You Said You Loved Me As You Left Me

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People change. Memories don't.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



?Let me first start out saying that I usually don't crush on boys. I just don't. I've had my fair share of heartbreak. Each time, I learn to not trust people. But, somehow I was attracted to Jake. Maybe it's the way his hair flutters in the wind, or his striking green eyes. Maybe it's how he smiles, or how he always complements me. But, all I knew was that I was crushing HARD on him. Everything I thought of my best friend in the world suddenly changed.

I wake up early to my kitten Jinxx mewing softly in my face. I open one eye and pet him slowly. I pick him up and move him to the side of my bed so I can get up. He sticks his little tongue out at me playfully. I roll my eyes at Jinxx and stroke him gently. I almost fall back asleep when my best friend Jake runs into my room and pounces on my bed. Jinxx jumps up and growls at Jake. I chuckle and set Jinxx down on the floor.

"Get up, Carolyn! Let's go!!!" he says, and I let out a groan.

"Where are we going, Jake?" I ask.

"It's a surprise! Now get dressed so we can go!" He runs back out of my room, and I stand up. Oh, Jake. I walk over to my closet and almost step on Jinxx. I pick him up and set him on my dresser. I get dressed in my clothes and go to the bathroom to do my makeup. Before I'm finished, I glance out of the corner of my eye and see Jake standing in the doorway. I swear loudly and he starts laughing.

"Jake! Get out of my room!" I yell playfully at him.

"But you're fun to watch!" he argues back. I push him towards the door. He exits forcefully and I close the door and lock it. I finish my makeup and put my shoes on. I stroke Jinxx one last time before leaving my room. Jake is standing in the hallway, waiting patiently.

"Where are we going?" I ask him.

"Still a surprise!" he says back. I whine and stomp my foot.

"I wanna know where we're going!!"

"Calm down! Just get in the car and you'll find out." I do as he tells me and I get in his car. We drive to the mall and I immediately know where we're going.

"Jake, why are we at the mall?" I ask, already knowing.

"Hot Topic, duh!" he says.

"Of course!" I get out of the car and we go inside. When we get to Hot Topic, I go around and look for some new jeans. Jake hunts for some shirts while I dig through the skirt/ jean rack. He pulls out 5 different band t-shirts and hands them to me.

"Oooh, I like these jeans!" Jake says, rummaging through the pile of clothes in my arms. He pulls out a pair of ripped skinny jeans.

"Want me to try them on?" I ask him. He nods excitedly. I sigh and go to the dressing rack. I put them on reluctantly with a SGTC shirt. I walk out and Jake gasps. I twirl around in a circle.

"Girl, you are working those jeans!" he says in a high-pitched posh voice. I giggle loudly and have to hold on to the wall to keep my balance. A preppy looking girl stares at me viciously. I recognize her as Kallie, the most popular girl in our grade. Jake sees her and snarls under his breath. She winks at him flirtatiously. Something inside me snaps. I approach her purposefully.

"Oh, hey Carolyn! I didn't even see you there! Oh, by the way, your boyfriend is soo cute!" she says, breaking my heart inside. But instead of feeling sad, I am enraged. I walk past her, muttering swear words under my breath in her direction. I go back over to Jake, still mad. He squeezes my shoulder supportively.

"It's okay, Carolyn. Don't let her get to you." I smile at him.

"Okay, I might wanna change back before we leave so we don't set off the alarm," I suggest, and go back into the changing station. I put on my normal clothes and gather the jeans & shirt. Before we check out, I get a couple more band shirts and a black lace dress. I end up spending more than I want to, about $200. Jake laughs at the total.

"Geez, Carolyn. Spend enough money?" he teases. I laugh and push him lightly. I get my bags and we leave. I get in his Ford truck and he takes me home. Before we even get halfway home, his mom calls him for the sixth time today. He reluctantly answers the phone. I can hear the whole conversation easily.

"What mom?" he asks.

"Where are you?" she rants.

"I took Carolyn to Hot Topic, alright?!"

"I already told you to not hang out with the little Banx girl. She's nothing but trouble!" My heart sinks at the sound of the gruesome words from Mrs. Vue.

"Mom! She's my best friend. Leave her alone!" Jake says before hanging up the phone in a huffy. I sit in awkward silence while Jake mumbles under his breath. When we get back to my house, Jake is pretty much over the conversation, but the silence still lingers. I dare to speak first.

"It seems like every time she calls you is to nitpick about everything you do," I say.

