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Was ust sitting one day when these words came to me so I wrote them down

Submitted: February 11, 2008

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Submitted: February 11, 2008



A Spiritual Writing

Written by Margaret  M. Leahy-Brown March 2000

I felt I had lost everything
I felt unwanted and unloved
Then someone came into my life 
And said  "Believe in your Spirit"

Oh yes! I thought I knew it all
Thought I could do without love
Then someone made me think
"I really can't go on alone".

So in small ways I began to see
The workings of a greater power
A power built on love and trust
The power of a true inner peace.

Now as I speak to my Inner Spirit
I find a more peaceful, tranquil self
I find my life now has more meaning
My heart is now much more receptive.

I no longer wear the cloak of self pity
Because I have found this Inner Spirit
Yes the SON of God gave up his life
So that we who follow could believe.

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