talk of  Incentives to get us to the next life. 

OUr Time explained, a smoke from the pipe.

 Veiws of heaven through unclear stained eyes.

 Chimes of crystal dancing outside. 

Knowing the end of the night has to fall sometime. 

Falling into ambivalence, and deubachary, our window of opportunity, our fight. 

 Good songs ease  tensions. 

Sweat falls like drops of blood.

Sheds anxieties with  a welcomed escape from the wrongs committed in ignorant bets. 

I see tomorrow as a dim shaded picture of omnipotence.

That will be nothing like the weaknesses and failing traits.

Leaving us huffing and puffing at the things gone wrong.

Falling  aSleep with a cigarette in my mouth.

Speed and sedation mixed. 

My eyes shut,  dreams start to inhabit my imagination. 

Tommorrow  will be  A Classic black, and white TV show. 



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