Root of Love

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One day in the field, I was training with my men. We patrolled, crossing paths with a tree. This was not just an ordinary tree. It was a tree with a natural heart grown into the body. Later on I went back to this tree, pondered thought and reason behind it, and how it pertained to my life. These are the words that came to me. The same picture used for the poem, is the original photo of the tree that came to bark.




What's this I see?

A mark of love,

Of romance chivalry?

But a mark grown to a tree,

Ever so naturally, I see,


Through many hot spring and winters untold,

Bearing the mark of love, and the bold,

Thousands of years, faces have passed,

 Yet the roots and limbs of bark hold fast,


I could have passed by,

But a reason I stop,

A reason uncanny,

Mystic love begot,


Of a love that was mine,

Much younger than vine,

Yet older a dream,

A dream in short time,


 Whom and how long,

 Has this tree came to love?

To bear such a heart,

From the angels above?


To lay and to sleep,

How I wish it were so!

Yet forward I must,

 And continue I go,


Continue a walk, of love and regret!

Where burdens and chains of lead beget!

 My stay is not long, ever so short,

I haste to fathom, Heaven a court,


I know thou will not,

A thousand or more,

Yet the mark of the tree,

Will love, evermore,

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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