The Darkest Battles

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This is about how i belive life will never be easy. No mattter what u have to wake everday a fight. Dont get soft. You have to be harder then life.

Submitted: February 21, 2014

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Submitted: February 21, 2014



 War resembles my life, my nawlling crawling, when my assigned dark angels stall my calling.

-0 my balls, my spirit, my lost  friends, my disregarded foes,

How bullets show, the play in the poet, how blood, and guts, and guns and war, shine the  light of victory down on my guary lot,

how adrenaline, and pain play over and over again,  blown to smiterines lost friends get shattered in battle beside me everyday,

how toughness, and gritty resolution, show the story behind my pain, as bombs drop, and missels launch, as eyes pop from head, and moments stop in a heartbeat,

to tell the story of eternities crooked road to  my destiny,

and false dreams sifted through with glee,, as truth is sought, and money roots, and my personality gets caught in webs of hypocrisy,

I walk down lives lonely streets, and shoot at street lights, and stars ,and anticipate sunbeams, burning through my soul like  streams, and cooling my soul with utter truths, and lines to walk that lead me to heavens door,

War is my friend, my companion, the low hole i dig my soul out of, as i mend up my broken skull,my blunt reality spoken to me in blows as i row down miseries road, the toil i must pay to reach my  goal, and my stalled heaven,

war grows brass balls, war is in my blood, war is my foundation understood, war is my grit, my refusal to settle for ordinary smut, and my leaf  on the wind to reach  heaven s wings,

with heavens light, shining a reflection after peace time, and the damnation of the bark of dark angels throwing the hard flights that i have fought with the personality of the war itself, with the roars that rage on against the hypocrites and their things.

Smut's guns,  trying to saturate the ones i love, but my web is spun, sticky and numb against  holding any grudge, and i will not settle for anything else but wars tounge, and the darkest of bloody battles won,

my life is war torn, I won't lose, and with my last  broken knuckle, I will know that the enemie  crumbled.  and eternity finally buckled my feet to the ground of heaven's coupled suckled teet.

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