"Exactly! That's all she freaking does is rant on and on about how you're a huge troublemaker, and how you're a bad influence, and all that crap." I sigh out. A particularly painful thought dares itself to cross into my mind. If Mrs. Vue hates me now, how will I ever be able to date Jake someday? I scold myself for even allowing that thought to come into my mind.

"She's a nimskull." Jake laughs at my "insult".

"Really Carolyn? Nimskull? You couldn't come up with anything better?" I shove him lightly.

"Hey, at least it wasn't something pathetic like 'meany', I argue back. He nods his head in approval.

"That is true." I sigh and lay back on my bed. Jake lays next to me and we turn on the TV to Batman. Jake groans dramatically.

"Seriously, Batman?" he says teasingly. I shove him hard and he almost falls over.

"No one insults Batman!!!" I yell at him.

"Batman sucks!!" he says before running as fast as he can into the kitchen. I get up and chase him as fast as my legs will carry me.

"NO ONE INSULTS BATMANNNN!!!!" I scream at him. He has a fake look of terror in his eyes when I jump on his back playfully. He groans at the contact of my weight on his back. I punch his arm lightly.

"What was that for?" he asks.

"You basically just called me fat AND insulted Batman," I say, giving him puppy dog eyes.

"I'm sorry, Carolyn." I perk up a bit and he sets me down and hugs me. I savor the hug longer than normal, smelling his hair.

"Can I talk to you?" he asks.

"Of course." He takes my hand and pulls me to my room.

"Look, Carolyn, I have a huge crush on you. I've been scared that you didn't like me back for a long time. Will you please be mine?" I gasp and respond by kissing him.

"Yes, of course! I love you so much."

"I love you too, my precious Carolyn." He takes his iPod out and gives me one earbud. He starts playing a song I've never heard of, but I almost started crying tears of joy when the lyrics 'I'd do anything to hold your hand, I don't care if you're sick, I don't care if you're contagious,' played. I dance with him, us trapped in our own little world until the night ends.


(4 weeks later)


Me and Jake have been dating for four weeks, and I couldn't be happier. The song that he showed me was called Anything by Scream For What You Feel, and he's going to go on tour with them soon. Since he's rehearsing with them, I decide to go visit him. When I walk in the door, the first thing I see is Jake and a girl that looks like a Kardashian making out. My heart drops and Jake immeaditely breaks away from her.

"Carolyn...this isn't what you think," he stutters, but I shake my head.

"It isn't? Well, I think you're making out with some Kardashian poser," I say. He remains quiet for several seconds. "Who do you choose? Me, or her?"

"I.. I choose her," he says. I sort of laugh painfully, turning away before I burst into tears. I walk out of that stupid rehearsal building, trying to remain calm.


(1 year later)


It's been a whole year since me and Jake broke up, and he went on tour with the band I told you about, Scream For What You Feel. Apperantly he's now the lead guitarist for them. I have a new boyfriend, Christofer. He's shy, and kind of clingy, but I love him. I have a child now, named Violet. Yes, you heard me, I have a kid now. Let's just say I was at a party, and I drank too much, and then, 9 months later, this little angel came out. I love her with all my heart. She can be a brat around strangers, but oh well. I sit on my couch, playing with Violet. She grabs my nose playfully.

"Ouchie baby, you hurt me!" I say, with fake pain in my voice. She laughs again, that addictive laugh. I can't help but smile. Christofer shyly walks in from the kitchen and hands me her bottle. I take it from him and he sits next to me. I feed Violet her bottle, which she devours. Once she's done, I burp her and lay her down for a nap. I sit down next to Christofer and put my head in his lap. Even now that me and Jake are through, everything reminds me of him. Jake and I used to lay my head in his lap, and he would gently kiss my head and sing "The Mortician's Daughter" to me until I fell asleep. I picked up that habit, because every night I sing it to Violet. It seems to have a soothing effect on her, because when I forget to sing to her, she won't fall asleep. Violet wakes up from her nap, and immeaditely starts wailing. I cradle her and shh her. I put her in her playpen with her favorite toys. She keeps herself occupied. I go into the kitchen, where Christofer is standing with his head down, his hands in his pocket. I go over and kiss him. I don't feel sparks in our kisses like I did when I kissed Jake. Stop thinking about Jake, my mind says. I try not to, but a little part of my brain refuses to forget about him. I decide to go to Walmart to pick up a new package of binkies for Violet. I lost them all, and she cries constantly without them. I get my purse and pick up Violet. I tell Christofer to stay here, and he whimpers. I roll my eyes and walk outside. I get in my car and put Violet in her carseat in the back. When I get to Walmart, I head to the baby section, wandering around like a lost puppy. I forgot where the binkies are. I bump in to a man's trench coat.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," I say.

"It's okay," he says. I look up to the stranger, recognizing his voice. To my amazement, it's Jake! I stare at him awkwardly, then put my head down.

"J..Jake?" I ask. He nods.

"Carolyn?" he asks. I nod also. "What are you doing in the baby section with a baby?"

"I could ask you the same question," I retort, eyeing the sleeping baby in the carseat sitting at his feet.

"That's my band's singer's daughter," he says.

"This is Violet, my daughter."

"Your daughter?"

"Yep. Let's just say I had a hard time dealing with the aftermath of our, um, breakup, and I partied alot."

"Oh wow, Carolyn. I never would have thought this would happen to you," he says, and I chuckle painfully.

"Yeah, well, maybe you should have thought of that before you chose her over me," I say harshly. His face becomes full of pain. I turn my back to him, looking for binkies. I find some and turn to leave. He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Carolyn, please," he says. I roll my eyes.

"Honestly, Jake. What am I supposed to do, take you back? Remember, you chose her." I walk out of the baby section, leaving a speechless Jake standing in there. I drive quickly home, not paying attention to the speed limit signs, tears pouring down my face. I approach a sudden tree, and I swerve to avoid it. All I see is black.




When I wake up, I am in a hospital. Jake is standing over my bed, holding Violet. I am very confused.

"W..what happened?" I ask him, dazed.

"You're in the hospital, after hitting a tree," he says. I still am puzzled.

"How long have I been asleep? And where's Christofer? Why are you here?" I ask, questions running through my mind.

"I was trailing right behind your car when you crashed, and I immeaditely came right over. You've been asleep for a week, and Christofer said that he's breaking up with you," Jake says.

"Oh wow," I say. I don't know what else to say.

"Sorry about Christofer," he says.

"It's okay, I didn't really love him. He was too clingy."

"Ooh, ouch." I chuckle. Jake hesitantly chuckles back. I hold my arms out for Violet, and Jake gives me her. I bounce her on my leg. The doctor comes in to my room, holding a chart and smiling.

"Okay, Miss Banx, your charts look good. You have a few minor cuts and scrapes, but you're good to go home," he says, and I smile. I hand Violet to Jake, and stand up to get dressed. Jake turns to face the wall while I put my clothes on. I grab my purse, and take Violet from Jake.

"Thanks, Jake, for being here with me in the hospital. I really appreciate it," I say truthfully. Jake smiles crookedly.

"No problem, Carolyn. Do you want me to drive you home?" he offers. I hesitate but agree. I check my hospital room for anything I've left, and head to the front desk to check out. I am discharged and I leave with Jake. He has Violet's carseat, which I am thankful for. I put her in it and set her in the backseat. Jake drives quietly to my house, which seems thousands of miles away. When I arrive home, I get out and retrieve Violet.

"Thank you, Jake. You really didn't have to drive me home," I say.

"It's okay. Your car is at the lot anyways, so you didn't have a way home other than to call a taxi," he says, telling the truth. I didn't have a way home.

"Um, Jake?"


"Do you want to maybe, come inside for a while?"

"Um, sure!" He parks his car and gets out. I get my key out of my coat and unlock my door. The lack of Christofer's presence feels awkward. Normally he's wondering somewhere around here, head down. Jake sits down on my couch. I sit next to him, rocking Violet. I sing The Mortician's Daughter to her, and she falls asleep easily. I quietly go to her crib and place her in. I exit her room and sit back down next to Jake. He is staring at me intensely.

"What's wrong?" I ask him. He shakes his head.

"Oh, nothing. I noticed you were singing The Mortician's Daughter to Violet, like I used to do to you when you layed in my lap," he says, and I blush.

"Yeah, she falls asleep easily when I sing to her. Maybe she likes it as much as I used to. I miss falling asleep in your arms," I confess. He gets quiet for what seems like hours.

"I miss it too," he says, then falls silent. Our silence spoke a thousand words. I scoot closer to him, and he looks up. Without thinking, I lay down and put my head on his lap. As if on impulse, he starts singing The Mortician's Daughter. I look up at him, smiling. He leans down to my face and approaches my lips with his. His lips find their way on mine, fitting together, two halves of a shape finally together again. I sit up off his lap, and lay my head on his chest. I fall asleep with my head on his chest, my heart overruling my mind.


(Two Years Later)

I wake up from a deep sleep to find myself wrapped up in Jake's arms. I wiggle and try to release myself, but he only tightens his grip. I finally give up and turn over to face him. He smiles and I kiss him. He looks so cute when he just wakes up. He lets go of my waist, and I get up to go check on Violet. When she outgrew her crib, we just put her on the couch. I swear that kid is like a genius. She can talk fluently, almost in complete sentences. We’re in the middle of potty training, and she’s not exactly okay with that idea. She fusses and cries when we try to get her potty trained. Oh, well. No one promised me that potty training was easy, or parenthood, for that matter. I change Violet and put her in her high-chair.

"Mommy, mommy! Where Daddy?" she asks. I chuckle and put some cereal and a sippy cup with juice in it for her. She eats the Cheerios and devours the juice. Jake comes into the kitchen, and Violet claps and giggles.

"Wanna go to McDonalds?" I ask Jake. He nods.

"Sure, just lemme go get some jeans on," he says. I nod and follow him, noticing I am also wearing my pajamas. I throw on my Converse and my jacket, and we go to McDonalds with Violet. She is laughing and smiling the whole way there. Ah, how I love Violet. She’s so sweet, and happy.

"Fishy! I want fishy!" Violet exclaims. I look at Jake.

"Should we go to the pet store and get her a fish?" I ask him.

"It’s your daughter," he says.

"Okay, let’s go get her a fish," I say, and Violet screams in delight at the sound of the word fish.

"Sweetie, Mommy and Daddy are hungry. We have to go to McDonald’s first, okay? I bet if you’re polite, they’ll let you get a toy," I say, and she claps happily.

"Yay! Toy!!!" I chuckle. We get to McDonald’s, and I unbuckle Violet and carry her inside. She points at everybodyin the entire restaurant, making me blush.

"Violet!" I scold. She puts her head down on my chest and stops. When we go up to order, I get a Sausage Egg McMuffin and a large orange juice, and Jake gets a Breakfast Burrito meal. I look at Violet, who is smiling at the order guy.

"Can I have toy?" she asks him. He frowns.

"You have to order the food to get the toy," he informs me, making Violet whimper and start crying. I rub her back and scowl at the man. The woman who works at the next order line comes over to us.

"Does this little girl want a toy?" she asks me. I nod.

"Actually, Mr. Rude just informed me that we have to purchase a meal to get a toy," I say. The lady shoots a dirty look at Mr. Rude.

"You can get a toy any day," she says gently to Violet. She stops crying and smiles. The lady smiles back at Violet and goes to the kitchen to get her a toy. She comes back out of the kitchen, holding a small package. She hands it to me so I can unpackage it. I take it out and find a small doll in it, probably made out of cloth or fabric. I hand it to Violet, and her eyes get wide. I chuckle. She’s so cute.

"What’s your dolly’s name?" I ask her. She smiles and clutches it to her chest.

"Her name is….Dolly!" she exclaims. I chuckle at the originality. I thank the kind lady and see our food is ready. I take it back to the table with Jake and we eat while Violet plays with her doll. When we’re done with the food, I take the tray back and pick up Violet. She shakes her head.

"What’s wrong?" I ask. She points to Jake.

"Daddy!" she says. I hand her to Jake and he smiles.

"Picking favorites already, and she’s not even three yet," I joke. Jake laughs.

"Nothing wrong with loving daddy," he says to her. She snuggles her head in his chest, and falls asleep. We put her in the backseat and drive to the pet store. Jake retrieves a sleeping Violet and we go in the pet store. From all the animal’s noises, I figured she would wake up, but she is fast asleep. We head over to the fish section. There are so many different ones.

"Which one should we get?" I ask Jake. He shrugs.

"I dunno. Maybe the rainbow fish?" he suggests, pointing to a fish in a tank.

"Sure, she might like that one." I signal an employee to come and get our fish. When he comes over, Violet wakes up, rubbing her eyes.

"Hey there, sleepyhead," Jake says. She smiles at the fish we picked out.

"You like the fishy?" I ask. She nods. The associate gets the fish out, and we get a clownfish also, under Violet’s command. We buy a medium sized aquarium and go up to pay for them. I place the bags of fish in the backseat, under Violet securely. The whole ride home she is laughing and giggling at the fish. We get home and I go inside with the aquarium and fish while Violet walks alongside Jake. I set up the aquarium and place the fish in. Violet stands by the fish, poking the glass and scaring him. Me and Jake watch her all the while, laughing at her.

"You think we have this parenting thing figured out?" I ask him. He chuckles.

"We’re doing an okay job, you think?" I nod, and kiss him.

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